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Raven5x's Channel

Full Name: Brad Hiner
Rank: Member
DOB: 8/20/1986
Location: Louisville
Date Joined: 6/1/2012
Active: Yes

Bio: Started into the hobby in 2011 with a couple of Assault on Black Reach boxes. From there I completed my first Space Marines army and participated in a mini campaign. Fantasy also struck interest, so started out with a couple of Warriors of Chaos battalion boxes, and worked from there. Have continued playing, and expanding armies since. Also worthy of note. Dice hate me. A lot.

Armies Played: Dwarfs, Warriors of Chaos, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines (Fallen), Orks, Veermyn (Dreadball)
Member Activity

2012 Badlands CampaignDwarvesWHFB2617
2012 Bastille CampaignOrksWH40k0000
2012 LBBL SeasonBugmans BrewersBlood Bowl24211
2013 DreadballChesterville RavensDreadball1104
2013 Rubicon CampaignThe FallenWH40k37056
2013 Tamurkhan CampaignChaos WarriorsWHFB55119
2014 Kastorel Novem CampaignRaven GuardWH40k36021
2014 Lustria CampaignChaosWHFB1603
2015 Badab CampaignFallen Chaos MarinesWH40K13014
2015 End Times FantasyWarriors of ChaosWHFB1204340
2015 X-Wing LeagueImperialsX-Wing74021