Warseer Battle Report

Wood Elves & Empire


Chaos & Orcs

Day of Reckoning

The chill late fall air stirred, blowing icy gusts across the small courtyard of the ruined church.  The building itself rested on a rock foundation, but it's walls had gaping holes blown out of it during the time known as the Storm of Chaos.  The church itself had changed ownership several times over the course of the past summer, when Archaon's hordes had invaded the Empire and the forests contained therein.   

Despite it's battering, the church still stood proudly; a bronze placard of the twin-tailed comet still displayed the faith of the people who had built it.  Above the battered wooden doors, the bell tower still stood.  The bell within swayed gently in the cold wind, and the faint peal of the striker could be heard clanging against the metal skin. 

Riaghon Ul'thway, commander of the elven forces occupying the church, surveyed the area.  His cloak was pulled tight against his body, it's tail edges flapping hard in the wind.  The elves of the wooded areas within the empire had lent their assistance to the humans, for while they were not necessarily friends of the upstart race, they were enemies of the barbaric and cruel forces of chaos that had come burning their trees and pillaging the land. 

The church had been occupied by a small war band of beastmen before Ul'thway and his proud warriors liberated it.  The beastmen had desecrated the human temple with their profane writings and with their feces.   

The noble elves had easily wrested the church from the enemy, and days had passed uneventfully afterward.  But trouble was stirring. 

Scouts had returned with the news that a pair of twisted chaos sorcerers had entered the wood with their own small force and had been heading in the direction of the church.  Since that news had been given, Ul'thway had assembled his troops and had set the defenses of the small clearing.  He had sworn that the vile sorcerers and their ilk would rue the day they decided to enter his woods, just as the cursed beastmen had. 

Word from the humans had arrived that morning.  A company of men led by a captain named Arshlager was being sent to take claim of the church, and Ul'thway and his forces would be free to leave.   

With the arrival of the chaos war band, the elves had one last task to take care of before they could see the church safely turned over to the humans. 

Ul'thway looked about and was satisfied to see his warriors preparing for battle.  He turned on his heel and entered the church, escaping the bite of the wind for a moment.  He failed to see the pair of yellow eyes in the trees near the church staring down at him.  The goblin grinned evilly and patted his spider mount lovingly before disappearing to report back to his boss about what he had seen...

Terrain and Deployment