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BA_Empire's Channel

Full Name: Whayne Rouse
Rank: Member
DOB: Unknown
Location: Louisville
Date Joined: 3/1/2013
Active: No


Armies Played: WFB - Empire 40K - Blood Angels BB - Norse
Member Activity

2013 LBBL SeasonNorse NinniesBlood Bowl0221
2013 Rubicon CampaignBlood AngelsWH40k13015
2013 Tamurkhan CampaignMiddenheimWHFB45319
2014 Kastorel Novem Battle Fleet GothicSpace MarinesBFG310869
2014 Kastorel Novem CampaignGenesis MarinesWH40k26012
2014 Lustria CampaignPiratesWHFB1503

2013 Tamurkhan Rookie of the Campaign