Battle of The Hoarwell

The battle of the Hoarwell

It had been over a year since the rangers set off on their quest toward Mirkwood. The rangers had found the source from which all of the evil had been stemming from on their journey. However they were unable to warn their comrades in Eriador before it was too late. The orcs had already passed over the mountains and were making their way toward the ranger’s hidden strongholds. A series of frantic battles broke out across the Troll Shaws as the Rangers attempted to escape the rampaging hordes. With the help of Tarandir and his company along with a contingent of Gondorian allies, the rangers were able to successfully disengage from their holds and cull the hordes of orcs. While the rangers were able to escape the hordes, they had to retreat across the Hoarwell.

The river proved to be a valuable defensive asset letting neither side cross its frothy banks. Each side would probe and skirmish the other in an attempt to find a weak point in the others defenses. None could find a weakness in the other. After nearly a year fighting along the banks, in his impatience, the Dark Master unleashed his hoards on the last bride in a brute force attack. Many orcs tried to swim across and drowned, while others tried to cross the bridge and were beaten back. Unfortunately in the midst of the chaos some orcs were able to cross the river; however with the sheer losses the orcs suffered they were not able to capitalize on their advances. While successful in their defense, the Rangers were not able to capitalize on their victory either as they had to chase down the orcs that did make it across. The stalemate over the Hoarwell would continue until either side made a decisive move.

Amdir, son of Garafon, has since made a name for himself amongst the rangers for his prowess in combat, first for slaying a troll and now for slaying a great deal of orcs.

Tarandir has proven his tactical aptitude again and again leading the company to many victories.

Brognir has used his immense might to tear through the orcs in many engagements

Folco, a curious little hobbit has been in the company and surprisingly proved courageous and capable in battle.

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