Whether out of desperation or greed, war often turns men and orcs into scavengers and vultures. As your battle company is surveying the aftermath of the battle for the Hoarwell, they come across a group of scavengers attempting to profit from the lawlessness. They seek to stop you from taking their ill gotten gains and attack you without warning.

Your battle company will be facing Twice as many Scavengers as there are members of your battle company. They may be represented as either orcs or men. Scavengers are strength 3, fight 3, armor 3, attack 1, courage 2, hand weapon equipped models.

In addition to the scavengers there will also be a scavenger’s leader. He is a strength 4, armor 5, fight 4, attack 2, 1 might, 1 will, 1 fate, model. He is equipped with a 2handed sword, and a concealing cloak.

Naive confidence: All bandits are immune from morale checks as long as their leader is still alive.


Rewards for victory

1 one additional influence point

2 concealing cloak (2 points)

3 Jar of Poison, your hero may reroll all wound rolls of 1. (1 point)

4 local scout (if your battle company is full you may choose one of the other options)

5 Elven Sword

6 The model that slew the bandit leader may choose to increase their fight/strength/defense/attacks as if they had rolled on the progression chart.

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