LWGA Special Battle Report

First Ever Cross Regional Report

Jeff Mulzer's Empire force (jlutin)


Chris Nye's Beastmen force (icedcrow)

Campaign Cycle 2 Battle

Welcome to the first ever battle report that features an LWGA member going against someone from a different region.  Saturday, October 18th 2003 some of our members traveled to Evansville Indiana to take on the guys there.  We had a blast and we helped advance the campaign quite well.  Below is the results of a titanic battle between an empire detachment sent into the wooded areas south of Kislev to investigate the rumours of a mob of beastmen led by a hideous legend known only as Arok the Ancient.

The men that made up the detachment were composed of an army hailing from the empire.  They were not sure what to expect, if anything.  The forest around them was deathly silent. 

Fiction written by Jeff

The wind caught the underside of the flap and almost snuffed out the candle.  Baron Lehman grumbled and pulled his Lions Cloak tighter around him.  You can never get warm in a tent when the Winds of Kislev blow from the North.  He reached down and rubbed his stocking feet, trying to push feeling and warmth back into them.

It had been a long march.  Cold, but thankfully dry.  His men were hard, used to a life of hard work and scratching a living from the forests of Nordland.  They were not the soft city boys of other armies; "men" who lived their lives behind stone walls, play fighting with wooden swords and catching rings with their lances.

His men were tough.  They were sailors, wood cutters, mill workers, and the sons of farmers.  Men who learned to swing a sword by hacking down trees with axes.  They were men who used spears to kill boars long before they used them to kill elves.  Errr, make that dark elves.  Lehman had to work hard to keep that distinction. 

Lehman heard the muttering outside.  Sliding on his boots and tightening his cloak, he stepped out into the night.  There stood Lynden.  He motioned for the huntsman to follow him to the fire.  The heat felt good.  The huntsmen started to talk.

"Sir, the beastmen, they are more than a few days march away.  I fear that they are massing for some type of action.  We couldn't get close enough to see how many or what theyw ere.  We just saw the hoof prints and areas that they have trampled!  One of the boys claimed to see some horned creatures walking on two legs, but he is just a boy." 

Lehmen thought for a moment before excusing the huntsmen.  He called for his captains and let them know there would be no sleep tonight.

Empire Army

Wow, it's the eve of my much anticipated battle with Chris.  I respect him a lot by the battle reports he writes and teh quality of his tactic articles on Portent.  While he claims to have a new army of beastmen, he is not an opponent to take lightly.  Add into that some new elements to my army.

Being a campaign game, we are fighting with 2200 points, just a few more than my normal 2150 that I have been using lately (editors note:  Jeff had an additional 200 points of allies due to the tile under battle having a friendly banner adjacent)

Beastmen.  A mix of chaos and beasts.  I have no idea what the mix is and I have no idea of the nasty combos that a beast general might bring.  Lets see what I am going to bring to bear...

Spearmen.  Of course, the Black Spears will lead the battle with Baron Lehman (elector count).  Greatswords.  Very useful since so much of the beastmen skirmish.  That is a unit I can throw out and let him flank all he wants.

Knights, yes lots of knights.  Two units.  One of 10 (inner circle) and other of 6. 

Pistoliers, yes, 5, maybe 6 or 7.  I have to see what I can afford.  No shooting usually in a beastmen army, but hard hitting pistoliers can cause a lot of damage to lightly armed skirmishers.

Detachments, yes heavy on HTH not too many archers today.  I shouldn't need their screens.  I say 12 free company for the spearmen and 8 swordsmen and 8 halberdiers for the great swords.

Shooting, sure, two units of 10 gunners with hochland rifles.  I am not too sure how useful they will be, but I think I need them and they will do well against large targets if he brings them.

One mortar, a hell blaster, and I have to decide if I want another hellblaster or a cannon.  Maybe a bit of reconisance will help in that decision.  If it's open ground, the cannon, else the second hellblaster to fight those pesky side ambushes. 

Scouts... definitely.  Make his deployment a bit harder.

Heroes, well my Elector Count, a warrior priest for sure.  I am not sure if I want a second warrior priest or a BSB.  A level 2 wizard for sure, Lore of Life to make those trees a bit less attractive.  Throw in some magic baubles just for fun and we are ready for the battle.


Baron Lehman with 29 spearmen carrying the Gryphon Banner (double rank bonus).  Full command.  12 free company and 6 man archer unit detachments.

Battle standard bearer (wearing meteoric iron) with 19 great swords.  Two detachments were taken, 8 halberds (Ha) and 8 swordsmen (Sw)

10 inner circle knights with Brother Breekin, warrior priest armed with great weapon and Van Horstman's (switches S, T, I, and A with enemy in a challenge).  Full command.

6 regular knights with musician and champion.
6 Pistoliers with marksmen with repeating hand gun 10 handgunners with hochland champion
10 handgunners with hochland champion Unit of 6 huntsmen (scouts)
  2 Mortars and 1 Hellblaster Wizard of the Heavens (level 1) with dispel scrolls


The beastmen march forth.  Pouring out of the woods they catch an empire army unprepared... turning the hunters into the hunted.  I have just started working with the beastmen the past month and boy are they ever different from what I am used to!  For one, they don't listen to me.  They do whatever it is they want to do with no regards for what I tell them to do.  That takes getting used to. 

Second, their low leadership means they take to the hills more often then not.  I still haven't found my magic with them like I have with my mortals or with my undead armies.  As such I knew that this game would be an extreme challenge for me and my goat men. 

In my practice runs I found my army changing around as I had to get a hold of certain elements (or .. become more comfortable with them).  My first general was a doom bull, but I found myself getting trashed by mobile armies as I myself had little to stop cavalry and flying monsters.

Thus the demon prince was born.  Known as Arok the Defiler of Skulls, or the Ancient, he was given the Living Idol so that he could lead the beastmen into battle.  For marks I gave him the mark of Khorne, the Blade of the Ether (no armor saves allowed) and the Armor of Khorne (4+ armor save, the 5+ demonic save turns into a full fledged 5+ ward save).  All for the low low cost of my soul...er... 415 points.

Arok is a bad ass model.  Of course, being a demon prince of Khorne gives him certain DISadvantages as well... namely his frenzy.  As such I need to keep him screened until it's time to unleash him.  I also had to watch out for that ever present Van Horstman's Speculum which I watched used to full effect last week when an empire wizard trashed a tzeentch chaos lord in combat and killed him.  Ouch.

Arok would lead 3 dragon ogres into battle.  I gave them light armor and great weapons and they came out to 237 points.  This raised an interesting question.  Namely, demonic characters leading non demonic units (a no no).  However, Arok was the beastmen general.  In looking around and asking the general consensus was that he should, so at least for campaign purposes the general has the ability to lead any of his units. 

Erktin the Cuth would read the bones for Arok.  Normally I don't use shamans or wizards in a khorne-themed army.  The beastmen are an exception.  Beastmen are primitive... and to me ANY beast tribe will have a shaman to read the will of the chaos gods.  I gave Erktin the Staff of Darkoth (gives a spell that allows my units to charge on a 9+) and a power stone.  He came out to 160 points.

That did it for characters.  I don't like to spend more than 500 points on characters if I can help it and I was well over that limit.  Now it was time to get me some troops.

My screen consisted of 2 herd units, each 20 goats strong configured with 13 gors and 7 ungors.  The first unit wearing white loin clothes had a hand weapon / shield combo and the second unit wearing blue had two hand weapons.  I have great respect for my herds.  They have taken out dragons before and I was looking forward to learning more about exploiting their skirmishing ability to help me hit some flanks when needed.  Their disadvantage came from them being unruly.  A rule I have to get used to.

Behind them I place my two main combat units.  A unit of 20 khornigors steps up first with full command and the Vitrolic Totem which gives them poisoned attacks.  Next to them was something very risky.  A 20 demon unit of Blood letters running 355 points with full command.  They are fragile.  They have no armor.  They have instability.  They have usually done nothing but die for me.  However, as a demon prince of khorne is leading the army I thought it only appropriate to have them in this report and with some luck I could tap into their huge offensive capability.  To date I have never had them do anything other then get shot up.  Let's hope today is different!

Rounding out my army was a chariot which would tag up with the khornigors.  On my flank I would have 10 furies to take out war machines and lone wizards as well as 5 centigors with command that could be used for flanking movements.  I also do not like centigors very much as they usually go drunk when I need them to do something else... however I will keep plugging away and try to get them to work.

All in all I have played empire many times and I find them to be a very flexible army with some great strengths.  A well made out empire list can run all over anything.  Adding to that I expect to see quite a bit of shooting that can cause some panic checks, I will have to ensure Arok stays near the center of my lines to give them his leadership.  I doubt my shaman would do much of anything but if I could get lucky with my spell selection I might be able to get off a crucial spell.  Stranger things have happened.

Not having ever played Jeff I had no idea what I would face, but I know that regardless it would be a great game and I'm sure I would walk away from it having learned some new elements of my army better.

3 Dragon Ogres with Arok the Demon Prince White herd.  Hand weapon and shield.  20 models.  Full cmd.
Blue herd.  Double hand weapons.  Full cmd. Tuskgor Chariot
20 Khornigors with full command and vitrolic totem. 20 Bloodletters with full command.
5 centigors with full command. 10 Furies


For setup we don't use typical tournament style setups.  We draw a map of the terrain and draw where our units will go.  To me, it brings more of a strategic element to the game as many times you wouldn't know where the enemy would be set up anyway and you had to direct traffic to where you thought your units would be better off.  From everyone I talked to over the past weeks, this setup seems to be very popular.

The terrain was pretty sparse though I included a photo to show you the real table.  I won the roll to determine where I wanted setup and I evilly denied Jeff the hills.  They were up pretty far but I wasn't going to take a chance.  I had no idea what was in his army and didn't want to give him cannons and gunners raining pain and suffering on my goat-men without having to work for it!

We rolled on the random event chart and discovered the battle field was covered in mist!  Excellent for the beastmen as that meant that line of sight was determined for each unit by rolling 3D6 x3 inches.  This could also effect my flyers charge as they might not be able to see but it was something I was willing to deal with in exchange for less shooting.

We both rolled for spells. Jeff's wizard chose to keep Second Sign of Amul.  My shaman rolled up The Crow's Feast (magic missile 2d6 S3  hits) and the Oxen Stands (rally a unit on the table).  Not bad choices and with only a single level 1 on the table I may have a chance to get some magic off.

I was then fortunate enough to get the roll to go first and gladly did so to minimize shooting casualties.  With that we go onto Turn 1 and the beginnings of the beast raid on the empire soldiers...

Chaos Turn 1

The beastmen's first turn was relatively simple.  They moved forward to attempt to get into combat as soon as possible.  The mist prevented them from getting a clear view of the enemy but they could hear.  Looking at the slide you can see that the beast army at first attempts to stay together.  On the left the chariot begins moving behind the wooded hill to get a shot at the pistoliers.  Leaving pistoliers on your flank can really make for a bad day.  Pistoliers are one of the best fast cav units out there; the nasty fusilade rules allows for them to deal quite a bit of damage on the first turn of combat!

The white clothed herd moved forward to the left as well in an attempt to flush the huntsmen out of the trees.  The Khornigors on the left part moved forward, intent on dealing with the left side of the empire line.  The dragon ogres and Arok the demon moved behind the herd, keeping the demon prince's frenzy in check.  The blood letters stayed on the right side also behind the blue herd.

On the right flank the centigors and furies moved to threaten the softer gunners and mortars and give the knights something to think about.  The cavalry charge on the right would be decisive, I knew, and I had to find a way to draw them out into a position that did not favor their strengths.


The shaman moved into position and launched the Crow's Feast at the enemy mortar.  I chuckled as a stream of crows burst forth from the shaman's hand, doing 9 hits!!!  However all hit the machine and no damage was done.  Drat so much for that!  What a sweet first turn that would have been if I could have taken out a mortar before it rained fiery death on my head!

Empire Turn 1

There wasn't much movement on the part of the empire.  The pistoliers galloped over the left flank and took position.  The archers on the front line dashed into the trees, and the infantry units adjusted a bit... moving forward to solidify the left part of the field.  The rest of the line held as the beastmen continued to move forward.

The magic phase ended as Jeff didn't even try using his spell, but the Baron raised his hand for a moment and his men all stared, waiting for the command.  When the hand dropped... the Imperial army opened fire!


The mortars blew off their shells.  The left mortar slammed directly into the beast herd, killing 2 of the creatures and leaving 18.  The right mortar aimed for the centigors, but the shell exploded in mid air and did no damage (but did provide an entertaining fireworks display)

The gunners in the village opened up on the furies but due to bad positioning only managed to drop one of the demonic things.

All in all very little damage done to the beastmen in the first turn.  We will find out if that was a bad sign of things to come or if it was merely a bad turn.

Chaos Turn 2


With the huntsmen in the woods near my deployment zone, the white herd decided now was the time to charge despite me not wanting to expose my khornigors to pistoliers.  Off they went into the wooded hill, flushing out the huntsmen and butchering them!  This left the white herd behind the wooded hill taking skulls and left my left side pretty naked.  Luckily my guys were skirmishers and could get back into combat quickly but I was still nervous.

The furies charged into the mortar crew on the right.  The mortar crew stood and took it, passing their fear check as the great winged things descended upon them.

The centigors were to help charge the exposed gun crew who had not yet manned the walls... but the buzz from their beer took hold and they just stumbled forward after going stupid.

The rest of the army continued plodding forward. 


My spells were dispelled.


The furies came down and 4 of them fought 3 of the crewmen.  They killed two of the crewmen outright.  This unnerved the remaining crew member and he fled.  Cackling as I knew I had just blew up his mortar I was mortified when my furies rolled a total of a 5 on 3 dice and the mortar crewmen rolled a 6... outdistancing the flying furies!!!!  To top it off the units around made all of their panic checks!  Grrrrrr........

Empire Turn 2

The archers came out of the forest and charged the beastigors.  Their purpose?  To force an over run and draw the beastigors out of position.  The frenzied goat men took the charge.

The inner circle knights charged after the centigors who turned around and fled.  They attempted to redirect into my shaman who also turned around and fled.  The result was a failed charge.  I could only hope that the leadership range of my general would be enough to rally them.  I have had nightmares in the past where my guys never seem to know how to rally.

The rest of the empire army moved forward a bit as well... shifting positions as outlined in the diagram above.  Even the mortar moved forward a bit on the left to get a better shot in future turns.

In the shooting phase the hellblaster turned and opened fire on the exposed furies (stupid roll of a 5 on 3 dice!).  Luckily I was JUST out of short range, and I only lost 4 furies before the hellblaster ground to a halt as one of it's shells malfunctioned.  This caused the machine to not fire next turn either.  I had 5 furies remaining.

In combat, the archers hit my beastmen fairly hard, actually slaying two of my goats and not allowing any to strike back!!!  The indignity!  Luckily my massed ranks and banner allowed for me to win combat and the archers fled and were cut down, though it drew my khornigors off to the right. 

Chaos Turn 3


Turn 3 saw me pretty much out of position.  The first photograph shows my beast herd after slaying the huntsmen.  They began the turn by moving into the hills where they could get back to helping my units out.  As of now, I had hardly anything in my left flank except that herd and a chariot as my khornigors were facing into the center of the table now (see second image, the unpainted black unit).  Jeff's plan worked pretty well in that aspect.

For charges see the second photo.  My khornigors declared a charge against the small 6 man knight regiment, who promptly fled and as the forest screwed with my movement it left me unable to catch them.  However it did get me out of the woods and did force the knights to flee.  I could only hope that they wouldn't rally.

The blue herd charged into the inner circle knights.  The charge was coming anyway and I'd rather charge knights then have them charge me!

It was a gamble but the blue herd had slain a black dragon before, I was confident that they could have a good chance dealing with some knights.  With two hand weapons they would deliver a flurry of blows that might make the difference!

Behind the units, my furies ignored the fleeing mortar crewman and charged into the hellblaster in the center of the field (refer to earlier diagrams for it's position relative to the furies).

Now knowing that my herd may not survive, and if you check out the right photo above you can see that the knights would overrun and be coming into the blood letters flank.  I didn't want that to happen so Arok gave the order and the blood letters faced over to the right.  Hopefully Khorne was smiling upon me and my herd would prove to fight magnificently but I was a pessimist and always want to be prepared.

That left the Demon Prince Arok and his dragon ogres the ability to turn to the left and fill in the gap left by the khornigors.  I had the khornigors, herd, and blood letters to handle the cavalry unit.  I was confident they could do so.  I felt the dragon ogres could sit in the center of the field and face the left, allowing me a charge on the great swords or spearmen with the Baron in a future turn.  How sweet that would be.

The shaman and the centigors both rallied at my demon prince's call.  The shaman was not in range for any good spells and so there went my magic phase.


The furies caused the hellblaster crew to flee due to a failed fear check and I was able to cut them down just behind the hellblaster and just behind the great swords.  I was in a perfect position BEHIND the empire lines to do some damage with them to the other mortar or possibly to the wizard.

My beast herd charged hard into the knights and managed a sweet 5 hits out of 11 attacks.  Needing 4s to wound on 5 dice I managed 1 wound.  Man were the dice singing to me!  (Singing... give it up).  The armor was just too tough and I was disappointed that no damage had been done.  The knights came back and slew one of the goat men and the horses (the most deadliest of horses it seemed) did slay 2 of the beastmen, causing the goat men to flee in panic!  They were scattered to the winds as the knights ran them down and they were in perfect position for either a charge on my shaman or a charge on my blood letters!  I felt the right flank crumbling...

Empire Turn 3

The photo above shows the left side of the field on the empire's side.  Note the pistoliers (far left), spear men, militia detachment, sword detachment, and great swords.  Out of sight is the dragon ogre/demon prince unit south of the woods heading their way.  The heavens mage is in the woods to the left of the image (the mortar is next to the woodline)  It was a good position for the empire units to be in now... a stubborn great sword unit and a long (hmm could you smell Gryphon Banner a mile away?) spear unit.  A solid anvil that would allow the other to counter charge.  I applauded Jeff's use of his units as this is how an empire army should operate... as a team.

The knights chose to charge my blood letters instead of my shaman.  I felt relief, but then realized that my blood letters probably wouldn't stand to this charge either.  At T3 and no armor to speak of they fell like a house of cards. 

The pistoliers came at the dragon ogres, attempting to either force them to flee (yeah right) or do some damage, lose combat, and force the demon prince to make them over run possibly out of charge reach of the units above.  A good plan but I was willing to play the game a bit and took the charge.  The pistoliers made their terror check and in they came.

The knights that fled of course rallied, but faced an angry unit of beastigors close by.  They would be charged next turn, Jeff knew, and as they were so close to the board edge would have to take the charge.

The mortar crew who outran the furies (I want his skull tacked to my wall!) ran back to the mortar.  Nothing else in the empire army moved as the pieces were set for a fabulous battle.  This turn would be crucial I knew.


The mortar on the left lobbed a shell at the herd on the hill to the left (the one that was kind of keeping my left flank anchored for now) and the shell misfired, exploding in the air.  The gunners in the village opened fire on the khornigors and managed to kill 2 more of the genetic freaks, leaving 15 standing. 

Finally, the hochland long rifle snipers opened fire and after 2 solid hits and 2 wounds, my shaman fell to the battle field dead.  Arok of course smiled at this.  Shamans were, after all, weak.

In combat, the priest led his knights on a glorious charge.  The knights killed 4 of the demonic blood letters, and a horse killed another.  The blood letter champion, a horrid looking thing with a twisted axe, smacked a knight twice but could not penetrate the thick empire steel.  The unit wavered for a moment, and then were sucked back into hell as they failed an instability check.  Wave bye bye to 355 victory points there!  My right flank was now officially over run.  Speaking of which, the knights moved 17" in an overrun move and were in my rear.  The battle looked bleak... I was about through.

Over on the left, the pistoliers came in and managed to inflict a couple wounds with their guns.  In return they were slaughtered to a man by 2 angry dragon ogres and an even angrier demon prince.  The over run put me in a good position to get a charge on the accursed empire commander next turn.  Here was my chance at redemption...

Chaos Turn 4


Looking at these two photos shows my part of the table.  The right photo shows the knights near my table edge.  You can see the centigors and the movement tray for my khornigors.  The centigors at this time are the only unit holding my side of the table... it was very ugly.

On the left shows you the positioning of our units.  My demon prince and his dragon ogres are in the center, and they charge the spearmen.  If I fail to break them I am going to be in a bad way as I can get flank charged by greatswords and their detachment. 

The furies (behind the great swords... the black objects) flap over to the wizard (you can see him in the upper left corner).  With 360 degree LOS it gives Jeff something to worry about... I can hit the mortar or the wizard.  (Ground movement for a fury can still move through woods ok as they are skirmishers).  The goat-men on the bottom continue piling into the hills.  At the time I don't know how I am going to use them... the chariot also moves up a bit but has no real target at the moment.  The knights are at a south east trajectory about 16" away and facing the south table edge.  Next turn I knew Jeff would bring them around and get ready to hit me.

Over here we have the upper right portion of the table, in Jeff's deployment.  My khornigors charged into the knights which stood and took it.  If you look you can see the annoying mortar by the village and the crewman who should have been dead.  I will have his skull!

Combat came and I licked my chops.  I needed to get something positive going for me!  The khornegors came in and with 11 sweet attacks again I only hit 4 times!!!  Of those four hits all wounded, and needing a 4+ to save the empire knights saved all four.  Their armor was just to thick I suppose, but I was getting frustrated!  The knights came back and their swords were unable to penetrate the thick hide of the beastmen.  However, their horses showed them who was really in charge and of 6 horses, 3 managed to kill a khornigor!  Again... the indignity! 

Luckily I still had outnumber which ended up deciding the battle and the knights actually fled.  The mortar crew, seeing his allies fleeing, also again fled.  The knights fled off the table and the khornigors moved a paultry 4".  I suppose they didn't really feel like running fast after being embarrassed yet again.

The spearmen were more of a pain.  A champion stepped forward to challenge the evil demon prince Arok.  Arok laughed out loud and accepted.  Needing 3s to hit he hit 3 of 6 times.  (If I could only hit average people might fear my armies).  A one ensued and Arok was only able to do 2 wounds to the man.  A pitiful display that I knew would cost me.

The dragon ogres were able to paste 4 more spearmen before the Baron stepped up and with a great weapon laid the smack down on one of the dragon ogres, doing 2 wounds to the creature (slaying it) and tipping the tide of the battle in the favor of the spearmen due to the Griffon Banner (double rank bonus).  I lost by 3, rolled my roll and was relieved that Arok didn't pop out of existence due to instability.  However, I needed a 6 to stay and rolled a 7, so the dragon ogres fled.  As the unit the Demon was in fled... the demon itself also had to flee with them.  Arok was cursing, the frenzy beaten out of him, trying to get his monstrous companions to turn around as the spearmen gave chase... oi was that ugly.

Empire Turn 4

This was the decisive turn.

Looking at this picture you see the position of the Baron in relation to everything around him.  Arok and his two dragon ogres are running in front of them... and the beast herd is on their right.

The Baron took a chance and decided to charge the fleeing dragon ogres and demon ... hoping for a good roll to catch the fleeing monsters and secure the field.  What happened next was a sign that the gods do indeed care.  The baron was unable to get his men to charge the dragon ogres due to their fear... rolling a 10 for leadership.  I rejoiced!  Jeff put his head down for a moment.  The beast herd was in proper position to nail his flank, and griffon banner or not... you can double 0 all day long but when you get no rank bonus you can't double anything.

That was all of the charges that Jeff had for me.  He wheeled his knights around to face my demon prince and ogres.  Boy did I really need Arok to rally on his turn!  The halberd detachment of the great swords moved to flank the khornigors, and the great sword battle standard unit and detachment moved up to sit on the flank of the Baron's unit (see photo above).  The militia behind the lines turned to face the furies and the gunners on the far right moved out of the village to take my table quarter where the centigors stood claiming the quarter.

The empire wizard managed an irresistable force for Second Sign of Amul which gave Jeff 1 reroll.  The shooting phase then went down.

A mortar blast arced up and toward my beast herd.  I sweated a bit.  If he could drive my beastmen off due to panic (and ldrship 7 is easy to do this with) then I would be in a bad way!  My flank charge would dissolve and my plans for pulling a draw out of my butt would be scattered to the winds.

The shell lobbed and scattered... exploding on top of my demon prince's head!  The shell did two wounds to my prince, who fell face first into the mud from the force of the explosion.  Getting to his feet he looked over at the crew of the mortar and vowed to add their skulls to his collection...

The gunners on the other side of the table in the village dashed my hopes of holding one of my own quarters.  They fired and killed a centigor.  I rejoiced.  1 wasn't enough to force a panic check.  Jeff calmly used his second sign of Amul re roll and the bullet that missed magically turned around and nailed another centigor in the heart.  Of course you know what happens next.  Of course!  The centigors panic and fled off of the table.

Chaos Turn 5

The scrum was getting thick.  My herd charged into the elector count's flank, hoping to break them and drive them off!  What a trophy the Griffon Banner would be draped over my herdstone!

The furies charged into the last mortar crew, and the khornigors (second photo shows most of the table) charged into that last mortar crewman.  Now was the time to collect.

Thankfully my dragon ogres and demon prince rallied and turned around to face the battle that was underway.  I would get one more chance at this...

In combat the Khornigors ripped the mortar man's head from his shoulders and continued to overrun off of the table with it.  Another skull for the skull throne. 

The furies nailed the mortar crew and forced them to flee, which allowed the demons to over run into the great sword detachment (past the militia that were looking at them in the photo). 

Now the real combat began.  The combat I needed to win.

The gors came into the spearmen hard... and hit 3 sweet times out of 7 rolls (I have a thing with constantly rolling sub par...even Jeff agreed that now he had seen my wondrous dice rolls) and of course managed no wounds needing 4s.  The spearmen that hit back (they chose to use hand weapon and shield to get the armor) did not do anything either.  I won combat by 2... and Jeff was gracious enough to fail his break check once... and then twice for the BSB.  The elector was broken and my gors scattered the unit, claiming the Griffon Banner and hitting the great swords!  The detachment that my furies hit broke in panic as well!  Things were starting to look up, though I still had that unit of Greatswords to hit and the knights in my rear (shown in the photo on the right) were coming for me as well...

Empire Turn 5

There were no charges here as Jeff tried to bring his guys back online.  The greatsword detachment that fled kept fleeing and were an inch from the board edge.  The militia detachment turned around once again to face the furies, though their hopes of catching the avian demons was slim indeed. 

The knights realized they could have made the charge into my chariot (Jeff was uncertain and didn't want a failed charge to hurt his wheeling movements) brought his knights up to the Dragon Ogres and chariot.

In combat, the Battle Standard declared a challenge and my Gor champion accepted (if you kill the Gor champion the beast herd goes to leadership 6.  Granted my demon prince was nearby so they got his leadership of 9 anyway).  The battle standard bearer was unable to do anything to my champion, but of course my champion missed both of his attacks.

The beast herd had 5 attacks that they managed to roll 5 3s for... not hitting a darn thing.  The great swords decapitated one of the beastmen... which was enough to beat my herd.  My herd fled but I was able to outdistance Jeff's greatswords who pursued... they were now right in front of Arok and his 2 dragon ogres.  Turn 6 was up... it was time to get some more points!

Chaos Turn 6

The photo above shows the positioning we have.  Jeff's great swords pursued my herd and exposed their flank and I was eager to snap into it!  Doing the math in my head I realized I was still down and the points from the great swords would give me a draw! 

My dragon ogres and demon and chariot charged the greatswords.  They fled in terror!!!  They were easily caught and wiped out... scattered to the winds.  The scales had swung the other way toward the end!

Empire Turn 6

The photo above shows the situation.  The brave militia charged the demon prince and dragon ogres as did the knights.  The knights, however, were out of range.  The militia was cut down in a most gruesome way and thus ended the battle. 

Final Score:

Empire 1,537
Beastmen 1,482
Result Draw

Beastmen Post Game Thoughts

My, how I pulled that one out of my butt.  That was a very close game... one for the record books.  A couple of failed leadership checks was all it took to help pull me a draw instead of a major defeat!

Looking at my army, once again I can say my centigors failed me.  They have done nothing for me ever, other then get drunk and go stupid at wrong moments.  Bastards.

My blood letters let me down yet again.  Of course, they were charged by cavalry so it's not all their fault.  That was a tough price tag to swallow though.

The lack of mobility hurt me bad.  Again I was nailed by cavalry.  In every one of my games I am hit hard by cavalry and there is little I can do about it.  It may be time to enlist some chaos knights into my list...

If only khorne had demonic cavalry still...

I would like to thank Jeff and his guys for hosting us in what was a fun day that lasted all day and into the night.  We had a great time and I look forward to future battles and to redeem my beastmen's honor!

In the end I realize I have a long road ahead of me in getting my beastmen army to gel properly.  They are vastly different then what I am used to using.  But I know that, chaos gods willing, Arok will set fire to Kislev and his throne of skulls will rise ever higher!  As for Jeff, I'm sure our armies will cross swords again and I look forward to that contest!

Empire Post Game Thoughts

Wow, that was a close one.  I felt pretty good about how the beginning and middle went.  I was able to keep Chris moving in the directions I wanted.  Keeping the middle all choked up with troops so I could pick out who I wanted to fight.


I wasn’t able to do much with the handgunner.  I never really got them on position to bring massed fire at any unit.  They did earn back some points by sniping a Shaman and saving a table quarter. The Mortar’s did OK.  Nothing earth shattering, but enough to keep them in the list.


My Inner Circle Knights did great.  Easily earning back their points and showing what happens when you get rerolls from hatred on a charge.  The Pistoller got in some licks, and they kept the chariot from coming around on my side too.


My spearmen did great till they were slammed on in the secon d c ombat.  Men are men and even led by a General, they can only do so much.


But my greatswords… It was so close.  Chris and I both remarked in turn 5 that they were the Key.  If they held, it was over for him.  If not, I was toast.  Well, they didn’t hold, the Ogres and Demon sent them packing.  If they had held, the knights should have slammed in the rear of the ogre’s and should have sent them running.


I am quite happy with a draw.  A victory would have been nice, but a draw is nothing to complain about on a tough board with a good opponent.  Fear and terror are always a bear for Empire.  I'll have to think again about adding those Flaggies.  Thanks for the battle Chris, but we SHALL meet again <shakes his fist>.




Brother Breekin rode up beside Baron Lehman.  Lehman looked up, “Well Brother, you seem to be holding that hammer a bit differently.  Breekin looked down at the worn grip, “Yes, it seems to fit a bit better in the hand after today.”  There was that uneasy silence men feel when they aren’t sure about about something they share.


Breekin asked, “Sir, do you think we will face more of those monstrosities?”

“I am not sure Brother, I am not sure.

The Baron stopped and looked around, ”We lost some men today, but casualties were very light.  It could have been far…”  The rest was unsaid.


The sound of hooves reached them both at the same time.  The messenger rode up, the Seal of Sigmar bouncing off his chest.  “Baron Lehman?”


“Sir, the dark elves are reeling after being shattered by a Wood Elf force.  Can you reposition to the North West and intercept them?”


Baron Lehman looked at his disorganized army walking through the mist.  He saw men who were not broken, just tired.  “Yes, we can do it.  Show me where we are to go”.


The messenger got down with his satchel and the two men stood on the side of the road.  All around them, men started the slow walk of soldiers backtracking.  It was only the start of a long campaign.  They just hoped they would be back home before the snow returned.