LWGA Battle Report

Melissa Nye's High Elves


Jesse Copeland's Empire

Pre Game

Notes from the Empire of Man

The forces of the mighty empire have sent the powerful 1st Army to deal with the tiny pointy ears!  With the expansion of our empire, work forces have been sent to our borders to collect lumber and materials for cities, homes, and forts.  Soon workers were coming back of news about the forest moving and creatures spying on htem.  Then the tiny freaks of nature began to attack and kill our helpless work parties.  Upon hearing this horrendous news, the mighty Count Maximus Payne sent the 1st Army (The Iron Fists of Sigmar) to deal with our once great allies.  Count Payne will lead the army himself.  The tiny scum will need to be run down because no army has ever defeated the Iron Fist.  Sigmar Bless us, protect us, and give us strength to crush your enemies and glorify your name in battle.

My main tactic in this battle is to take the attack to her and win with numbers.  I have a feeling she will attack me, thinking I will sit back and shoot.  I believe that my numbers will wear her out and carry the day in the end.

Two units of knights (one inner circle) will be taken for hard punch and speed.  Knowing that elves have much more speed then I do, they should do well after locking horns in combat.

The Knights of Righteous Fury are 10 Inner Circle knights with the War banner and full upgrades.  The second unit of knights to support the main group, the Knights of the Crimson Steel, are six normal knights with a champion upgrade.  This group should be able to take a flank or rule the center of the field.

Next is a unit of 20 Flaggelents with a Prophet of Doom.  These guys can last the whole battle and tie up most units and if they get the charge they will break a lot of units.

Now the ground forces, for it's not an army without footmen!  Twenty greatswords with full upgrades will be taken (The Bringers of Payne), led by Count Max Payne himself.  With a detachment of eight free company, this unit will hold my center line.  To anchor the flank will be a unit of twenty spearmen with full upgrades, and two detachments... a unit of five gunners and nine halberdiers.  To round out my force, I took a mortar, eleven gunners, eleven crossbowmen, and ten archers to harrass her and stop her march.

I also took a level 2 wizard with a dispel scroll, and a captain on a pegasus with a halberd and meteroic armor (1+ save).  I gave my elector count the enchanted shield and the sword of justice.

Sigmar's will be done...

The High Elf force chosen for this battle revisits a roster taken from Week 1, when Melissa devastated the Dark Elves.  It is an army designed around getting into combat and quickly.  The prince on the griffon was taken to cause some terror, and with a 3+ re-rollable armor save combined with a 5+ ward save and a sword that denies armor saves, he was a force to be reckoned with! 

Captain Eriador held the Battle Banner once again, and as fate would have it, Intrigue At Court proved that he would be the general for this battle.  This was something that bothered me greatly, as I would much rather have a general with a leadership of 10 floating around the field instead of a 9, but you can't win em all. 

Two units of archers would be stationed out to take on any light targets, such as gunners or archers, and a unit of shadow warriors would be taken to scout ahead and slow down any of Jesse's marching troops. 

Four repeating bolt throwers were added into the mix to cripple any knightly orders coming my way as well as being the only real weapon in my army that could hurt a steam tank, should Jesse choose to take one.

Two units of Silver Helms would be my cavalry force, one of which rides with Captain Eridador.  To screen my general's unit, I have a unit of 6 reavers who will hopefully draw out some chargers and provide me some screening.

All in all, an army designed to take it to the empire....


The Heavens wizard came to battle with Urian's Thunderbolt and 2nd Sign of Imul. With no High Elf wizards to dispel, Jesse was quite pleased that he might actually get some spells off.  Note we use the magic lists from White Dwarf 264

The two armies arrived at the battle field and it looked as such:

It was a pretty wide open table.  Note we play on an 8x4 table here.

The elves had a couple patches of trees and a couple hills in their deployment zone.  The empire had a couple hills and a ruin.  The center of the field was perfect for destruction.

High Elf deployment from Left to Right -> Archers, 10 Silver Helms, two Repeaters, Prince on Griffon, Reavers in front of 10 silver helms with Captain Eriador, two repeaters on a hill with another unit of archers at the foot of the hill, and finally shadow warriors on the high elf left flank to protect from the small unit of knights and pegasus hiding out by the ruin.

Empire deployment from Left to Right -> 11 gunners on a hill with 10 Inner Circle knights in front, 11 crossbows, a mortar behind a unit of Great Swords with their detatchment, led by Count Payne, 20 flaggelents, 20 spearmen with two detachments, a unit of archers in the ruin, captain on pegasus with 6 knights on the right flank.

Melissa won the roll off to determine who would go first, and she gladly took the first turn as Jesse ducked behind the table out of the way of the four repeating bolt throwers.

"I want you to make sure this is in your report... cheesy High Elves with 4 repeater bolt throwers.... CHEESE!" - Count Maximus Payne

"Oh shut up I thought you might bring the steam tank..." ~ Wanderingblade

High Elf Turn 1

The High Elf cavalry pushed forward about five inches in a solid wall.  Everything was next to each other in terms of how far they moved, to include the prince and his griffon... which towered over the battle field.  Captain Eriador was firmly behind the unit of Reavers, barking orders at the repeaters to open fire on the insane flaggelents.  Over on the high elf left flank, the shadow warriors moved through the trees and took position, ready to fire their bows.


The shadow warriors opened fire on the six knights beside the ruin, their arrows flying true but bouncing off of the tough steel armor of the knights.  (5 hit 3 wound all save).  The archers at the foot of the hill let loose their arrows on the flaggelents, dropping 2 of the 20.  The two repeating bolt throwers on the hill fired a total of 12 wickedly barbed spears at the flaggelents but were only able to drop 3, leaving 15.  The Repeating bolt throwers on the ground fired at the flaggelents as well, and two more dropped, leaving 13 flaggelents standing. 

The ten archers on the high elf right flank opened fire at the inner circle knights, and one of the arrows managed to catch a knight in the throat and dropping him... leaving 9.

Empire Turn 1

"That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be..." ~ Count Payne

Ha!  Sigmar truly blesses us today for the elven archery is worthless!  The guys on portent were right!  Even their Repeating Bolt throwers couldn't hit us!  It must be an omen...

The archers in the ruin moved forward and took cover behind the rock walls.  The knights and captain on the right flank bolted forward, eager to claim the right flank.  The shadow warriors petty arrows were of no concern to the knights and their 1+ save, nor to the captain on pegasus. 

The center of the empire line marched forward as well, moving their full 8".  (The great swords and the flaggelents).  Count Payne made sure to angle his great swords to face the silver helms on his left flank.  As for the mighty battle standard bearer, the flaggelents could hold him up.

The inner circle knights on the left flank held their ground, waiting patiently for some of the high elves to be dropped by far superior and cheaper fire power.


The heavens wizard raised his hand and a bolt of thunder ripped through Captain Eriador's silver helms, killing 1 and leaving 9.  The explosion shook the elves a bit, as they were defenseless against the magical barrage, but stood undaunted anyway.


The mortar fired it's shells at the battle standard bearer, but the shell exploded in mid air harmlessly.  The ten archers in the ruin fired at the archers at the foot of the hill, but the fact that they moved hurt their shooting and nothing happened.

The 5 gunner detachment of the spearmen opened up on the six reavers, killing two and leaving just four.  Ah and they only cost 40 points compared to the massive cost of five archers which would run about 60 points and not be able to kill anything. 

The Crossbows and Gunners on the left flank all opened fire on the ten silver helms, combining for a total of 6 casualties and leaving just four of the silver helms standing as their comrades fell to the cheap and devastating empire missile fire. 

With their flank devastated by their more effective missile fire, and with the other flank about to be rolled, Count Payne smiled as his great swords awaited the prince on his griffon and the cavalry charge sure to come soon.

High Elf Turn 2

The High Elves, under the command of the battle standard, pushed forward a bit.  The four remaining silver helms on the right side of the board moved forward a little bit more, braving the guns for one more turn and providing the center cavalry with some fire protection by bravely giving up their bodies.

The Reavers and Silver Helms in the center pushed forward to the center of the battle field.  Prince Wanderingblade took flight and landed behind the Great Swords, hoping to capitalize on some terror check regardless of the high leadership of the center line (9 from Count Payne with the Great Swords.

The remaining units held their ground and prepared to open fire.


The shadow warriors in the trees took aim at a couple different targets (the terrain blocked half of the unit from firing at one target and so they divided their shots amongst the pegasus rider and knights).  Two shots were fired at the captain and an arrow struck the pegasus in the flank, doing a wound.  Six other shots fired out at the six knights, and two of the men fell from their horses dead (not bad for weak elven archers, 2 dead out of six shots on a 1+ save knight). 

The archers at the foot of the hill and the reavers opened fire on the flaggelents, their arrows raining down on the insane prophets of doom.  Of 14 shots only 1 flaggelent dropped dead leaving 12.

The two reapeating bolt throwers on the hill swung out and fired at the approaching inner circle knights on the elven right flank (left on the screen) but out of 12 shots, the barbed missiles met only steel and killed not a thing.  The archers on the elven right flank also fired at the knights, but their shafts also could do no damage to the knights.

Finally, the two bolt throwers on the ground opened up on the Great Swords, hitting 8 of 12 shots and killing 6, leaving 15 great swords standing.

Count Payne prepared for his turn, and hoped to get some good charges off as well as pass some terror checks...

Empire Turn 2

The crazed flagelents charged at the Reavers, who turned and fled.  The flaggelents tried to redirect into the now exposed Silver Helms (something Count Payne would have loved as the nasty battle standard commander would have been tied up for the rest of the game against the unbreakable flaggies) but were short and so their charge came to a halt about 6 inches from the Silver Helm unit.

On the right flank, the pegasus captain and knights charged into the forest and the shadow warriors.  They turned and fled.  The knights could not keep up, but the captain on pegasus had a sweet 20" charge and was able to scatter them to the four corners, securing the right flank but exposing himself to future bolt thrower fire.

The Inner Circle knights, having many elven arrows protruding from their armor, declared a charge into the weakened 4 silver helms, but were too far away and their charge failed.

The moment of truth arrived.  The terror causing griffon was amidst the empire troops, but were all within 12" of Count Payne and his leadership of 9.  The militia detachment held their ground... the crossbows on the hill held their ground, and the mortar was able to refrain from fleeing off the table.  However, Count Payne's unit could not, and the great swords fled forward toward the commander and his battle standard...


Hoping to get some more casualties, the Heavens mage thunderbolted the griffon.  The High Elves were unable to dispel and a bolt of thunder clapped down on the prince, shattering the ears of the monstrous mount and inflicting 3 wounds to the creature (leaving it with 1). 


The mortar attempted to fire their shell into the battle standard bearer, but the raging griffon in front of them caused the frightened men to raise the barrel a bit and the shell landed dead center on the flaggelents and great swords, killing 2 of the crazed prophets (leaving 10) and 1 great sword (leaving 14). 

The Crossbowmen on the hill fired their bolts at the wounded griffon, dropping the beast to the ground dead.  The prince rolled off of it, unharmed but now standing behind enemy lines by himself. 

The gunners on the hill to the left let loose on the four remaining silver helms on the left flank, and killed three of them, leaving a single Silver Helm.  The five remaining gunners detached to the spearmen near the ruin fired at the fleeing reavers but were unable to kill any.

Finally the archers in the ruin took some pot shots at the fleeing reavers, dropping 2 of the lightly armored knights and leaving 2 to flee.

A very devastating round of shooting from the empire had left the prince standing on his feet and an entire unit of silver helms decimated.  The only down side was that Count Payne was now fleeing with his expensive great swords toward the Silver Helms.... and with his men in disarray the chances of his survival were slim.

High Elves Turn 3

Looking at the diagram above you can see that the elven combat force was slowly falling apart.  This was going to be a pivotal turn as they needed to grab some points quickly.

The Silver Helms with Captain Eriador as well as the lone silver helm on the far flank charged into the fleeing Count Payne and his great swords.  Captain Eriador and his men came up short as the Great Swords fled (being the only reaction a fleeing unit can make) which put their flank right against the flaggelents.... luckily there were only 10 or so flaggelents left.

The lone silver helm, however, was able to scatter the count and his men off the table, and earned some sweet points.  The Reavers, seeing this change, turned around... though what two reavers could do except provide Jesse with free victory points was beyond me. 

The archers at the base of the hill wheeled to face their left and the oncoming pegasus and knights.  While they didn't number many, the pegasus hero and knights could easily fold up the weak missile troops on their own, and it would take some serious shooting to hit them.  There was also the inner circle knights on the other flank moving in.

Prince Wanderingblade, on foot, realized the best thing for him to do was to get out of missile fire.  Luckily for him the crossbows and gunners couldn't shoot at him as they could not move and shoot, so he moved further behind the lines and single handedly charged into the mortar crew.  His causing terror in Count Payne had been a stroke of tactical genius, but now he had to make some more points back to put this match back in the running.


The archers who had moved turned to fire on the pegasus and let loose their arrows.  Ten arrows flew and nailed the pegasus, killing it.  (Not bad for troops that supposedly suck... moving and firing is really something nice at times)  The captain jumped from the dead beast and made for behind the hill to save his butt (and deny some points)

The RBTs on the hill let loose 12 barbs at the oncoming knights (4) and killed 2 of them, leaving 2 who promptly turned and fled toward the woods.  The elves breathed a sigh of relief, they secured the flank with their support weapons.

The RBTs on the ground fired 12 shots at the oncoming inner circle knights... hitting 11 times and inflicting 8 wounds!  However, with a 3+ save the knights made 7 of the 8 and only 1 fell from his horse leaving 8 knights still alive!  The archers near the RBTs also contributed their firepower but it did nothing to the heavily armored knights.

Jesse's anger was almost legendary but the score was still very close and the inner circle knights looked like they would come in and do some damage.  Also the helms in the center were about to be hit by flaggelents so... all was not lost.


The Prince hit the mortar crew hard, slicing all three of the crewmen to ribbons before they could do anything.  The prince chose to over run a further 5" toward the rear of the table and secure a safe hiding spot for himself until next turn.

Empire Turn 3

Jesse's Grand Tournament empire army will be in Chicago

The flaggelents charged straight into the silver helm's flank, thus sealing the doom of the silver helms (seemingly) as 10 flaggelents could still hold up a unit for a while, especially when they were positioned so that only one model could fight!

The knights on the right who had faced the wrath of the elven archery continued to flee and were a slight 3" from the side of the table.  One more failed rally check and they were gone.  (Slim on a 9 as they had a musician but hey you never know)

The spearmen's halberd unit marched forward to the center of the table to lend some support to the flaggelents.  They still had a ways to go but they marched forward. 

The Inner Circle knights continued moving forward on the left and were in charge range next turn if they could get lucky again and survive a billion bolts from the bolt throwers.  The way Jesse rolls armor saves, count on it. 


The Heavens wizard cast thunderbolt again on the prince, but his ward save protected him as the thunderbolt did a paultry one strength 4 hit. 


The eleven gunners on the hill took out their vengeance on the final silver helm who had broke Count Payne by gunning him down.  That silver helm unit had finally been eradicated, but they had surprisingly made their points up by wiping out the great swords, and the general.

The five other gunners near the ruins opened up on the 2 reavers and dropped one of them, leaving a single reaver left.  The archers in the ruins finished them off with 10 arrows.  Another elven unit eradicated.


The flaggelents swung their heavy flails, 3 of them able to fight for a fat 7 attacks (one was the prophet) and they crushed two of the elven knights as they reigned their horses to try and turn and face the threat.  Even with the battle banner, the elves lost combat by one but stayed to fight.  It would be a long drawn out affair.

High Elf Turn 4

The prince turned around and charged into the detachment of militia left behind by the great swords (who had passed their terror).  There were 10 militia, and 1 prince.  It would be an interesting battle.  (note - I would have hit those crossbows instead as they have ranged attacks and the militia did not, but the crossbows were higher so the prince would have been down by 3... 1 rank, outnumber, and high ground)

The archers at the front of the hill turned to face the center of the field of battle once again.  All that remained of any combat units were the prince who was across the field on his own, and the commander and his silver helms, who were held up on the flank.  With a unit of Inner Circle Knights breathing down their neck, the elves had a desperate round of shooting coming up to repel the humans...


All four RBTs fired at the knights and chose to use their six shots.  That was 24 shots coming in at the knights, of which 13 hit and 11 wounded.  With a 3+ save the knights only lost 2 more of their members, leaving six.  Jesse was sure bucking the odds with his armor saves (though he regularly does this, you should see him when his 2+ armor save terminators make their saves, he once made 17 consecutive 2+ saves on one guy)

The archers in front of the knights also fired their arrows at the knights, and actually dropped one, leaving five knights left!  They made their panic check and they were prepared to charge.  The remaining archers near the hill fired at the 10 approaching halberdiers, but managed to do nothing.


Commander Eriador moved to face the flaggelents and attacked, killing 2 of the flaggies and his horse killed another leaving 7.  The prophets pushed their attack though and were not going to break.

Over on the other side of the field, the prince came in and cut down two of the 10 militia, though with their number of attacks they were able to wound the prince with a blow to the shoulder (failed 2 3+ saves and a 5+ ward save).  The prince stayed to fight, and the eight remaining militia pressed in.

Empire Turn 4

Jesse pressed his attack, charging into the RBT, which fled.  The knights failed their charge and came stumbling in front of the other RBT. 

The other two knights on the side of the table rallied and turned around, robbing the elves of their points. 

The halberds moving forward marched behind the flaggelents and moved to position themselves BEHIND the silver helms who were held up by unbreakable flaggelents!  (love those flaggelents...LOVE THEM)


The Heavens mage attempted to cast second sign of Imul but miscast and ended his magic phase.


The 10 archers in the ruins fired their bows at the soft elven archers near the hill but their arrows failed to do any damage.

The crossbows also shot out at the archers on the left flank, but only 2 were in range and they were unable to do any damage.


Commander Eriador slashed out at two more flaggelents, leaving five, but the prophet stepped forward with his 3 attacks.  The flails bounced from the commander's shield.  Normal units would have finally fled, but the flaggelents are unbreakable and so the helms continued their battle with a unit of halberdiers moving in from behind! 

Over on the other side, the prince was being taken down by six militia.  The prince swung his blade like the master he was, and slashed open a soldier's unarmored chest but that was it.  Four militia attacked back (8 attacks) and managed to slam into that wounded shoulder, doing the second wound.  (another failure of a rerollable 3+ armor save and 5+ ward save)  The combat continued with five militia versus the Prince.

High Elf Turn 5

There was no movement, though the RBT crew rallied.  With three RBTs getting ready to fire at the knights (plus the unit of 10 archers), Melissa was praying Jesse might actually fail some armor saves.


The elves shouted a combined "FIRE" as 3 RBTs opened up on the five remaining knights.  Eighteen barbs flew forth, hitting 14 times, and wounding 7!  With a 3+ save, the knights should fail at least 2 if not a third!  Jesse again defied the odds by making 6 armor saves and losing only one more knight, leaving four!

The archers tried their luck but only hit 4 times of 10 (needing 3s) and did not do squat.  The knights laughed as the arrows and barbs bounced from their metal armor, feeling truly blessed by Sigmar as the pathetic elves were being swept from them.

The other archer unit at the base of the hill lit up the 9 halberdiers coming at the helms... killing 4 and leaving 5 of the halberdiers left! 


Commander Eriador dispatched the Prophet of Doom, leaving four flaggelents left against the 8 silver helms.  The flaggelents came back and smashed a silver helm.  The fight wouldn't be over until well after the last flaggelent was dead, and with time waning the silver helm unit was busy slaying flaggelents.

The Prince continued swinging his blade like a champion, dropping two more militia and the two that could strike back could not match his mastery with the blade and failed to do anything.

Empire Turn 5

The four remaining Inner Circle Knights charged the other bolt thrower on the ground, who also fled.  The five halberd detachment moved directly behind the silver helms and prepared to hit them in the final turn, should the flaggelents be able to hold out this turn. 

Finally, the large unit of spearmen by the ruins began moving up to reinforce the center.


The Heavens mage dropped a thunder bolt on the archers next to the knights on the left flank with Irresistable Force, slaying 2 of the 10 and leaving 8.  The heavens mage had proven to be annoying, especially with his massive blow to the griffon.


The archers in the ruins fired again at the archers at the base of the hill, killing 4 of the archers and leaving 5 standing!  They failed their panic check and fled to the hill by the RBTs.  Jesse was hoping for some failed panic checks next turn on the RBTs as the archers outnumbered them and would force a panic check.


The Battle Standard was able to slay another two flaggelents, leaving two remaining... enough to ensure that the halberds would get a rear charge providing they were there next turn.

The prince was left fighting 3 militia and dispatched two of them!  The last militia stayed to fight bravely... but the prince would surely drop him... or would he?  After all the prince only had a single wound left!  Could a lowly militia-man drop an elven prince?

High Elf Turn 6

The two armies had really taken it to each other but at the moment it was a draw in the elves favor.  A lot can change in the pivotal last turn.  The archers on the hill rallied and the RBTs on the hill were fine.  The unit of RBT crewmen that fled from the charge last turn kept fleeing off the table, giving up 100 victory points. 

There were only 2 RBTs that could fire, though the third ran back to their machine.  The only other elven units remaining were the two units of archers and silver helms fighting the two remaining flaggelents.

Now was the time to finish the humans off or suffer defeat!


The two RBTs fired again at the four inner circle knights... hitting a pathetic 4 shots of 12 (needing 3s) and not doing any damage at all!  The knights were truly blessed!  The 10 archers tried to contribute and actually dropped 2 of the 4 knights!  They passed their panic check... and remained strong in the elven deployment zone. 


The prince dispatched the last militia man... and turned to see 11 crossbowmen pointing their weapons at him....

The battle standard bearer could only kill a single flaggelent... one remained and kept them in combat!  The flaggelents would force a critical panic check the next and last turn... in which the helms would not have a turn to rally from!

Empire Turn 6

The halberds charged full blow into the silver helms, who were engaged with one final flaggelent, forcing a panic check as they were engaged in combat!  (And with 5 halberds they had the unit strength they needed to force it.)  They rolled .... a 9!  Which was Commander Eriador's leadership!  The Helms stood and took it, arrogantly ready to lay the smack down on some punk ass humans.


The Wizard tried to force another panic check on the 5 archers on the hill by thunder bolting their ass, killing 2 but not making them flee.  (That wizard had thunderbolt go off in nearly all of his phases). 

The 5 gunners and 10 archers near the ruins tried to kill the last 3 but their arrows missed their mark. 

The crossbows, however, turned the prince into a porcupine, and he fell to his knees with many sharp bolts protruding form his body before falling dead into the ground and yielding a bucket of points to Jesse.


The Inner Circle Knights engaged the bolt thrower and killed them, getting another sweet 100 points.  They had truly been blessed by Sigmar, and many bolts and barbs stuck out from their armor.  A 1+ armor save is truly a good thing, especially when you don't roll 1s and 2s...

In the center of the field, the halberds came in but were unable to wound a silver helm.  Commander Eriador killed the last damn flaggelent, and with the battle banner, the Helms forced the halberds to flee.

Overall there was not much left on either side.  The elves had a unit of silver helms with their commander remaining, a unit of archers, a banged up unit of archers, and 2 RBTs. 

Jesse had 2 Inner Circle (blessed) knights, a captain who hid behind the hills after losing his mount, a unit of spearmen, 5 gunners, and the missile units in the back.

Post Game

We tallied up the points and Jesse cleaned up with 3 table quarters.  We also thought he had killed the general (forgetting about the Intrigue At Court thing) and he had a minor victory 1584 - 1186.  However, one of the other players mentioned the "General on Griffon" and I remembered that the general was not on the griffon.... it was Commander Eriador.  Robbed of 100 points for the general, Jesse was distressed to learn that his 1,484 - 1,186 score was a draw by 2 points!

Sweet justice!  Last week, I was robbed by 2 points against Jesse as I had won by 298 points (and all he killed were two Ushabti... and that was it!)... how fitting my wife was able to pull a draw by 2 points on him! 

Overall it was a close fought game and both players had a great time.  A lot of things swung in the balance several times, and games like this are really more enjoyable then blow outs.

Until next time...

Final Score

Empire - 1,484

High Elves - 1,186