The Haradrim – the annotated works of the Greenfield Battles

Nathan Van Til

Haarith is a leader of a company if haradrim warriors that come of the regions on the outskirts of Abraham. The Golden King, one of the most wealthy rulers in the all of the wide region of Harad, is the lord over Haarith’s local chieftain, Aqil. Aqil has many of his own aspirations, aspirations which make him a strong candidate for promotion in the ranks of the Golden King’s retinue. It is for this reason that Aqil sends out trusted leaders among his local charge to find ways to increase the wealth of himself, and his Lord.

This brings us back to Haarith. Haarith has shown great promise in leadership and martial skill, which Aqil finds to be of great use. After a few small tests of his loyalty, which have included assassinations, establishing trade agreements, and the fighting off of those dogsĀ  of Gondor from local trade routes , Haarith has been given the opportunity he has sought for.

It appears that there is a great deal going on among the Orcs of the North. None but the highest of kings are privy to this information, and Haarith himself knows almost. Nothing himself, but Aqil has called on Haarith and his closest warriors to go off to the North to establish trade and loot as much as they can for the Sale of the Aqil and the Golden King.

So, Haarith gathers men of his clan together to travel afar, for loot, for renown, and to see the death of the Enemies of the Golden King’s Will.

His closest companions are Abaan and Bakr. They are masters of spear and will do all they can to Support their leader, Haarith… even if that means killing one another. Neither have any love for the other, but time will tell of this rivalry will be the downfall of the company, or just the downfall for each other. Who knows? Maybe they can fight together for the sake of Haarith

Then there is Maazin and Na’man. The pair are like brothers, and are usually fighting alongside the other on the battle field.

The next two are Unaar and Udyal. They are actual brothers, and fight alongside each other when they are not fighting one another, Always trying to prove who is the better, more cunning marksmen.

Finally, there is the spearman Yazan. Yazan is a bit of a veteran fighter. Being the oldest of the company, He has survived many raids from the Gondorians, as well as raids into Ithilien. In any case, his experience does not translate to wisdom so much as an understanding of melee combat that cannot be rivaled in the tribe of Aqil. Also, his experience has made him the most cruel of the company, having seen the atrocities the self righteous Descendants of Numenor perform upon his people. Any men of Gondor will not have seen a stronger resolve than that of Yazan when he spies them across the field.

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