LWGA Battle Report

Chris Nye's Khornite Chaos & Dave Helm's Dark Elves


Jesse Copeland & Barry Boggs' Empire

Campaign Turn 2

The wrath of the Chaos General                                    The confused power of the newly acquired elves

2000 Chaos Roster

Lord Rateleski, Cheese Lord of Khorne riding barded steed and shield with the Axe of Khorne and the Crown of Conquest - 352 points

Larath, Champion of Khorne level 2 hero with large mutation (+1S), great weapon, and mark of khorne - 139 pts

7 Teeth of Khorne, chosen khorne knights with war banner and level 2 upgrade resolute (re-roll failed leadership checks) - 435 pts

20 Chaos Warriors (The Oppressors) - Full command unit and shields - 330 pts

3 units of 5 hounds - 90 pts total

22 Marauders of Clan Rules Mongrel - wearing light armor and shield with full command - 175 pts

1 Chariot (the Heretic) - 120 pts

9 Furies - 135 pts

4 of Larath's Trolls - 220 pts

2000 Point Dark Elf Roster (guestimate)

Sorceress Lord with Black Amulet and power stone, Book to give extra spell,  Level 4

Sorceress Level 2

War Veteran Hydra (rolled BloodThirsty)

Beast Master riding Manticore

2 units of 10 repeating crossbows, sorceress hiding in one

1 unit of 20 spearmen with full command (sorceress lord hiding there)

2 Reaper Bolt throwers

1 unit 20 witch elves with command and Hag with Man Bane (wound on 3s)

Barry and Captain Ass Kicker                                 Jesse "The Just" and his horde

Blood Angel Spearmen

Guestimate Empire Force

Captain "Ass Kicker" Arshlager with 30+ spearmen with Griffon Banner held by Captain Steele, the battle standard

Captain Jesse "The Just" with 20+ halberds

25 Blood Angel Spearmen

1 unit of inner circle White Wolves

2 units of normal knights

3 cannons

2 mortars

2 hellblasters

1 unit of 25 flaggelents

1 unit of 20 pikemen

3 units of archers, 2 of which were huntsmen

40 hand gunners

20 crossbows

2 level 1 wizards, one of heavens and one of fire (Rudolf "Flame Master") with dispel scroll and Van Horstmans

Several small units of detachment halberds and militia

Pre-Game with Chaos

Going into this game, I knew things were going to be interesting.  For one I was teaming up with Dave, who is a brand new fantasy player who has not yet learned how to bring his "A" game.  On top of that he is collecting the Dark Elves, which according to the all mighty Internet as well as most gamers around here, they are the weakest list put out to date.  Do I believe that?  Well I believe they are more challenging but I think the rewards for playing a dark elf army are double when you do pull something off that you could be called tactically brilliant if you do well with them. 

We were going against what I thought was going to be a very very shooty empire army.  4000 points of empire = a lot of cannons, hellblasters, and steam tanks.  I know that they are going to ignore the dark elves and concentrate on my chaos horde, in particular the Teeth of Khorne.  Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne are not something you want to ignore.

So to handle this Dave and I brought some other nice things like the hydra and manticore to give Jesse and Captain Ass Kicker something else to think about.  If you ignore a very angry war hydra or manticore, they can be very deadly as well.  Not to mention the fact that they cause terror which is not something the empire likes to deal with in great doses. 

Hopefully the gods of chaos hear my prayer because we can't afford to lose this battle.  We're already on the shores, our invasion has faltered and we need this push!

Pre-Game with the Dark Elves

Oh yes, the mighty Druchii have been growing low on human slaves. Under the command of Mother Malekith our tactics were pretty simple. Try to use terror through the use of a Veteran War Hydra and a Manticore. The Hydra was risky with the rolled up feature of Bloodthirstiness. Keep it away from me. The Hydra did pretty well with its terror use and the Manticore was average. These two items worked pretty well the mighty Chaos riding in with them.

            The two twenty elf units of crossbowmen were there to provide support to the raging Chaos troops to try and thin the empire before they was there. Along with the High sorceress and the level two sorceress. The reaper cross bolts were serving the same purpose.

            The unit of Witch elves and the Spearmen was being used for hard hit attacks. The witch elves were out charged and slaughter but the spearmen performed bravely with the team effort of The Chaos Knights and warriors.

Pre-Game with Captain Ass Kicker

This game had been hyped up for, what seemed like quite awhile. Both Jesse and I were looking forward to what we thought would be an enjoyable and epic clash between the forces of the empire, the common man, and the forces of cheesy elitist evil, Chaos and Dark Elves. We had high hopes and figured even if we didn’t win we would at least give as good as we got. We chose lots of core troops backed up with some small knight units, flagellants and plenty of artillery to deal with the heavily armored killing machines we knew we would face. The plan was to weaken their units enough with shooting that our hand to hand units could beat them in combat resolution. I must say I was honored, touched even, that our opponents had respected us enough to bring so many kick ass units. The usual unit of chaos warriors, furies, and marauders were joined by a chaos chariot, a unit of Trolls, and the standard Chees-os version of the Steam Tank, a unit of chosen Chaos Cavalry with Chaos lord. I watched an entire unit of inner circle white wolves, complete with captain, charge this unit only to be annihilated, and I watched countless times as 3 surviving horsemen survived artillery fire to chop down entire Empire infantry blocks single handed. This was going to be fun. The Dark Elves had brought a bolt thrower, spearmen, witches, and a level 4 Sorceress. They also brought a hydra and a manticore. Damn, those Dark Elves sure know about hauling lots of huge Terror causing monsters around on the Black Arks, they probably could have taught Noah a thing or two! Yes after viewing their army I knew they had truly respected us by bringing their ‘A’ game. I still wasn’t too worried since we had a pretty good idea of what we were going to face and we were not far off. Then came the rolls for sub plots and weather. First the roll for sub plot: bait. When I found out it would give the evil side a free turn( free march move towards us), I knew it was going to be a bad day. I already knew what the weather roll was going to be before it was rolled. I was still sickened from the subplot roll so I let Jesse have the “honor” of rolling an unsurprising ‘thunderstorms’ result on the weather table giving us a –2 to shooting and our artillery would only work on a 4 or better. Well we both knew that we were pretty much sunk at that point. The only thing left to do was to go down fighting to preserve our honor. I could feel the rage building in Captain Asskickers little plastic heart at being betrayed by the incompetent nobles in charge and by the gods for the lousy weather. Only one thing to do, take out his righteous rage by kicking some ass . . .


Set up

It is hard to take pictures of 4000 points on an 8 foot by 4 foot table.  However, Jesse and Barry brought a LOT of troops.  In fact they brought mostly core troops.  Jesse and Barry won who would pick sides of the table, who would place units first, and who would go first.  My god it was looking bad.  They had over 300 models to our 130 or so. 

But the gods of chaos are fickle.  And they were very angry indeed.  Barry rolled his team's sub plot and it turns out that Sir Loin of Bief had some orders for them to bait the chaos army!  This meant that the chaos and dark elves would get a free turn before the game even began!  Looking at the picture below, you can see that Captain Ass Kicker was not pleased with this.  Then to top it off, Jesse rolled an 11 on the weather chart!!!  We were playing in a down pour!  This meant that all missile troops were at -2 to hit, and machines had to roll a 4+ to even be able to fire.  It also meant flyers could not fly... so my furies and the manticore were grounded.  I'll take that trade off anyday!

Captain Ass Kicker is annoyed at the fact that Cheese-Os and the Dark Elves got a free turn, as well as the down pour that was going to hurt the very shooty empire.

Looking at the terrain above, the river was swollen from the rain and was impassable except at the bridge.  That was bad as it hurt our deployment.  My furies were out of the game so they were deployed in the corner to hold the table.  I put two units of dogs by the bridge as well as my chariot behind them.  Next to the river were hounds and the Teeth.  Beside them, crossbowmen and witch elves.  Next to them were chaos warriors and trolls.  Near the hill were more crossbow men and the RBT and the Vet Hydra was on the far corner as we rolled Blood Thirsty which meant it would happily charge us as well as the enemy.  Not wanting to get ripped a new ass by our own hydra, we felt it best to hold the flank with it's terror.

The manticore was in the middle and you can see the other reaper behind the bridge by the chariot.

The field was relatively open to fire.  Luckily our subplot was a congested battle field and Dave rolled up a 6 which meant 3 pieces of forest EXTRA.  As we had none, the extra forests would provide some cover.  Jesse "The Just's" archers can be seen in the picture in the woods.  A long line of empire troops were set up, covering edge to edge.  Due to the free turn, the empire men deployed a bit near their table edge.  Jesse "The Just" and Captain Ass Kicker were in the center of their lines with their infantry. 

The left flank (closest to you in the picture) was stacked with pikemen, flaggelents, and 2 units of cavalry to off-set the chaos knights.  Jesse deployed the pikes a bit out of position I thought but we will see.  I knew enough to avoid the flaggelents at all costs because a unit of knights did no good hacking up flaggelents.


Captain Ass Kicker surveyed the future battle field with a look of glee in his eyes.  It was the perfect death trap for the foul forces of Chaos that were certainly on their way.  Scouts had reported sightings of mutated dogs and foul leathery winged demons in the trees nearby.  In the distance, the pounding of the surf could be heard.  Captain Ass Kicker was proud to be standing there at that moment, and he knew that his name would be passed into legend after he was done beating the holy hell out of the chaos army moving in.

Jesse "The Just" walked up next to him, his plate mail clanking with his movements.  Captain Ass Kicker could barely hide his contempt for the man.  He saw the "Just" as an usurper of his authority.  But he knew that he must cooperate with the man, for the sake of the Republic. 

"Arshlager, papers just came in on horse.  Signed by a senator.  They look like battle orders."  Jesse said, holding out a rolled scroll sealed with a red ribbon.  Ass Kicker's face pursed up in contempt at the other knight. 

"Battle orders?  Who the hell does the senate think they are ordering me around?  God damnit I'm Captain Ass Kicker for Sigmar's sake!  I've already got my battle orders.  We have our artillery setting up on that hill over there..." Ass Kicker said, motioning towards a hill to his left, "... and over there."  He said again motioning to his right. 

"It is very simple.  I say 'shoot', and the cannons and the mortars and the guns of the engineering guild go off and wipe the stain of chaos clean away.  It is almost sad that they have to die so easily.  I might get a sense of satisfaction."  Jesse "The Just" was opening the orders and reading over them as Captain Ass Kicker talked to himself. 

"When we see those damn knights running at us, make sure those holier than thou preachers are out front.  You know how they like to die, well they'll get a good chance, and we'll get some more time to send cannon balls up their ass."

Jesse "The Just" had just finished reading the orders, and his face was that of one who was not a happy person.  It was as if he had just read his own funeral arrangements.  Captain Ass Kicker turned and saw Jesse's face and snatched the orders out of his hand and began to read.

Captain Ass Kicker's face began to crease in anger as he sarcastically muttered "awesome".  The orders stated that his men were to "bait" the enemy for a massive counter assault which was due soon, led by none other than the pompous ass Sir Loin of Bief.  Why the hell should he get all the glory?  And why the hell should Captain Ass Kicker have to risk his life for this crazy plan?

"God damnit!!!"  Captain Ass Kicker yelled at the sky.  Thunder rolled across the area in response.  Looking up, Captain Ass Kicker noticed the black clouds descending from the sea to the north.  "You have got to be kidding me."  Captain Ass Kicker said as fat drops of rain began dropping to the ground.  Looking around, he noticed his artillery crew start to try and cover up the black powder, but it was too late.  With a groan, the rain began falling in heavy sheets and flashes of lightning heralded the storm which had swept in from the north.  All of those lovely cannons, and wet powder was the only thing they could try and use to fire them off.

The wind was awful and blew right in the face of Captain Ass Kicker's men.  Through the driving rain that had just hit, Captain Ass Kicker and the republic guard watched as shapes emerged from over the ridge.  Squat warriors dressed in black armor marched in perfect unison, huge implements of war clutched in their hands.  Shields bearing the icons of chaos dripped rain.  Heavy cavalry trotted next to them, escorted by mutated dogs and large demons with wings.  A huge figure dressed in black chaos armor wielded a huge sword in his right hand, adorned with many spikes and bearing the brass mark of the northman's god of war, Khorne. 

Other figures marched with the warriors as well.  Lithe shapes.  Elves.  Only these weren't the tree hugging hippy elves that were supposedly helping the cause, these were their murderous ilk.  A loud roar bellowed over the thunder, and Captain Ass Kicker noticed the manticore walking behind the lines.  Not only was there a manticore, but flashes of fire illuminated a hydra as well!

"Oh my god that is so cheesy."  Jesse "The Just" muttered.  Captain Ass Kicker nodded. 

"It's tactical genius.  I'm glad to see they brought their "A" game, otherwise I'd feel dishonored."  The Ass Kicker said, with a hint of sarcasm. 

"Should I just order the retreat now and we can go home?"  Jesse asked.  Captain Ass Kicker could hardly believe that the question came out so blatantly.

"You fool we cannot just go home!  We have orders!  As retarded as they may seem we must still win at all costs!  Now get your men ready.  We have some monsters to kill.  I hope your pikemen are ready, I don't know how much firepower we are going to be able to rely on with this rain." 

Water fell from the black chaos armor in small rivers.  It's wearer was massive.  Lord Rateleski stood almost seven feet tall and had arms the size of most soldier's thighs.  He wielded the sword of Khorne as easily as if it were nothing more than a normal sword.  However, this sword was twice as long as it's "normal" brethren and weighed nearly three times as much.  Small tendrels of crimson energy cackled up and down the blade as water steamed off of it's surface.

Atop the man's head was a crown made of brass.  The emblem of khorne was burnt into all sides of the crown, and it was blessed by the mighty war god himself.  This crown marked the conquest of Turmish and shielded it's wearer in energy that allowed almost any wound to heal itself miraculously. 

The chaos lord looked up from his steed as his lieutenant approached.  At ten feet tall, Larath was also a champion of the mighty war god.  However, for failure in defending against the weak republic troops, Khorne had stretched the man to his bones.  The transition was painful, and Larath would never forget his besmirching.  Next to him, four large and lethal trolls stumbled.  They were more interested in picking their nose at the moment, but Rateleski had no doubt that once blood had been spilled they would get the idea. 

"Have you had the false orders delivered?"  Rateleski asked in a low, booming voice.

"Yes lord.  The humans will think that reinforcements are on their way.  With the pouring rain we will be able to move forward without worrying about their artillery."  Larath stated. 

"Yes.  Send the troops forward.  Tonight we dine on the flesh of our enemy."  The chaos lord said, and the lines began to form up in preparation.

Up above, a bolt of lightning flashed.  The chaos gods were so fickle.

Free Chaos/Dark Elf Turn

Larath moves his trolls up.  Behind him are the Oppressors, and to their left dark elf spearmen and marauders from Clan Rules Mongrel.  A manticore makes his way up in the far left corner and the bases of the Teeth can be seen shielded by chaos hound bases. 

I won't lie.  That free move really helped chaos and the dark elves.  The extra move would put us in charge range a lot sooner, and therefore we would take less shots.  That and the rain doubled our durability versus shooting.  Sheer tactical genius on our part to influence Jesse rolling an 11 for the thunderstorm. 

We rolled up our spells.  Jesse's Rudolf "Flame Master" had a fireball.  Jesse's Heavens wizard had the 2nd Sign of Imul.  They would be up against some serious dispel dice though, so I wasn't sweating their magic.  Dave had the book that allowed his sorceress lord to have 5 spells and he had all spells but Soul Stealer.  The 2nd level sorceress had Soul Stealer and the Black Horror, a very evil spell. 

The torrential rain meant that our flyers could not fly.  The furies were going to hold a table quarter and not bother doing anything else.  The entire army moved forward, much to Captain Ass Kicker's chagrin.  Elves are quick with their movement of 5", and we had nearly halved the distance between us.  Of course, those archers on the left flank had to be watched as well as the dual cav units on our left (to match up with my one unit of chosen knights).  There was also the unit of Inner Circle White Wolves on the right flank, but hopefully the hydra would handle that.

I was even surprised when the trolls made their stupid check on an 8 (being led by a character with an 8).  The RBT on the right and the repeating crossbowmen made their way into the wooded hill and prepared to fire next turn.

The magic phase saw the sorceress lord blast a unit of gunners in the center of the board (protecting captain Ass Kicker) with chill wind, killing one of the gunners and preventing that unit from being able to shoot.  The black horror was dispelled, and Doom Bolt hit another gunner.  Dave had inflicted 3 S5 hits, but had rolled 2 ones.  Two of ten gunners was not enough for a panic check but they couldn't shoot on their turn which was worth something.

The RBT on the left flank by the flooded river opened up on the Blood Angel spearmen down range, but the rain made it all but impossible (normally elves need 3 to hit, -1 for long range, and -2 for the rain making it 6s to hit) but one spearmen took a barbed hook to the chest and he died horribly.

Empire Turn 1

The angry hydra watches as Captain Ass Kicker's men move forward.  Two units of 10 halberdiers and a unit of 7 Inner Circle White Wolves prepare to hold the flank as huntsmen in the woods fire their arrows at the huge fire belching creature.

The chaos lord rides in front of a dark elf sorceress as flaggelents and knights move forward on the left.  This was taken on the left-mid side of the board.  Up above, the grey plastic minions manning the hellblaster prepared to open fire...

On the left flank, a unit of knights charged my hounds.  Knowing that this would have destroyed the hounds AND the over run would have moved them into my next set of hounds, or even my chariot if Jesse aligned his guys right, I chose to flee the hounds to make the knights fail their charge. 

The flaggelents moved up with the knights, marching 8" and putting themselves an inch in front of the knights.  I knew better then to try and crack 25 flaggelents.  Ignore them we must. 

On the right flank (pictured above) knights moved forward with a unit of halbediers.  They were an expensive set of knights, being inner circle and led by a captain of the order.  The hydra knew it wanted to chew on their sweet meat underneath that nasty plate armor... and soon it would get it's chance.

In the magic phase, I was not concerned a bit.  We had 8 dispel dice to their 4 power dice, nothing could possibly go wrong.  Rudolf "Flame Master" hurled a fireball at my precious inner circle knights.  Dave promptly rolled a double one on the dispel, and the fireball exploded amidst my general, inflicting 3 wounds, 2 of which failed their armor save on a double 1!!  As the smoking corpses hit the ground, I knew why I hated wizards so much. 

The second sign of Imul was dispelled and it was onto my favorite phase of all, the shooting phase.

Luckily the rain was with us.  One mortar and two of the cannons were wet from the rain and could not fire this turn.  The mortar on our far right opened up, and Barry is always dead on with his guesses.  The flaming projectile was aiming for Clan Rules Mongrel but overshot and exploded amidst the trolls and dark elf spearmen.  One of the spearmen was flung up in the air, a twisted corpse.  One of the trolls took some shrapnel in the ass but it was not even phased by the blast.

The cannon on the far left hill opened fire with an explosive boom, and the ball sailed right over the knights head (Jesse rolled a 10, thank Khorne) and the cannon ball crashed into another spear elf. 

Next were the cursed hellblasters.  The hellblaster on the right side was let loose on the trolls, doing 7 hits, and a grand total of 3 wounds (all failed 5+ armor saves).  One of the trolls went down hard into the mud, dead for now.  To anger Barry, one of the wounds regenerated, and the creature stood back up (to a hearty "God Damn it" by Captain Ass Kicker)

The hellblaster on the right opened up on my knights.  I winced.  I have lost many knights in the past to this damn contraption.  Barry, however, has had awful luck with them lately.  Maybe luck was on my side?  The first barrel did 1 hit, and the second barrel had some mud jammed in it which caused the rest of the deck to grind to a halt.  The one hit, by the way, did nothing.  (CPT Ass Kicker: God Damn it!!)

The down pour made most of the shots that the empire had pretty much ineffective.  Needing 7s to hit at long range (4s normally, -1 for long range, -2 for the down pour) pretty much insured we were going to live to the next round.  And live we did. 

Chaos / Dark Elf Turn 1

The hellblaster was jammed up pretty good and was out of commission next phase as well.  The knights were preparing to hit the Blood Angel spearmen on their next charge, and the manticore had a tempting gunner target.  Terror checks were going to be made next turn

On the right side of the board, the enraged hydra charged towards the halberd unit on the table edge.  The halberdiers failed their terror check and bolted off of the table.  The inner circle knights also failed their terror check on a 9, and ran 17" towards their table edge, which was also off of the table.  Let this be a lesson to those who fear the oppression of the empire... leadership checks are good.  Many leadership checks are better, because the empire cannot cope with them very well unless you have a very good dice roller.

The rest of our units moved up.  I moved the unit of screening hounds in front of the flaggelents to prevent them from being able to get a flank shot on my knights (see picture above).  The dark elf spearmen (right edge) with sorceress moved up into the boulders and prepared some wicked spells.  The furies stayed on the corner because they were pretty much out of it for the game due to the rain.

My hounds that had fled the knights made their rally check and rallied in front of the bridge.

In the magic phase, we were prepared to kick some major ass.  We had 8 power dice to their 4 dispel dice.  Doombolt was cast on the gunners, but Dave rolled bad and failed.  Next was chill wind on the gunners to prevent a stand and shoot response, and 3 gunners fell to the ground clutching their icy hands.  They made their panic check, but the unit could not fire next turn.

Last the Black Horror was cast on a 15 right over Captain Ass Kicker's huge spear unit.  A 5" template over spearmen is not a good thing, as the Black Horror makes the enemy roll a Strength Check, or they are taking a wound with no armor save.  Also any unit taking a casualty takes a panic check. 

Damn Jesse "The Just" was prepared and a dispel scroll took that out of commission.  That damn Rudolf "Flame Master" was going to die.

The Dark Elf shooting phase was as ineffectual as the empire due to the rain.

Empire Turn 2

Terror checks were made due to the manticore's presence (terror checks are made at the beginning of the player's turn if any terror causing creatures are in the vicinity).  Damn Captain Ass Kicker's intimidating presence, because both he and his gunners made it (though the good captain rolled an 8 and just barely made it)

The flaggelents charged my hounds, which fled.  I wasn't going to give him free 30 points, and this way the flaggelents were stranding themselves in the center of the field and safely AWAY from my knights.  The troops on the left side of the board began to move to the right.  The knightly order by the flaggelents performed a reform and faced my knights flank.  If I didn't break through these spearmen it would be a bad day.

Archer skirmishers decided to charge the sorceress lord's retinue of spearmen, bravely stepping forward as the dark elves lowered their barbed spears cruelly. 

The magic phase saw both fireball and 2nd Sign of Imul dispelled.

The fun shooting phase began.  Both mortars and 2 of the 3 cannons were able to fire.  Some well placed shots could really turn the game back in the favor of the empire.  The first mortar on the far right side of the field went off and exploded behind my chaos warriors.  The Oppressors were not pleased and made a note to see these wussy scum destroyed.

The second mortar aimed for my mauraders, but drifted a bit and the shell exploded in the midst of the archers who had charged the elves, killing 2 of their own!  (Capt Ass Kicker says "God Damn it!")

On the far right, Jesse's cannon opened up on the hydra, but again he rolled a 10 and the lethal ball sailed over the powerful creature.

On the left side, my knights were lined up like bowling pins.  He could easily destroy the entire unit with a well placed shot, and that would be about 800 points to the empire and  a serious blow to our combat effectiveness.  The cannon went off but a lucky bounce (2") saw to it that only 2 knights were hit and only 1 was actually killed!  I knew I had escaped a potentially back breaking blow.

The hellblaster was unable to shoot due to the driving rain, and the left hellblaster was finishing up cleaning the mud out of the deck so that it could fire properly again.

Three of the four gunners opened fire on my knights, but thanks to the driving rain only 4 hits of 30 were scored, and only one wound which was saved was inflicted.

The other group of 10 gunners opened up on the Reaper Bolt Thrower in the trees but they all missed.

The Cross Bow unit on the right opened up on the trolls, but some bad dice rolling was had and the trolls were not wounded by a single bolt.  (Captain Ass Kicker says: "God Damn It!")

In the center of the battle field, the sorceress lord and her retinue killed 5 of the offending archers and drove them off.  The sorceress wisely held her elves in place in the rocks because Captain Ass Kicker was coming.

Chaos / Dark Elf Turn 2

It was time to charge.  My knights went into the blood angel spearmen, hitting both detachment and parent unit to prevent a counter charge into my flank.  (There was no rules lawyering wheeling going on here, I had positioned my unit so that a straight line charge would hit both units and thus prevent one of the bonuses to having a detachment in the first place)

The manticore charged into the freezing gunners, and my unit of hounds that had rallied on the bridge last turn hit the archer skirmishers.  If I could drive them off, I could hit the knights in the flank and tie them up a turn hopefully, securing my knights flank and causing 76.5% more casualties.  It's all in the numbers.

The hydra continued to move up and menace the right flank of the empire, but it was pretty empty without the knights.  Yes I was basking in my tactical brilliance. 

The magic phase came, and Dave knew he had to do some damage to Ass Kicker's unit before they charged.  Doom Bolt and the Black Horror were both failed.  (Needing a 5 for the Doom Bolt, Dave rolled a 4)  Our magic phase was sure going pretty bad.  Especially considering that Barry & Jesse only had 4 dispel dice.  I wasn't going to take much more of this crap.  Someone had to die.

Luckily Dave was able to get chillwind off on the hellblaster nearest my knights and 1 wound hit the crewmen, killing him and preventing that damnable machine from firing next turn. 

Our shooting phase was better.  Dave fired one Reaper at a unit of skirmishing archers and killed one on our right flank.  Barry was getting froggy with his halbedier units and they were moving forward on our hill position on the right.  Four of the halberds were slain, and the hydra's flaming breath killed two more, causing the halberds to flee in panic. 

In combat, the dogs were able to kill three archers and break them, pursuing them right into the flanks of the knights preparing to charge my knights!  That brilliant plan had worked, now if only my dogs could stick around!

The manticore and beast master killed 5 gunners (all of them) and over ran forward into Jesse The Just's unit.  Soon the empire generals would be crushed...

My insane knights prepared to kill the Blood Angel spearmen.  Jesse had a big smile on his face as he challenged me with his wizard.  Listen to this at home, if an empire player challenges your super frenzied chaos unit with a wizard, this means that he has Van Horstman's Speculum, which switches your stat lines around.  I accepted with my unit champion, Jesse's face fell a bit, and the combat proceeded.  (Right like I'm going to just throw my 300 point chaos lord into combat, have his stats switched, and have him bitch slapped by a cowardly wizard?  Homey don't play that)

Sure enough Jesse informed me my champions S, T, I, and A were switched.  I gave up S5, T4, I5, A4 for S3, T3, I3, A1.  Oh well I hope my armor can hold up.  Luckily neither one of us were able to do anything to each other.  That damn Rudolf "Flame Strike" was reallly making me mad. 

At this time I had 4 knights left in my unit.  One was tied up with Rudolf "Flame Strike".  This left 3 knights plus my lord.  Being chosen, and having the mark of Khorne each knight had 3 S5 attacks.  So I had 4 horse attacks at S4, 12 Knight attacks at S5 and then 6 attacks from my lord.  I feel it is well worth the extra 84 points I spent to make them chosen for the 1+ armor save and extra attack.  Anyway, out of all these attacks, the entire 10 man militia detachment was destroyed, and 2 spearmen were killed.  Bodies were flying everywhere, limbs smacking into comrades, blood squirting everywhere... definite homage to the Blood God.  And boy did they haul ass off the table.  The gunner detachment next to them also fled in panic.  Jesse "The Just" got to say hello to my little friends as we over ran into him.

Empire Turn 3

Jesse "The Just" and Captain Ass Kicker are having a lot of fun in this picture.  Their center was just destroyed, their wizards run off, and the game was not even half way over. 

Brave skirmishers and halberds prepare to charge the hill where the crossbowmen and Reaper perch.  To the right, the dreaded "Cheese-Ra" prepares to breathe fire.

Terror must be tested for at the beginning of the phase, and Jesse "The Just" could not hold his men to stay near the manticore.  They fled off of the table, along with the heavens wizard who was also terrified.  This put a gaping hole in the center of their line, with only Captain "Ass Kicker" left.  However, my knights were ONCE AGAIN lined up like bowling pins between not one, but TWO cannons.  Look at the picture above you can see the grey cannon the hill.  There is another cannon on a hill on the left, same vertical positioning.  They can both draw a line through the entire unit.  It was far from over, because if the khornite unit fell, the dark elves did not have enough to combat the shooting and hand to hand units still running around, and my troll-kin would be hard pressed to make up the difference. 

On the left side, Barry moved his second unit of knights up to threaten my chariot which had been chilling out on the bridge the entire game waiting for a good chance to strike.  Captain Ass Kicker moved forward to challenge the sorceress bitch who had angered him.

On the right flank, the skirmishers who were left charged up the hill at the Reaper.

The shooting phase came, and one mortar and one cannon could not shoot (the cannon on the right side of the hill).  The right mortar opened fire onto my chaos warriors, hitting a direct shot on top of the chaos warriors and blowing 6 of them to hell (15 were hit, only 6 were wounded, and I failed all of the 5+ saves I needed to make)

The cannons decided to ignore my chaos knights right now.  Thank Khorne.  One fired at the hydra and hit dead on, but Jesse rolled a 1, and the hydra picked it's leg up and the ball rolled underneath him.  It did smash one of the handlers, however. 

The other cannon fired at my chariot, but over shot the mark with another 10. 

Both hellblasters still cannot fire due to the rain. 

The gunners on the right flank standing in the mire opened fire on the hydra (dubbed the "Cheese-Ra" by Captain Ass Kicker) and a wound was scored on the beast. 

The crossbows opened up on the trolls, but no hits were scored.

In combat my dogs drug down a knight, but the other knight was able to wound a dog.  Due to CR, the dogs broke and headed back to the bridge.  Damn it, I had hoped they could hold for a turn to keep those knights occupied.  Oh well it was our turn next anyway.

The Reaper and the skirmishers held a draw, and everyone was happy.

Chaos / Dark Elf Turn 3

The Oppressors march forward and prepare to tangle with Captain Ass Kicker's spearmen

It was almost over except for the shouting.  I had to maneuver around to hit Captain Ass Kicker and things would be just about finished.  The Hydra charged what was left of the halbediers, who decided to stand and fight.  The crossbow men on the hill charged the skirmishers, who failed their panic check and fled off of the hill.

The Trolls attacked Ass Kicker's detachment, but they fled.  The Trolls attempted to redirect their charge into the Hellblaster, who also fled.  But damn my trolls had not failed a stupidity check yet!

My knights wheeled around and were prepared to hit Ass Kicker in the rear of his unit.

The magic phase was once again very dismal.  Dave rolled a miscast on the Black Horror, but luckily the sorceress lord was the only one who could not cast for the rest of the turn.  The other sorceress tried the same spell on Jesse's knights which were trying in vain to get to mine, but failed to roll the needed numbers.

So Captain Ass Kicker had managed to stay alive.  Dave's repeating crossbows fired into the Ass Kicker's unit, but the rain hurt our shooting and only 4 hits were scored, with 1 wound.  A single spearmen dropped to the ground. 

Combat saw the hydra rip up 4 halberdiers in it's massive jaws, and the lone beastmaster's whip wrapped around the last halberdiers neck, snapping it and killing the man.  The hydra roared a great bellow as it turned to find something else to destroy.

Empire Turn 4

Ass Kicker was getting his revenge.  The Witch Elves on our left flank were exposed, and his knights charged in, right in front of my chariot!  If they could but hold my chariot would finally come off the bridge and kick some ass!  Then I saw that the flaggelents actually were able to get a flank charge in on the witch elves as well.  Bye bye witch elves.  Dave looked at me and said "I hope these things are as bad ass as you said they were."  I looked at him and replied "Witch elves are bad ass, when they are not being charged by knights and flaggelents.  They are dead meat."  Hopefully they could hold.  I looked behind the elves, and noticed that one of my units of dogs was behind the elves, meaning that even if they broke, my hounds would take it and my chariot could still charge.  An evil grin appeared, after all the elves were disposable cannon fodder.  Only chaos mattered.

Captain Ass Kicker charged over the boulders at the sorceress lord, and Jesse "The Just's" knights charged into the manticore. 

On the right, a unit of 10 crossbows charged my trolls as well as a unit of 10 spearmen on the flank.  Both made their fear checks.

The right mortar's crewmen fled in panic as the fleeing halberdiers that the trolls charged ran by them.  According to plan, they fled right off the table.  This is what happens when you set up so close to the table edge.  The halberds, happy that they scared a unit of theirs off, rallied.  The three remaining archers that the dark elves had driven back also rallied in front of my knights, blocking me from Captain Ass Kicker's unit.  They would have to die.

There was no mortar fire this turn as the other mortar was wet.  However all three cannons were able to fire, and my guys were lined up like pins still, waiting.  (they had to wheel around to get into position, putting me in an akward position but I had to hope that the rain would save me)

The first cannon on the right attempted to shoot the hydra, but again Jesse's artillery dice failed him and it over shot.

The second cannon on the hill prepared to kill my knights.  Perfect line up.  Perfect range.  I was sweating.  The fuse went down, and the cannon exploded from a misfire.  I was not out of the woods yet though.  The second cannon fired.  The ball flew true.  It landed 2 inches in front of my knights.  Any decent bounce would kill the entire unit.  Jesse rolled a 4, killing two of my knights and leaving me with just 3 left.  Boy have we had some good luck.

The hellblaster that remained was not able to fire due to the rain.  The gunners attempted to pick off the marauders but were unable to hit.  The remaining 10 gunners fired at the hydra and inflicted another wound on the monster, taking it down 2 total and leaving it with 4. 

Combat saw the trolls and Larath beat down 9 crossbows, leaving one standing.  The combat result saw that both crossbow man and spear unit on the flank would need snake eyes to stay (we have a house rule that snake eyes always succeeds).  And damn wouldn't you know, Barry rolled two sets of Snake-Eyes.  My trolls were still engaged, and would not be able to hit Ass Kicker's flank.  Luckily the Oppressors were preparing for that, if only the dark elves could hold!

The knights came in and they were unable to wound the manticore, which was unable to wound a knight in return.  However, the rank and standard were enough to see that the manticore fled off the table.  Ouch that took a toll.

The knights that charged into the witch elves were able to slay 2 of the bitches, and the horses slay a further 2.  Blood covered the insane women as their members were butchered.  The flaggelents knocked down another with a well placed flail strike.  This left the hag to strike back with 4 attacks, all of which did nothing, and 6 attacks against the flaggelents, all of which failed.  The witches were defeated, and they fled, scattered as Captain Ass Kicker's knights ran them down and into the hounds, right in front of my chariot.

Captain Ass Kicker's regiment hit the sorceress lord's spearmen hard.  Ass Kicker challenged the Sorceress, who accepted.  Ass Kicker showed his training well, failing to hit once.  His spearmen were also ineffective.   Captain Steele took one of the dark elves heads off but that was all the damage inflicted.

The dark elves attacked back with 10 attacks, slaying 2 of Ass Kicker's men.  This is where Barry declared the Griffon Banner existed, and where once the Dark Elves had won, the doubled ranks of the spearmen pushed victory to Ass Kicker.  Needing a 5 to stay, the sorceress rolled a 5.  Barry knew it was curtains, he was about to get charged in the flank by chaos warriors and in the rear by a frenzied chaos lord.  It was a valiant effort though.

Chaos / Dark Elf Turn 4

Captain Ass Kicker's spearmen engaged with Dark Elf spearmen in the front, Chaos Warriors in the right flank (terrain made it so we kept them off to the side) and 3 frenzied chaos knights with lord in the rear.  Behind, the halberds that caused the mortar to flee stood watching their captain's demise.

My knights charged into the archers blocking Ass Kicker.  They fled and my knights slammed into Ass Kicker's unit from behind.  My warriors also charged into the flank.  Ass Kicker proceeded to make 2 panic checks.  He declared a challenge, but my lord could not accept as he was not in base contact with the front rank and had to settle with slaying spearmen.

My chariot on the left slammed into the knights who had beat down the witch elves and my mauraders hit the flaggelent's flank to hold up that massive road block unit.

The magic phase saw Dave finally show what Dark Magic was capable of doing.  His 2nd level sorceress cast the Black Horror on Jesse's pikemen who were moving in to flank my mauraders who had charged the flaggelents.

The horror went off, and 9 pikemen of 20 were drug to their death.  The sorceress then cast soul drain and killed 4 more.  7 remained, but they made their panic check.  Barry, who had been trying to argue the rear charge to Ass Kicker, looked up from the rule book and asked "Jesse what the hell happened to those pikemen?"

The shooting phase saw three gunners in the right flank die to a Reaper and crossbows, making them flee off the table as they failed a panic check.

Combat saw the chariot crash into the knights, doing a whole 3 impact hits and killing a grand total of two knights after all attacks were done.

The knights attacked the dogs, hoping for easy kills to boost CR.  They killed two of the dogs, and one of the dogs dragged one of the knights out of his saddle!  The knights lost combat, and fled, fleeing 17".  It was far away from the chariot, but the broken knights were another blow to the empire.

The flaggelents and marauders were unable to cause a single casualty to each other.

The Trolls, held up by the damn crossbowman and spears who both rolled snake eyes, proceeded to beat down what was left of the unit, driving the remnants of the spear unit off of their flank and holding their position. 

In the center of the field, the frenzied knights killed 5 spearmen, the chaos lord killed 5 spearmen, and the warriors killed 4 more of the spearmen for a total of 14 deaths.  Ass Kicker hit the sorceress, but the black amulet failed to go off.  The elves killed two more spearmen, and the lone spear champion attacked the sorceress, doing one more wound to her and taking her to one left.

The massive deaths were too much for Ass Kicker's unit to take, and they fled in fear.  The forces of chaos drove them into the ground and the fate of the imperial army was sealed.

It was at this point that Barry and Jesse conceded.  Looking at the battle, all of the rolls we needed we got.  They rolled a horrible sub plot for that mission, and rolled horrible weather.  Had they have gotten the free turn it could have easily gone the other way. 

With this victory, chaos is able to finally secure the beach head and begin their path east to the capital.  Winter is fast closing, so if anything is going to be done it needs to be done fast.

Post Game with Captain Ass Kicker 

Well we fought hard, but the end was inevitable. With our shooting neutralized and the evil side getting a free move we were fighting an uphill battle. Some of our units fought admirably and inflicted some damage. Wiping out the witch elves was a boost and I made some lucky break rolls, especially against the trolls. However our shooting was generally demoralizing because of the rain. Jesse was unlucky on the artillery dice with some of his cannon shots that could have really turned things around for us, but that is Empire artillery for you, when it works its great, when it doesn’t it, it doesn’t.  My white wolves not only failing their terror check against the hydra but running 17 inches right off the board in one move pretty much demolished our left flank. Captain Asskicker at least wounded the Dark Elf she bitch but failed to kill her, besmirching his honor and making