Age of Sigmar

Louisville Wargaming’s Age of Sigmar Perpetual Campaign

On this page you will find the recorded information for all active player histories for the ongoing Age of Sigmar Campaign.  In 2018, we are delving deep into the Malign Portents where we will have a culminating battle against Nagash himself!

PlayerChris Nye
ArmyNurgle Rotters
CommanderGreat Unclean Mr. Cuddles (stench -1 to hit, ensorcelled -2 rend, regen 1 wd, cycle of life 4+ regen D3 wds)
Followers10 Plague Bearers (re-roll wounds once per game)
5 Putrid Blight Knights (regeneration)
3 Plague Drones (1x game +1 save for turn)
PlayerJennette Stebbing
CommanderBranch Wraith (swift, +2 to run/charge)
Followers1 Treelord (deadly - reroll 1s to hit in melee)
1 Treelord (deadly - reroll 1s to wound in melee)
PlayerEd Shifley
CommanderWight King (black axe, +1 Wound, blighted blade, hard to kill, supreme monarch)
FollowersBlack Knights x5 (undying legion)
Grave Guard x5 (Danse Macabre)
PlayerCody McMillen
CommanderLord Celestant (master crafted runeblade, master crafted hammer)
Followers5 liberators (all out defense)
3 Prosecutors (smite)
5 retributors (furious avenger once per game auto 12" charge)
PlayerGlenn Barnett
CommanderOrruk Megaboss (+1 W)
FollowersGore-Gruntas x3 - hardened veterans
Gore-Gruntas x3 - hardened veterans
Weirdnob Shaman (on the rampage)
PlayerJason Shain
CommanderExalted Deathbringer (Berzerk charge)
PlayerTim Sheckles
ArmyFlesh Eater Court
CommanderGhoul-King (haunted blade, feared ruler)
FollowersVarghulf (the Kings Own)
3 Crypt Horrors (loyal subjects)
1 Zombie Dragon (Martial Excellence)
PlayerJoe Psillos
ArmyFlesh Eater Court
Followers10 ghouls (kings own)
10 ghouls (kings own)
PlayerClay Knuckles
ArmyTzeentch Arcanites
CommanderGaunt Summoner (trickster)
FollowersExalted Flamer (devotee of the dark rites)
10 Tzaangors (Sworn Disciples)
PlayerDaniel Sattich
CommanderDon'uld Trunk (tyrant) (thundrous charge)
Followers3 ogors (vendetta)
3 Ironguts (thundrous charge, go get em)
PlayerSean Hodge
CommanderSlaan Priest (vast intellect, stubborn defiance, never forgotten enmity, great remember)
Followers3 ripperdactyls (celestial protectors)
PlayerBrad Hiner
CommanderLord Celestant (heroic battlecry, stalwart, +1 W, bounding leap, blessed armor)
Followers5 liberators (All out Defense)
5 retributors (lifted by lightning)
PlayerBradley Lewis
CommanderWarden King (heroic battle cry, hot blooded, sworn enmity)
Followers10 Longbeards (hardened veterans)
10 warriors (hardened veterans)
10 quarrelers (iron discipline)
PlayerTyler Eveslage
CommanderMarshall (heroic battle cry, +1 to wound, +1 to wound on charge)
Followers5 Grail Knights (Punisher) (+1 to hit)