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Rob Prince's Channel

Full Name: Rob Prince
Rank: Member
DOB: Unknown
Location: Louisville
Date Joined: 6/1/2004
Active: Yes


Armies Played:
Member Activity

2004 Fantasy LeagueVampire CountsWHFB1510
2012 Badlands CampaignGoblinsWHFB70035
2012 LBBL SeasonQueens of the NightBlood Bowl80116
2013 LBBL SeasonQueens of the NightBlood Bowl0000
2013 Tamurkhan CampaignVon CarsteinsWHFB53019
2014 Kastorel Novem CampaignTyranidsWH40k31011
2015 End Times FantasyBretonniaWHFB0000

2012 Badlands Best Player
2012 Badlands Campaign Champion
2012 Blood Bowl Champion