Nathan Van Til’s Gondor Force Bio

Unrest lies to the North, aid being requested from all corners of Middle-Earth by the Dunedain who protect it. Gondor, in its current kingless state, falls under the charge of the Steward, Elgamoth. An  elderly man at this time, being 114, he has given some of his duties as Steward to his heir, Beren (who would take the role of Steward 3 years later). Beren has in this time taken charge of certain foreign affairs, and in this case he must make the decision of what aid can be sent  north. Arnor not being the proud sister-kingdom it once was, is Gondor still obligated to help the fallen realm? They were able to send help in the past, but at great cost. But now is a time of relative Peace in Gondor. Perhaps now is a time to honor the once-great northern kingdom?

An untold number of Orcs and Goblins and wicked men have gathered in the North for unknown purposes. The Dunedain are clearly in need of aid. But at what cost to Gondor?

There are defenses in the land of Gondor that should be addressed. There is little concern of Mordor in these times, to be sure, but who can say what could change? And the Haradrim to the south have come to ally themselves with the descendants of the men of Castamir the Usurper, the Corsairs of Umbar. What danger could rise up in the South. It has been over 200 years since the Balchoth came to fight on the fields of Celebrant. Surely these cousins of the Men of Rhun have recovered from their wounds and could be ready to strike any moment..

No.. Gondor cannot strike out in night to help a non existent kingdom… it is too risky. Yet… can they not send some assistance?

It is while thinking these thoughts that we have a younger noble of strong Numenorean family comes to the mind of Beren: Ondoher. He is a plucky man, leader of a small company of men that has recently proven to be a useful to the  white city. He would gladly take the task of reaching out to the Northern cousins, the Dunedain.

Though still young, Ondoher already shows promise as a leader among the ranks of the army of Gondor. Though he has a head for leadership, he is also a keen and fierce foe in melee combat as well. His swordsmanship was taught him by the Knights of the White tower, the Weapons Masters of Minas Tirith. These skills will surely come to his aid in the battles to come.

However mighty he might be in battle , without his Company with him, he would be doomed. His two closest men are Turin and Turgon. These men of similar nobility or masters of sword and Bow , respectively, and have more or less grown up with Ondoher. They would follow him to whatever end, and trust his leadership with utter surety.

The other bowman of the company is Húrin. Named for the Elf-friend of the First age, Húrin has always aspired to the life of a Ranger. He is not accustomed to the armor of Minas Tirith, as he is of low birth and comes from a family or great hunters, who do Best quietly and and warily tramping the forests of Ithilien for prey to bring home. Time will tell if he will he deemed worthy to join the Ranks of the fierce Rangers of Ithilien.

Hirgon is a spearmen who usually the first to lead the counter charge should the lines break. His great courage may one day be his downfall, but until now, it has been the skill of a spearmen that has proved stronger than the fate of all mortal men.

Arveleg is the cut up of the crew. He is a master trickster and can be a crafty one when he has the mind to be. One day, he may become a leader and out of necessity, but until then, he will not be taken too seriously.

So we find this band of men ready to face what lies ahead in the Ruins of fallen Arnor.


The Haradrim – the annotated works of the Greenfield Battles

Nathan Van Til

Haarith is a leader of a company if haradrim warriors that come of the regions on the outskirts of Abraham. The Golden King, one of the most wealthy rulers in the all of the wide region of Harad, is the lord over Haarith’s local chieftain, Aqil. Aqil has many of his own aspirations, aspirations which make him a strong candidate for promotion in the ranks of the Golden King’s retinue. It is for this reason that Aqil sends out trusted leaders among his local charge to find ways to increase the wealth of himself, and his Lord.

This brings us back to Haarith. Haarith has shown great promise in leadership and martial skill, which Aqil finds to be of great use. After a few small tests of his loyalty, which have included assassinations, establishing trade agreements, and the fighting off of those dogs  of Gondor from local trade routes , Haarith has been given the opportunity he has sought for.

It appears that there is a great deal going on among the Orcs of the North. None but the highest of kings are privy to this information, and Haarith himself knows almost. Nothing himself, but Aqil has called on Haarith and his closest warriors to go off to the North to establish trade and loot as much as they can for the Sale of the Aqil and the Golden King.

So, Haarith gathers men of his clan together to travel afar, for loot, for renown, and to see the death of the Enemies of the Golden King’s Will.

His closest companions are Abaan and Bakr. They are masters of spear and will do all they can to Support their leader, Haarith… even if that means killing one another. Neither have any love for the other, but time will tell of this rivalry will be the downfall of the company, or just the downfall for each other. Who knows? Maybe they can fight together for the sake of Haarith

Then there is Maazin and Na’man. The pair are like brothers, and are usually fighting alongside the other on the battle field.

The next two are Unaar and Udyal. They are actual brothers, and fight alongside each other when they are not fighting one another, Always trying to prove who is the better, more cunning marksmen.

Finally, there is the spearman Yazan. Yazan is a bit of a veteran fighter. Being the oldest of the company, He has survived many raids from the Gondorians, as well as raids into Ithilien. In any case, his experience does not translate to wisdom so much as an understanding of melee combat that cannot be rivaled in the tribe of Aqil. Also, his experience has made him the most cruel of the company, having seen the atrocities the self righteous Descendants of Numenor perform upon his people. Any men of Gondor will not have seen a stronger resolve than that of Yazan when he spies them across the field.

The Fell Courtiers of Shadow

There once was a hole, deep under the mountains of Mordor.  This hole was like many holes found near the domain of the fell Necromancer, and quite unlike the comfortable hobbit holes of the shire.  This hole was dank, dirty, and wet and had the foulest of smells from the fell corruption that was sired within.

Within this hole toiled a great many orcs.  Most were small and broken backed, deemed not very useful by their larger and more powerful kin.  The orcs that worked within the dank and dour holes of Mordor were the weak ones whose only use was to dig at the rock and fetch the black iron that would give blade and helmet and shield to the bigger warriors that would raid the dominion of elf and man and dwarf.

Among these wretches that never saw the light of day was one whose tale was a bit brighter than his unfortunate fellows.  He had no name, like many that toiled the mines, and so only went by the name Snaga, which meant Slave in the dark tongue.

Snaga was a crafty fellow, and what he lacked for in stature and strength he made up for with a cunning mind and murderous intent.  Snaga’s cunning often carried into his speech, and it was this that angered the larger orcs in the mines.  It was often said that Snaga was too smart for his own good.

The overseer of the filthy mining hole where Snaga spent most of his life was Gobad.  Gobad was an old brute, almost as tall as a man was, and bald with blue crusted scales covering his body.  It was said that the scales were a foul elven disease that had befallen the orc during his time as a raider, but it seemed to have no ill effects other than to itch maddeningly and put Gobad into a fouler temper than normal, if you can believe that.

Gobad hated Snaga, and would kick or punch or slap the smaller orc whenever he could, which was many times a day.  He would line up the orcs he detested the most and send them on duties that were meant to kill them.  That Snaga continued to live after being sent on dozens of murderous quests infuriated Gobad to his wits end (which for an orc was not very far truth be told).

“Snaga!  You miserable worm!”  Gobad would bellow through the tunnels.  “Get your lazy carcass to the kennels and feed the beasts!”  And so Snaga would take himself to the kennels where the wargs were kept and manage to feed them without becoming their dinner as well.

“Snaga!  You wretched villain!  Climb to the top of the fetid shaft and bring me back a nugget of the blackest iron!”  And so Snaga would scurry up the steep mining shaft past the corpses of dozens of orcs that had fallen the treacherous climb and procured a choice nugget of the black iron for Gobad.

“Snaga!  You blasted thief of joy, the Master’s shaman has lost his pit viper.  Find it and return it to him, and if you get bitten don’t come back at all!”  And so Snaga would creep about the dark tunnels and wet caverns until he found the pit viper and managed to corner it and trap it before returning it to the shamans.

Day after day of dangerous tasks, and Snaga thwarted the reaper’s toll every time by his quick wits.  Gobad began to realize that if he wanted himself rid of the Snaga that he would have to take matters into his own hands.

“Snaga!  You champion of filth, fetch the Master tonight’s stew and don’t be making him wait too long ‘ere else you’ll be feeling the back of me hand!”  Gobad screamed down the tunnel.   Snaga did as he was told, and went to the kitchens where he expected to find the night’s stew waiting for him to slop into a wooden bowl.

The kitchens were empty.  The fires had died down and there was no stew waiting for Snaga that evening.  A shadow crept over him from behind, and turning quickly Snaga saw Gobad standing in the doorway blocking out the light of the tunnels with his frame and holding a pitted hooked sword in his meaty hand.

“Don’t look so surprised feeble worm.  You had to know your days on this world were soon to be over, and this time it will be me that punches your ticket.”  Gobad said, lumbering toward the smaller orc.

The hooked sword arced overhead, but Snaga was possessed of a speed befitting his small stature, and the heavy iron implement smashed into the wooden table behind where the orc was standing.  The blade was embedded, and Gobad struggled to free it.  Snaga crept behind the larger orc and produced a small blade.

Gobad wrenched the blade free of the table with a growl and turned to face Snaga.  The smaller orc threw the blade, and Gobad parried it with his bigger sword.  The dagger scratched the flesh of his meaty hand, drawing a thin stream of blood.  Gobad looked down at the hand and chuckled.

“You think you are a warrior now Snaga?  You larder of garbage.  You wouldn’t last five minutes out in the wild before the elves filled you full of arrows.  I’m going to gut you with that little knife of yours, that’s what I’m going to do!”  Gobad charged and drove his shoulder into Snaga, driving the orc back and over a cutlery table.

Gobad’s grin got wider as he stalked over to the fallen Snaga, kicking him with the toe of his iron boot.  “Come warrior, show me that you are the one to march with the Master’s warriors and raid the men and the elves and the dwarves!”  Gobad laughed as he lunged forward to drive the point of his wicked blade into Snaga’s chest.

Snaga kicked out and crunched the side of Gobad’s knee.  The larger orc gave a yelp and crashed to the ground, while Snaga rolled away as fast as grease.  Gobad used the sword to help him stand back to his feet, and coughed.

“You wretch!  You canker on my arse!  I’ll have your head on a pole I will!”  Gobad screamed, coughing again.  He lunged forward once more, but found that his strength was failing him.  The blade fell harmlessly out of his hand and clattered to the cold stone ground, and the big orc fell to a knee in an attempt to catch his breath.

“Poor Gobad.  Can’t catch his breath.  Too old to fight he is.”  Snaga smiled, broken teeth protruding out at all angles.  He held up a dirty glass vial that held a clear liquid.

“Wots that?”  Gobad said between wheezes as he struggled harder to catch a breath.  His lungs were seizing and his vision became spotty.

“This?  This is the venom that I got from the viper that the shaman lost in the tunnels that you made me find.  I put it on that there little knife, the one I made from a chip of that iron you made me fetch from the top of the fetid shaft.”  Gobad’s eyes were bulging now as his hands wrapped around his own throat.  He collapsed onto the floor, breath not coming to him as he quivered in agony.

“You.  Parasite.  You.  Murderous dog.  You…” with a gasp the big old orc died.  Snaga looked down at the body before picking up the wicked curved blade that Gobad had tried to run him through with.  It took a few messy tries, but Snaga was able to cut the head from the body after the third or fourth whack.  Reaching down, he picked up the head and held it up to his own.

“Gobad!  You old wanker.  Feed the rats!”  Snaga threw the head over to the corner of the kitchen, where it landed with a sloppy wet thud.  Examining the sword more carefully, Snaga decided it was time for him to be boss of the dingy dirty hole deep under the mountains of Mordor.

His Master would need to know that Gobad was no longer capable of his service.

The Dig Episode V – the Final Chapter

The relics on the planet are dwindling, and only a scant few remain!  The top four warbands will be making their way to the center of the jungle for an epic showdown, but first we have one final chapter remaining to see if anybody can catch up.

Episode V – the players will run a RANDOM scenario out of the book.  Roll a D6 and find the mission that corresponds with the number rolled.  Attackers will always be the player with the greater relic, and defenders will be the player with the fewest relics.  If tied, roll off.

Lord Syphalia vs the First Arkhan Recon – putting the money where the mouth is in the name of Grandfather Nurgle

Razak’s Roughnecks take on the 2nd Company of the Blood Angels’ scout squad

Mr. Salty’s Eldar take on the Space Wolves

The Rusted Claw try to finish off Fireteam Aristide

Shadow War Campaign – The Dig Episode IV – Ambush!

Moving into the halfway point of the campaign, we have an ambush!

Players with the lowest score are the attacker.  In the case of a draw in relic count, the players will roll off to determine who is attacker and who is defender.

Chris N (Plague) vs Cody (2nd Company)
Kevin (Alpha Team) vs Tyler (1st Arkhan)
Daniel (Rusted Claw) vs Brad (Twilights Wrath)
Jon (Fireteam Aristidae) vs Bradley (Thunderfang’s Stalkers)

We are coming close in figuring out what happened on this world…

The Dig Episode 3 – Into Enemy Territory

After a pair of engagements, the kill teams on world realize that they are not alone and that rival factions exist trying to recover relics as well.

After some tracking, base camps have been located and the factions that have proven to have secured the most so far are in the most danger as their rivals move in on their base camps.

Episode 3 utilizes The Raid scenario found within the Shadow War Armageddon book.  When playing out the game, the player with the most relics at game’s beginning is the defender and the player with the least relics is the attacker.  In the case of a tie in relic count, players will roll-off to determine attacker or defender.

Syphalia’s Plague Marines vs Fireteam Aristide
Mr Salty’s Twilights Wrath vs Fireteam Alpha
1st Arkhan vs Thunderfang’s Stalkers
The Rusted Claw vs 2nd Company Angels of Baal

Additionally – the 2nd Company and Thunderfang’s Stalkers missed Episode 1, and may play that mission against each other to catch up.

Mr Salty encounters Lord Syphalia in the Jungles

The heat of the sun pounded down and insects buzzed about the rotten helmets of Lord Syphalia’s crew.  Sergeant Bluto, the imperial guardsmen captured recently, shuffled mindlessly along Consumption ahead of the four plague marines.  His eyes had milked over and a thin streamer of blood flecked drool pooled from his mouth as he held the boltgun limply in his hands.

Blotches and bruises had appeared over the man’s body, and a stink had befallen him as his teeth began falling from his mouth.  The embrace of Papa Nurgle had begun.

Black Ghonorea chuckled, spitting a gob of blackened pus from his mouth which sat exposed from its corroded helm.

“The new recruit seems to be getting on just fine Syphalia.  He seems to have the grit that we need!”  Ghonorea roared with laughter as he chucked a rock at the shambling guardsman.  The rock bounced off the man’s skull, yet he did nothing and responded not a bit.

The four plague marines laughed harder.

“There be a lake according to my sensors ahead, and it appears to have signatures consistent with those ancient blocks that we found naught but a few days ago.”  Syphalia said as he walked, checking a rusted hand scanner which showed location points and crude numbers indicating height and other environmental readouts.

“Lakes be good for pissin in.”  The gunner Varitas said, gyrating his hips.  As he did so, flecks of orangish scum fell from his armor and sizzled on the ground, killing anything that it touched.

Laringatius pointed ahead, where sunlight glimmered off of pristine water.

“Its sickening isn’t it?  Up ahead.  Lets get these relics and get out.  I cant’ stand how clean it is here.”  The marine said, hefting his plasma gun up.

Unknown to the plague marines, Mr. Salty and his eldar were moving through the jungle toward the site as well.  The resulting firefight that ensued was short-lived, but epic.

Taking cover amidst the trees, the scenario had five total objectives.  Four of them were on the ground, two of which close to the plague marines, and two of which close to Mr. Salty’s eldar.  The remaining relic was high up in a tree.

This game would be won by either claiming three of the five relics and getting within 8″ of the table edge, or forcing the other side to bottle out.  To add to the mix, monsters in the jungle could emerge and take out fighters as well.

The battle opened up with one of those monsters coming out of the jungle and engaging Mr. Salty himself.  The exarch turned and fired at the creature, shredding it, but Salty could do nothing else that turn.  The remaining eldar would move forward in an attempt to capture the two closest objectives to them.

The disadvantage for Mr. Salty would be to overcome the fact that the plague marines had them out ranged with their bolters and red-dots which aided the entire plague marine squad and gave them a +1 to hit.

Lord Syphalia ran forward to the tree while a pox walker moved into the lake to grab one of the easier objectives.  On the other side of the table, Ghonorea and the guardsman Sgt Bluto moved to take the objective in the forest.

Veritas held his position in the rear with the plasma gun and prepared to go on overwatch.  The eldar were also sending a trooper to climb the tree as well.  It appeared to be a race to see who get to the top of the tree first!

Plague marine fire tore into the jungle, dropping one of Mr Salty’s men that was attempting to pick up one of the relics!

Syphalia climbs the tree, determined to win the day for Papa Nurgle while his men trade fire with the eldar below.

Mr Salty attempts to rally his men, who are falling to the plague marine fire.  A shriveled head comes soaring out of the treeline as Syphalia drops a blight grenade from above, knocking the missile platform gunner and anther eldar warrior at the base of the tree with the gross contents of the explosion.

The plague marines are sweeping to the other side of the battlefield, attempting to get into line of sight to shoot at the eldar.  The eldar warrior is almost to the top of the tree to claim the relic!

Off the side, the pox walker is attacked by a monster, holding him up for a turn before he can shamble into effective range and push the eldar back off the table.

Mr. Salty runs forward and picks up the relic that his downed warrior was attempting to hold.  Looking up at Syphalia, the eldar commander unleashed hell with his weapons.  Shurikens embedded themselves in Syphalia’s diseased flesh, doing no real damage by themselves, but causing the plague marine to lose his grip from the tree and fall to the ground.

The high impact hit would stun the diseased disciple of Nurgle, and in the following turn succumb to his injuries and be removed from the table.

Would it be enough? The eldar had taken heavy casualties up to this point.

Mr. Salty was alone with one of his remaining warriors, when the plague marines rounded the tree completely.  Varitas capped the remaining eldar warrior with his plasma gun, and Mr. Salty voluntarily chose to bottle out, giving the battle to the plague marines.

Battle Aftermath

Fortunately for the followers of Nurgle, Syphalia recovered from his injuries.  The plague marine Ghonorea gained the ability to fire his bolter while running.  The warband recruited yet another pox walker, Consumption, to their band, arming it with a bolter and red dot.

Resupplying saw the procurement of enhanced visors to the helms of the warriors, letting them hit their enemies in cover even better.

With their numbers swelling, Syphalia’s group pulls into a tie for first place with five total relics claimed.  Their lack of power armor, however, was also growing.  The plague marines themselves had gotten lucky and no one had been lost yet, but Syphalia knew he would have to soon tap into a relic to recruit another plague marine to his cause.  Pox walkers would only go so far…


Contact report REF enemy contact 20170710 vic DR 2836 6719 sector 7.

Alpha Squad was diverted from routine patrol to sector 7 to investigate possible orbital lander.

Upon arriving in sector PVT Gossard the squad designated marksman assumed an over watch position as SGT Bruto led the squad forward using fire team bounding over watch technique as per SOP. PVT Gossard reported movement to the front and engaged an enemy element of unknown size. As the squad maneuvered to engage we came under heavy and accurate Bolt Gun and Grenade fire. After sustaining 50% casualties SGT Bruto ordered the squad to fall back to the last known rally point and call for extraction. SGT Bruto and PVT Gossard provided covering fire as the squad disengaged.

The squad fell back and set up a defensive perimeter and was extracted via Valkyrie. The squad suffered 2 WIA (return to duty) and 1 MIA (SGT Bruto). PVT Gossard confirms 3 enemy KIA from plasma and sniper fire. It is believed that the enemy force were from a Chaos Plague Marine element.

CPL Richard Lacroix now assumes duties as squad leader.

Note: SGT Bruto was last seen standing in the face of withering enemy fire shouting FOR THE EMPEROR as he lay down effective covering fire. Without a doubt his actions that day saved the lives of every man and woman in Alpha squad. SGT Bruto is being recommended for an award for valor.

(admin edit:  SGT Bruto is now serving the Grandfather faithfully as a pox walker)

The Dig Episode 2

A fierce wind ripped across the surface of the lake, generating a series of ripples that bounded out and crashed into the shore.

Standing over the lake was a tall stone monument that at one time could have been a structure built by the civilization that had long died.

Scouting revealed the site and now your squad moves through the thick jungle underbrush to be the first to get at it and any secrets that it may possess.

Not surprisingly, as you emerge from the gloom of the jungle, you can see opposing forces also moving in from the opposite side.  The sound of charging weapons fills your ears as your men take position before the firefight begins.

The battle for the ruined structure and its contents begins in earnest…

Mission:  Scavengers (p.91)
The Death Guard – Chris – (3 relics) vs Mr Salty’s Eldar – Brad – (2 relics)
Razak’s Roughnecks – Kevin – (1 relic) vs Fireteam Aristide – Jon – (1 relic)
1st Arkan – Tyler – (4 relics) vs 2nd Company – Cody – (0 relics)
The Rusted Claw – Daniel (1 relic) vs ??? – Bradley – (0 relics)