Episode 1 – Introductions

This is the first entry into the Tomb of Annihilation and with it I would like to explain how the format will work.

The game consists of a Dungeon Master, who will from this point be abbreviated as DM, and a number of players.  To begin this adventure, we have two main characters that start off the story:  Auticus and Devito.

Auticus and Devito are twin brothers, born of the noble Ser Gwain of Toth and his wife Esmeralda.  Ser Gwain is a sworn knight of the order of the White Swan and member of the household guard of King Errin the Pious, king of the lands called Northlund.

This tale does not really concern itself with Northlund, its king, or its knights, however.  Suffice it to say that Auticus and Devito were raised in comfortable surroundings and enjoyed the privileges of an influential knight and a well-polished upbringing.

Though Auticus and Devito are twin brothers, they look nothing alike.  Auticus stands tall and has set shoulders, whereas Devito has the stature of a dwarf, and an ugly one at that.

Auticus was raised among books and learning, and was submitted for learning at the Tower of the White Crystal, where he apprenticed as a young wizard.  He was not the greatest of pupils, often earning the ire of his professors in his attempts at using his status and upbringing to his advantage, and he became known for cutting corners where he could;  a practice he often referred to as Time Management.

Devito was loved by his parents, though his physical stature marked him for mockery and judgement by all of his peers.  Whereas Auticus succeeded through influence and intellect, Devito had a marked interest in alcohol, whores, and the shadowy underworld of Northlund.

The two brothers were close despite their differences and abilities.  It is because of that closeness that when Auticus hears tell of an expedition set for a far away city called Chult, a place full of lost cities ripe for exploration, that Devito insists that he come along as well to keep his brother company and to keep him safe.

But such is the world that expeditions to far away cities are niceties that cover other darker things that entangle the world in shadow.  For the past several days the talk on the streets and in the taverns has been all about a horrible wasting curse that has begun afflicting the people seemingly at random!

The victim grows thinner and weaker each day, slowly but steadily sliding toward the ferryman’s possession.

Temples and scholars of divine means are at a loss to explain this curse that has affected the entire region, and perhaps even the entire world…

Auticus has little interest in this disease, however.  The invincibility of youth cloaks his thoughts and his interests lie in the hidden troves of knowledge and the arcane that the ancient civilizations near Chult have buried and forgotten about.

And so on a late-summer evening, Auticus and Devito are summoned to the house of the wizard-merchant to meet their benefactor and learn of the details of their expedition to the steamy jungles of the south…

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