The Dig Episode 3 – Into Enemy Territory

After a pair of engagements, the kill teams on world realize that they are not alone and that rival factions exist trying to recover relics as well.

After some tracking, base camps have been located and the factions that have proven to have secured the most so far are in the most danger as their rivals move in on their base camps.

Episode 3 utilizes The Raid scenario found within the Shadow War Armageddon book.  When playing out the game, the player with the most relics at game’s beginning is the defender and the player with the least relics is the attacker.  In the case of a tie in relic count, players will roll-off to determine attacker or defender.

Syphalia’s Plague Marines vs Fireteam Aristide
Mr Salty’s Twilights Wrath vs Fireteam Alpha
1st Arkhan vs Thunderfang’s Stalkers
The Rusted Claw vs 2nd Company Angels of Baal

Additionally – the 2nd Company and Thunderfang’s Stalkers missed Episode 1, and may play that mission against each other to catch up.

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