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WarlordKerchek's Channel

Full Name: Luis Tulier
Rank: Member
DOB: 3/31/1966
Location: Radcliff
Date Joined: 1/1/1999
Active: No

Bio: Retired Tank Commander....former GW Outrider. I play Rock Band, Fantasy and Flames of War. Avid military historian. Crazy Star Wars geek, and all around nerd.

Armies Played: Fantasy: Skaven FoW: German (mostly late war Panzers)
Member Activity

1999 Fantasy LeagueVampire CountsWHFB61060
2001 40k LeagueBlood AngelsWH40k5310
2002 40k LeagueBlood AngelsWH40k6110
2003 40k LeagueBlood AngelsWH40k6110
2004 Fantasy LeagueTomb KingsWHFB5200
2005 Fantasy LeagueTomb KingsWHFB6200
2013 Tamurkhan CampaignSkavenWHFB54116

2002 40k Best Army
2002 40k Best Painted
2005 Fantasy Best Painted