The Dig Episode V – the Final Chapter

The relics on the planet are dwindling, and only a scant few remain!  The top four warbands will be making their way to the center of the jungle for an epic showdown, but first we have one final chapter remaining to see if anybody can catch up.

Episode V – the players will run a RANDOM scenario out of the book.  Roll a D6 and find the mission that corresponds with the number rolled.  Attackers will always be the player with the greater relic, and defenders will be the player with the fewest relics.  If tied, roll off.

Lord Syphalia vs the First Arkhan Recon – putting the money where the mouth is in the name of Grandfather Nurgle

Razak’s Roughnecks take on the 2nd Company of the Blood Angels’ scout squad

Mr. Salty’s Eldar take on the Space Wolves

The Rusted Claw try to finish off Fireteam Aristide

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