This, this is some badass bush, thought Veteran Sergeant Francis Brutto. With deployments to half a dozen worlds The P was some of the worst terrain he had seen. After fast roping from a hovering Valkyrie into the triple canopy jungle his squad had been on patrol for 3 days and all members were soaked from sweat and the constant downpours and their muscles ached from carrying heavy packs.

His company had deployed to this world, Red.GP10291-IV, or Prime IV or just simply the “P” as the troopers were now calling it, 3 standard weeks ago with the mission of locating and claiming for the Imperium ancient xenos ruins and artifacts believed to be found here. Working from a Forward Operating Base blasted from the jungle the troopers had conducted near continuous patrols. So far the patrols had turned up nothing.

After receiving a Vox transmission from the Tactical Operations Center located on the FOB, SGT Brutto was directed to move his squad to the location of a landing spot of a possible spacecraft. The TOC was unable to determine if the blip on their screen was a landing craft or more space debris impacting in the jungle. His squads mission was to confirm if it was more harmless space junk or someone or something else laying claim to the Emperors new world.



Episode I – Into the Jungles of Prime IV

The forest canopy was split wide open by the shuttle craft that defied physics in how it was able to maintain flight, let alone travel the stars.  Rust and bits of debris crumbled from the shuttle, leaving a trail like a comet behind it in its wake as it circled a clearing near a group of hills overlooking the heavy forest below.

Putrid green exhaust ballooned out from the landing engines as the craft settled to the ground.  Flecks of mould fell to the soft ground, and the grasses and flowers that bloomed shriveled black and fell to ash upon touching the foul substance.

The landing doors creaked open with a groan, spilling out phosphorescent gasses and five figures walked down the rusted ramp to the ground.

The lead figure shambled with a gait, both of its eyes glazed over with a milky pus-substance that leaked down its boil covered face.  It wore a crusted collar of diseased leather, to which a rusted and grime covered chain trailed into the hands of a bloated figure.

The other three were equally grotesque, with huge bellies bursting forth from their rusted power armor.  Ancient bolters twisted into leering daemonic faces were held in gauntleted hands.

“This place smells foul and clean.”  Syphallia, the most bloated of the group, stated.  His helm was broken and the edge of his jaw could be seen working up and down.  Rotten teeth were exposed, and a pox burst, oozing black fluid that plopped lazily onto his corroded shoulder pauldron.

“Yes it is being disgusting.”  Another stated through a busted vox grille.  “Let us be finding what the Lord sent us here for and be departing.  War needs waged, and this place has little here to offer us…”  as the plague marine finished his words, a rustling could be heard from down the hill.

A squad of guardsmen were moving through the thick foliage, apparently oblivious to the presence of the creatures of Nurgle so near to them.

“I misspoke I thinks.  Looks like we have some fun after all…”  the gauntleted hand tightened around the trigger guard of the bolter.  Chuckling, the group lashed the plague-zombie forward and descended the hill into the jungles…

Scenario 1 uses the Kill Team Fight scenario found on page 90 of the Armageddon rulebook.  Any mention of Promethium is replaced with Relic.

The terrain for this battle should be thick forests and jungles.  Water terrain or hills are welcome.

Follow the rules in the scenario to set up terrain and deployment.

Chris  vs  Kevin
Jon vs Brad
Tyler vs Daniel

Cody – bye week – his kill team is still in transit.

A Plague Amidst Men

The yellow star known simply as The Prime filled the interior of the cockpit of the putrefied starship.  Motes of mould and decay wafted up amidst the beams of radiation like wispy smoke.

Musted over helm-lenses picked up the encroaching light as the ship translated from the warp.  No refraction of light bounced back, for the lenses were filled with the crud of centuries.

Syphallia did not need the eye lenses to see out of the helm, for long ago his armor had become a canker that had melded with his bloated body, and had become as much a part of the corrupted astartes as his flesh was before his supplication to the Grandfather.

A rotted hand covered in buboes clutched a worn throttle.  Bale emerald symbols glowed rotten near the instrument, giving feedback on the engine vitals and other data from the wreckage that should not be space-worthy yet had managed to make warp travel as if fresh from its docking berth.

The ship had no name.  It was small, merely a transport amidst many within the confines of the Oven of Pus, the flagship of The Lord of Reek.  Small as it was, it crawled with the diseases and splendour of Grandfather like any good and trusty emissary would.

Syphallia rattled a cough deep within his enormous chest.  Flecks of green rotten phlegm leaked out of his broken mouth grill, and a wet chuckle emerged from the vox caster.

“I’ll have to save that one for later.”  Syphallia’s dead voice grated.  “Laringatius, Ghonorea, Vrom, get yourselves up front pronto.  The planet that Lord Reek wants us to look into is on view.”

Moments passed before the heavy sound of footsteps filled the cockpit.  Three figures emerged from the back.  Two were dressed in the same crumbling and rusted armor that Syphallia wore.  The other was lanky with greasy hair that was spotted with flecks of pus covered scalp.  That one wore a crusty blindfold over eyes that leaked pus and blood, staining the cloth long ago with its gore.

“I heard the world before we emerged my Syphalia.”  The thin blindfolded creature muttered, picking one of the pieces of scalp from its hair and plucking it into its drooling mouth.  “Long dead long dead.  Not worth our troubles is it.”

“Old friend Vrom doesnt like to be alone.”  The taller of the other two groaned through a rusted vox cast.  “What good is a world that we cannot share the gifts of our blessed grandfather?”  The voice was tinny yet heavy, like the fell shape that sourced it.

“Ghonorea must know that Lord Reek has a mind to take what is on that world and use it for the glory of the Grandfather.  Thats why he be sending us, his most trusted to find it.”  Laringatius voice was flooded with phlegm, and he punctuated his statement with a rattling cough that set his over inflated belly shaking like cancerous jelly.

Syphalia grinned within his helm.  All of his crew had come from various origins, yet all yearned for the acceptance into the Death Guard.  This side-trip into a ruined dead sector would be the accomplishment that would set them and their lord up for such attention from that most ancient and revered order.

“Prepare your weapons fellows and prepare for entry.  This world be ours for the taking and we be in and out again and amidst Lord Reek’s death’s head blossoms before more hours have gone and passed.  Today is a good day.  Nay… a glorious day to serve under his name.”

The ruined ship streaked on through space and the silent orb known as Prime IV prepared to welcome its pestilent invaders.

The Dig – A Shadow War Armageddon Campaign

Deep within the Achaedes Cluster, there spins an ancient star known as the Prime.  The Prime was once one of the centers of galactic commerce and culture, before mankind had even learned to tame fire.

Civilizations now long dead had gathered to share monuments and trade.

That all came to an end when the Bringer of the End devoured the golden planets of the Prime, leaving behind dead worlds in its wake as it left the system.

The vast majority of civilization had been completely erased from any of the worlds in the system.  One world survived the onslaught relatively unscathed.  Imperial records have labeled it Red.GP10291-IV, though reavers and privateers simply call it Prime 4.  Prime 4 had only been colonized and inhabited for a scant few hundred years when the Bringer of the End had passed through the system.

As such, its life-force did not register with the Star-God, and it was left untouched.   The relics of this ancient civilization and center of galactic trade have largely been destroyed, but Prime 4 has been found to contain a rare glimpse into the life of the people that once lived in this system.

These relics have become hot commodities and have attracted the attention of many ship captains looking to make a profit.  The relics also shape together a glimpse at the cause of the end of days of the Achaedes Cluster, and potentially a warning of what could soon be returning to Imperial held worlds…