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Resources and campaigns

AOS StatsFile LinkAOS Statistics by model
Azyr CompFile LinkAzyr Comp pack for Age of Sigmar
Azyr Comp BuilderFile LinkAzyr Comp Online Builder
Azyr EmpiresFile LinkAzyr Empires Resource Campaign System
Azyr Empires Appendix H City FightFile LinkAzyr Empires Appendix H city fight, time of wars for Beasts and Shadow, and Lord Castellant and Plague Priest paths
Azyr Empires Appendix I Silver TowerFile LinkAzyr Empires Appendix I integrating Silver Tower
Azyr Empires Character RecordFile LinkAzyr Empires Character Record Spreadsheet
Brimstone CampaignFile LinkBrimstone Peninsula escalation campaign (40 pages) with new scenarios, new war scroll, and rules for fighting on the Brimstone Peninsula
Primo Victoria RulesetFile LinkPrimo Victoria add-on to Age of Sigmar rules