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Auticus's Channel

Full Name: Chris Nye
Rank: Administrator
DOB: 5/7/1977
Location: Louisville
Date Joined: 1/1/1999
Active: Yes

Bio: Follower of the voices that tell me what to do... they tell me to code and build more chaos armies...

Armies Played: Chaos Warriors, Chaos Demons, High Elves, Tomb Kings Chaos Marines, Chaos Demons, Eldar, Necrons
Member Activity

1999 Fantasy LeagueVampire CountsWHFB70195
2000 Fantasy LeagueChaosWHFB25020
2001 40k LeagueChaosWH40k5310
2001 Fantasy LeagueEmpireWHFB45111
2002 40k LeagueNecronsWH40k6300
2002 Fantasy LeagueVampire CountsWHFB9000
2002 Rubicon CampaignChaosWH40k0000
2003 Fantasy LeagueTomb KingsWHFB60157
2004 Eye of Terror CampaignChaosWH40k0000
2004 Fantasy LeagueChaosWHFB3130
2004 Storm of Chaos CampaignChaosWHFB0000
2005 Fantasy LeagueEmpireWHFB4220
2005 Return to RubiconChaosWH40k0000
2006 Mighty Empires CampaignChaosWHFB0000
2010 Eye of Kull CampaignChaos WarriorsWHFB0000
2010 Zanzibar CampaignChaos Thousand SonsWH40k0000
2011 40k CampaignChaosWH40k0000
2012 Badlands CampaignTomb KingsWHFB63014
2012 Bastille CampaignNecronsWH40k0000
2012 LBBL SeasonOld World MaulersBlood Bowl30111
2013 DreadballToon Town RippersDreadball1103
2013 LBBL SeasonOld World MaulersBlood Bowl2013
2013 Rubicon CampaignChaos Death GuardWH40k93078
2013 Tamurkhan CampaignDaemonsWHFB81025
2014 Kastorel Novem Battle Fleet GothicEldarBFG010141
2014 Kastorel Novem CampaignIyanden EldarWH40k101067
2014 Lustria CampaignDark ElvesWHFB3109
2015 Badab CampaignPenal Legion GuardWH40K52017
2015 Badab Campaign (BFG)ImperialsBFG1003
2015 BattletechWord of BlakeBattle Tech0000
2015 End Times FantasyArchaon's LegionWHFB2014689
2015 X-Wing LeagueImperialsX-Wing1303

1999 Fantasy League Champion
2001 Fantasy Best Painted (Empire)
2002 Fantasy Best Painted (Vampire Counts)
2003 Fantasy League Champion
2013 40k Best Painted (Death Guard)
2014 Kastorel-Novem 40k Best Painted
2014 Kastorel-Novem 40k Champion