LWGA Battle Report


Chris Nye's Tomb Kings (1-0)


Melissa Nye's High Elves (1-0)


Pre Game

Patience.  Patience is the key.  For any undead player they must learn to stick with a solid plan and have patience.  I would have to have lots of patience in my game against the High Elves.  The mission for cycle 2 is the meeting engagement, which means that our forces are deploying from a column of march.  I won't be able to deploy my men in front or behind another, they will be coming in from a column.  This means that it is important that I have a good plan coming in on how my men will be in their order of march. 

I chose to go with a more attack oriented Tomb King army this time.  The Rock is angry.  He has been reading the message boards on Portent and again the people have no respect for his abilities.  He must prove once again that his kingdom will be reclaimed, piece by piece by piece.  The High Elves hold that next piece. 

Why did I go for a more attack oriented army you might ask?  Simple.  I believe my opponent is going to sit back and blast the ever living crap out of me with magic and bolt throwers and archers.  I cannot win a shooting match against the elves.  I will have to take the battle to them.

The Rock will once again lead his army.  He is a Tomb King, and I armed him with a flail and a chariot.  His lone magic item is the Armor of the Ages, which gives him an extra wound (a whopping 5 now) and is the only heavy armor in the entire list.  Now the rock has an awesome 4+ save.  He will be accompanied by the Rock's Vanguard, 4 charioteers with the Banner of the Undying Legion.  The banner is a bound item and gives the unit wounds back once they start taking damage.  Very important.

Anaksha Lu is a liche priestess and she is the heirophant.  She is carrying a dispel scroll and the cloak of the dunes, which gives her the ability to fly. 

Shina-kar is also a liche priestess and she carries a dispel scroll.  This is a bit more magic heavy then I like to go, but you are a fool to go into a battle against High Elves without magical protection.  You're better off shaving your ass and baring it to your opponent for swift and painful retribution. 

All in all I spent a little over 500 points on characters and items, which is about average for me.  I don't like to go more than 500 pts.  This isn't 5th edition hero hammer.

My core choices other than the Rock's vanguard were 3 units of 10 archers which would be acting as a screen.  They are deployed first in my column of march, and will start off 5 wide 2 deep.  Their first move will see them add a rank (half movement) and move forward while the rest of the infantry gets behind them.  They will still be able to hit on 5s thanks to the blessing of the asp queen.

The Spear of Light consists of 24 spearmen with full command and light armor.  The Spear of Destiny is a bone shield of 6 heavy horsemen which will sit in front of the chariots and draw fire.

Finally a Tomb Swarm will be buried near the High Elf bolt throwers.  All in all about 840 points on core items, good for a +3 to my comp score.  Also I took 6 core choices which was 3 more than I had to, which was an additional 7 points to my comp score.

My specials were the Spear of Fortitude, a unit of 20 tomb guard with full command and my favorite banner, the War Banner.  A tomb scorpion would also be buried near the high elves awaiting the chance to pop up out of the ground and wreak havoc.

My lone rare choice was Windmill, the happy Bone Giant who last week had made Todd's vampire count his bitch.  You will see below how my order of march came to be, but this is a heavy flank attack, with my cav on one end and my infantry on the other with Windmill on the very end opposite my cavalry.  Gives me two really powerful flanks and a solid center of unbreakable skeleton infantry. 

Are we ready?  The Rock is indeed ready....

Assault force, closely resembling the force taken against Dave's Dark Elves which did very well.  The cavalry units would focus on the chariots, the infantry units would focus on any other threats not mentioned or imagined.

The great eagles would handle the catapults, and the bolt throwers would take down the bone giant.  The Sword Masters were given the Standard of Balance to make them immune to psychology, and a unit of Silver Helms was given the Lion Standard to make them immune to fear and terror.

By not spending a lot of points on characters, more points were able to be spent on troops.  The comp score at the end of the roster was a 29 which is pretty good considering that many say that the High Elves cannot fight with a high comp score.  We shall see.

The Tomb Kings won all three rolls to determine which sides were chosen, who deployed first, and who went first.  The Rock allowed the High Elves to go first, to get the final turn as well as to have the assault high elf army move closer into missile fire range.

High Elves Turn 1

The terrain was set in the badlands as the Rock attempted to take back a bit of his kingdom back.  On the left side of the table were a scrub and a marsh.  Two hills sat in the back of the table with a shallow river flowing across the quarter.  On the right side was another marsh and a hill.  No signs of civilization were apparent though 3,000 years ago it had been an important trade route.  Now the land was a part of the high elves dwindling kingdom.

The High elves hauled ass and came across the table, eager to get into combat with the ancient dead.   The sword masters and spearmen marched in perfect unison, their clean white banners glimmering in the sunshine and their weapons shone. 

On the left flank the eagles took flight and landed near the bone giant, and the Silver Helms wheeled and prepared to hit the left flank.  With a bone giant, a unit of spearmen, and a unit of tomb guard guarding the left flank, that task would be a difficult one indeed.

With no magic, the shooting phase kicked off.


The archers were out of range, their arrows falling helplessly onto the ground in front of the skeleton archers.  The Repeater Bolt Throwers were in range however, and they fired.  The RBT on the hill on the right let loose six shots on the horsemen guarding the chariots and dropped one of the dead warriors, leaving 5.

The second RBT fired at the chariots and heavily damaged a chariot with 2 wounds.

Melissa was a little disappointed in her turn but she was finished.

Tomb Kings Turn 1

Oh my.  No wizards!  An assault army against my assault army!  This would be definitely interesting.

The Rock pointed out at the oncoming High Elves.  He remembered in life how the sweat of anticipation would cover his body.  Now there was nothing.  No feeling.  Nothing.  His chariots pulled ahead toward the hill on the right with his horsemen in front.  His mummified hands gripped the flail in his hands.  It's weight felt good.

The Giant charged the eagles, who fled 7 inches back.  The giant lumbered forward in front of the scrub.  The spearmen and the tomb guard on the left flank turned and began moving left to face off against the oncoming cavalry unit.  Being unbreakable, the two units were more than a match for a cavalry unit short of a chosen chaos unit of khorne.

The archers also began shifting their lines to gain line of sight.  The unit on the far right had deployed 5 across and 2 deep, and they opened up to one long line, drawing their bowstrings back and preparing to pepper the elves with steely death.  Behind, the heirophant stood and watched the oncoming high elves.  Her ancient robes flowed in the wind as she prepared her incantations.


With no wizards to dispel me, the Tomb Kings pretty much would have free reign over magic.  The Rock's banner restored both wounds done to the unit.  The Rock then moved both the horsemen and the chariot onto the hill with the incantation of movement (below you can see the Rock reading from his most holy of scriptures)

Shina-Kar cast the incantation on the Giant, moving him backward and further on the left flank to allow room for the infantry units to move in.  Anaksha Lu cast the incantation of shooting on the right most archers and they opened up on the 5 reaver knights, killing one.


All 30 archers opened up on the 4 Reavers, killing 3 and forcing the final reaver to flee in panic as the sky was darkened from the flurry of arrows.  The Tomb Kings had spoken...

High Elves Turn 2

Commander Julidor called for a left face and the sword masters wheeled to face the chariots who were perched onto the hill.  Their great swords were held high, and the skill of the sword masters was about to be shown.  They would make the Rock their bitch. 

The Silver Helms staggered forward from the shallow river, finally clearing it and preparing to charge into the chariots the turn after unless the Rock was able to move into position to pull his own charge off.  The spearmen in the center of the field moved in as well. 

The archers on the hill moved down as did the second unit of archers to get into range. 

The Silver Helms on the left flank moved closer to the giant as Melissa mis-guessed the giant's charge range.  The great eagles were able to rally and face the undead legion.


The RBT on the hill once again fired at the horsemen but only hit twice, inflicting a wound but a 6 was rolled and saved.  The RBT on the ground did better, opening up and dropping 3 of the 5 horsemen, leaving two in front of the chariots.

The archers that moved from the hill fired at the horsemen, and were able to drop another... leaving one horsemen left.

The archers at the base of the hill that had moved forward fired at the undead skeleton archers, but were unable to do any damage.

Tomb Kings Turn 2

The Giant charged into the Silver Helms on the left flank, and they held to face off against him.  The spearmen moved up as well and were hoping for an incantation to get them into the Silver Helms as well.  Cavalry that is not charging has wasted it's points, their advantage is on the charge.

The Tomb Guard faced the center as it was decided that Windmill and the spearmen could handle the silver helms.  Moving the Tomb Guard far off the flank would put them out of the game, and their were still two sweet infantry units to take on in the center of the table. 

The chariots and lone horsemen moved off the hill and into a charging position, facing the silver helms and sword masters. 

The Rock chanted an incantation from the book and suddenly a tomb scorpion and tomb swarm popped out of the ground.  The scorpion charged forward into the Repeater Bolt Thrower to silence it, and the swarm would have liked to do the same to the RBT on the right but scattered far into the river.  Instead they chose to charge the silver helms in the flank to hold them up while the Rock would try to charge into the sword masters and break their sorry infantry ass.


The Rock successfully had his will be done and the chariots charged into the Sword Masters.  The second incantation the Rock cast was successful, allowing the chariot unit to get some extra shots in to soften them up.  The horses hit 0 times.  The 4 skeleton crew hit 0 times.  The Rock hit 0 times.  What an excellent batch of rolls.

Shina-Kar gave the spearmen the movement necessary to charge into the silver helms as well.  Anaksha Lu raised one of the skeleton horsemen back from the dead, giving them 2.  The magic phase was definitely helping me get into combat quicker.


All 30 shots went into the spearmen coming up, killing 4 elves and leaving 20 spearmen left.


The Tomb Scorpion charged into the bolt thrower's crew but hit once and no wounds.  The crew were unable to do anything back and auto fled due to fear.  They were run over and the archers behind them were charged into!  They fled from the bolt thrower's demise and fled as well onto the hill and just out of reach of the scorpion!  But the damage was done. 

The swarm crawled over the Silver Helms and stung one to death through poison.  However they lost by 1 due to ranks and outnumbering and standard and took a wound.

Windmill came in and destroyed 7 of the 10 Silver Helms thanks to the unstoppable assault!  The spearmen also managed to kill 2 more, leaving a single silver helm!  The last silver helm fled and Windmill and the spearmen moved forward. 

Over on the right, 5 impact hits were done to the sword masters but only one actually wounded.  The four horses were unable to do anything, and the four skeleton crew did a single wound.  The elven general challenged the Rock, who missed all 4 of his S7 attacks with the flail.  Great.  The Commander used the flame attack but could not wound the Rock. 

The sword masters showed why they were masters, and carved two wounds out of the chariot.  With ranks and what-not the undead lost by 4 and a chariot dropped totally.  The chariots ran into a brick wall....

High Elves Turn 3

The High Elves had a good balance going.  The Rock had been stopped cold and the sword masters were looking good.  They had lost an RBT and a unit of cavalry but were far from out of the game.

The archers rallied on the hill and turned around.  The eagles flew back to the hill to avoid Windmill.  The archers on the ground reformed and faced the left in anticipation of Windmill and the spearmen.  The spears in the center marched forward to prepare to engage with the undead center.


The RBT on the hill fired at the horsemen but couldn't do any damage to them. 


The Silver Helms and their steeds could not wound the swarm on their flank, but neither could the swarm on the flank wound the silver helm.  The swarm lost combat by 2 and were taken down 3 wounds out of 5.  After next turn they would be gone and the chariot's flank would be ripe for rape.

In combat, the sword masters had the initiative and it was a bad day.  Two more wounds were inflicted as the expert swordsmen carved into the chariots.  The undead charioteer managed to wrap his lash around a sword master's neck and pop the hippy elf's head off. 

The Rock swung his flail time and time again but the enemy general ducked and breathed fire onto the mummy.  The armor of the mummy was able to protect him from harm, and the flail connected against the shoulder of the commander, doing a wound.

The chariots lost again by 4, and another chariot dropped.  The Rock seemed to be doomed.  Only 3 chariots remained and one was damaged... the elves pressed their advantage.

Tomb Kings Turn 3

The remaining horsemen charged into the silver helm's flank as they were tied up by the swarm, and the silver helms panicked and fled back toward the hill!  The swarm was able to then scuttle forward near the sword master's flank after that amazing streak of luck.  The horsemen's move put them within charge reach of the sword master's flank.

The archers on the left reformed into two ranks to prepare to take the spearmen's potential charge.  Hopefully the tomb guard would get the incantation of movement and put them into the spearmen, but just in case the extra rank would help CR a bit and hold the spearmen up.

The tomb guard marched in perfect unison toward the spearmen and waited for their incantation as their tomb blades were raised and poised to spill blood after millenia of sitting inside a tomb.

The spearmen on the left flank continued moving forward, eager to engage the only thing protecting the elf left flank which was the unit of 10 archers.

Shina Kar moved into the brush and out of the tomb guard unit as she was not eager to get into hand to hand combat.  Anasksha Lu flew into the marsh behind the chariots to try and raise some more back from the dead.  With the flanks of the sword masters challenged, the Rock still had a chance. 

The tomb scorpion left the archers and scuttled behind the sword masters, also waiting for a movement incantation to help out against the sword masters who were kicking the chariot's ass. 


The banner of the undying legion was dispelled.  The Rock extended his will and both the scorpion and the horsemen engaged the sword master's in the rear and flank.  The sword masters were now surrounded, albeit by only a scorpion and a couple of horsemen. 

Shina-Kar filled the tomb guard with magical energy and they too charged the spearmen.  Anaksha Lu was able to heal 2 wounds on the chariots and raise one from the dead as it reconstructed itself and the skeletons picked their weapons back up.  The magical superiority was starting to really make a difference.


There was no real targets to shoot at here as combat was going on in the center of the field so the archers waited for the command to fire next turn.


The Tomb Guard came in hard against the spearmen, slicing 2 of the elves with ease.  16 attacks were hit back from the spearmen fighting in *3* ranks, killing only 2 of the Tomb Guard.  The commander in the spearmen swung out but his three attacks were parried by the ancient tomb guard.  The Tomb Guard won combat by two but the spearmen held, and the tomb guard lapped round.

Over on the right, the horsemen charged in and managed to drop one sword master.  The Tomb Scorpion grasped two of the elves in each of it's claws and crushed them to death as well. 

The sword masters were undeterred, knowing that the undead couldn't really fight, and managed to drop another chariot with 3 wounds done.  Another sword master's great weapon took a horsemen off of his undead steed, and a sword master in the rear cut off a leg of the scorpion with his weapon.

The enemy general breathed fire on The Rock again but again no damage was done.  The Rock swung his flail out and smashed the elf three times in the head and ribs, crushing the frail being and driving him into the ground.  The mummy looked up and saw his minions falling all around.  His victory over the elf commander would be short lived.  The Rock won combat and it was time to test on the Sword Masters now... if they fled the Rock would survive combat...

The sword masters made their check and stayed and their initiative would probably carve what was left of the two chariots and one horsemen and scorpion who were around them.

High Elves Turn 4

The Silver Helms rallied near the hill and turned around.  The eagles near the hill took flight and charged the Tomb Scorpion to boost CR and help finish off The Rock once and for all!


Archer unit I opened fire on the skeleton spearmen, though their shafts hit the ancient shields of the warriors and did no damage.  The archers on the hill opened fire on the tomb swarm behind the skeleton horsemen and finished off the swarm once and for all.

The Repeating Bolt Thrower shot at Anaksha Lu as she was the closest viable target, doing a sweet wound to her but not killing her!  The Rock breathed a sigh of relief as if she died the army would start crumbling.  Mental note: Move Anaksha Lu into a unit before she suffers her second and final wound.


The spearmen had initiative over the Tomb Guard and had 18 sweet attacks plus the commander.  They were able to kill 3 of the tomb guard, and the commander's sword managed to do no damage again as he danced and weaved but proved ineffectual.

The Tomb guard had wisely lapped as foresight saw that 18 spear attacks would have killed the front rank, and 7 tomb guard were able to fight.  Two of the spearmen fell to the tomb guard, and the tomb guard champion stepped up and stuck his blade into the commander's chest, dropping the second and final character in the elf army with killing blow.  The spearmen were unable to stand this time, and fled in panic, getting away from the Tomb Guard though the banner had been captured.

Over on the right, the eagles swooped in and did another wound to the scorpion, leaving it with 2 remaining.  The sword masters destroyed another chariot with 2 wounds, and were able to drop the last horsemen on their flank with another quick swipe.  The sword masters were earning their points easily, their skill with their blade taking on the Rock, a horsemen unit, and a scorpion!

The Scorpion squeezed 2 more sword masters, and the Rock's flail took down 2 more.  The undead lost by 3, and the scorpion fell to the ground as it's magic left it's body... and the Rock took three wounds as well as he was the only one left!  It was now the Rock with 3 wounds of 5 against 12 sword masters.  He felt the weakness enter his ancient body and knew things were grim.

Tomb Kings Turn 4

The Tomb Guard charged into the fleeing spearmen who fled another 11", putting them close to their table edge.  The Tomb Guard were now left to charge the exposed archers, which they gladly did.

Windmill continued to lumber to the middle of the field, hoping for an incantation to speed his progress.  The skeleton spearmen continued moving up the left flank to secure it for table quarters purposes.

Anaksha Lu flew into a unit of archers on the left flank to protect her from more shooting.  The eagles could still charge at her and kill her, but there was not much she could do about that.


The Rock tried desperately to get some extra attacks but the high elves dispelled both attempts.  Snina-Kar cast the incantation of movement on the Giant, moving it closer to the center of the table and the other unit of Silver Helms.  Anaksha Lu targeted the threat to her existence, the eagles, with the incantation of Pain and Suffering, doing 2 S4 hits to them and managing to wound one of the eagles.


Twenty five archers fired at the eagles, dropping one of them and wounding the other.  Tomb King archers were doing very well in this battle.


The Tomb Guard hit the archers hard, but the archers were able to deflect the blows.  The Archers decided to flee as the Tomb Guard caused fear and outnumbered them, and the Tomb Guard ran them off the table and moved two inches behind the fleeing spear elves.

The sword masters launched themselves on the dying Rock, slicing off his left arm.  With one arm remaining the Rock struck out and hit one of the Sword Masters, but the work was done on him... shrieking into the air an unholy light filled the area as The Rock burst into a swarm of insects that flew away from the field.  The Rock had fallen.  (And I forgot about his curse and the Sword Masters got away with it)

High Elves Turn 5

The High Elves had a shot at this, if they would charge the liche with the eagle and drop her (she had one wound left).  However they did not do this.  The eagle flew into the left corner and prepared to try and help the spearmen out by hitting the Tomb Guard in the flank the next turn. 

The Silver Helms turned and moved toward the Tomb Guard's flank.  Again Melissa misguessed the distance of the giant and moved too close to it.  As you know now, Windmill is excellent against cavalry. 


The archers on the hill opened up on the Tomb Guard, dropping none.  The Repeating Bolt Thrower fired at the Tomb Guard, dropping one of them but again doing nothing really spectacular.

There was no hand to hand combat

Tomb King Turn 5

The Tomb Guard charged into the spears again, this time the spear elves failed a fear check and needed 6s to hit (as both units had 16 in them, the spear elves were not outnumbered so needed 6s to hit in the first round of combat).  The Giant charged into the silver helm's flank, and the unit of archers on the right turned and walked into the table quarter to contest it.


With the Rock dead, the magic fell soley on the liches.  Shina-Kar cast the incantation of shooting on one of the archer units who fired into the 9 sword masters.  Anaksha Lu fired the Incantation of Pain and Suffering into the Sword Masters, dropping 5 more with 5 S4 hits!  The Swrod Masters were hurting.  Three remained...


Thirty archers opened up on the three sword masters and managed to drop just 3 of them... killing the entire unit and reclaiming The Rock's banner.


Windmill ripped apart 6 Silver Helms, tossing their bodies like rag dolls.  The Silver Helms fled in terror onto the hill as the Giant lumbered after them.

The Tomb Guard slashed out at the spear elves and killed one.  The spear elves, needing 6s to hit, hit just one and managed no wound.  They fled again, this time off the table.  The elven lines had crumbled. 

High Elves Turn 6

The Silver Helms continued to flee off the table, leaving a unit of archers and the RBT left.  The archers and RBT fired at the Giant to try and drop it, and did 2 wounds total.  The Giant had 4 wounds left, but the elves were defeated.

Tomb Kings Turn 6

All that was left was for the mopping up.  Windmill hit the archers and destroyed them and ran them off the table.  The Liche Priestess' moved toward the remains of the chariot and scooped up the belongings of their king.  His body would be in his sarcophagi... and he would be ready for another battle in the future.  For now, the elves were driven out of their lands with ease.


Tomb Kings - 2,299 pts

High Elves - 864 pts

Post Game

Wow.  Windmill kicked ass again.  I was starting to really like him.  Two units of cav AND a unit of archers taken out easily.  My archers also did well, but T3 elves with no armor die easily period.  Against dwarves, or chaos, or orcs... T4 with decent armor will laugh at my arrows.

The sword masters made The Rock their bitch, bending them over and crushing him pretty easily.  It was amazing how the chariots came crashing in and bounced off of them.  Sword masters have now earned my ire....

With this victory I look to Week 3 and Jesse's empire army....