LWGA Battle Report

Melissa Nye's High Elves (0-0)


Dave Helm's Dark Elves (0-0)

Week 1 Action


The last rays of sun were trickling away behind the horizon as Caledor Wandering Blade walked through his garden.  Flowers of every species imaginable bloomed with full radiance, despite the winter chill in the air.  Their fragrance was intoxicating, and Caledor took a moment to bend over and take in their scent.  This was what life was worth to the elf.  For nearly 600 years Caledor had walked the land, a proud and skilled warrior. 

He had fought at the Battle of Iron Peak where he slayed the vicious orc warboss Grimfang.  He had taken to the skaven's warrens and had tangled with abominations far below the earth's surface.  His battles against the Dark Elves had been legendary.  It was he who had protected the Ulthuan villages on the borders of his dark cousins.  The men in the armies knew it.  Such was his valor in combat, that the Phoenix King himself had granted him a powerful steed. 

Flaman Beak  was a mighty griffon trained from a chick out of the egg to fight and serve the elven armies.  And serve he had.  Caledor had ridden the fierce bird creature into battle on several occasions, sparking fear and terror in his enemies and driving them away. 

To say that Caledor Wandering Blade was a hero would be an understatement.  Caledor Wandering Blade was instilled with the true essence of an elf warrior-lord.  His blade was quick.  His armor strong.  His heart pure. 

The aroma of the fine Nettylion had taken Caledor deep within his own spirit, as the flower was reputed to do.  Soon it would be time for the elf to take the last journey to the far away lands and to leave the realms of men behind.  But that time had not yet come.  For the elves were still needed... a stirring from the chaos realms in the north had shaken the world to it's very foundation and hordes of the chaos creatures had begun attacking the realms of man as well as the elf lands.

A figure approached the garden, moving in plain sight as the shadows from twilight shrouded his face.  Caledor turned around and recognized the figure to be Captain Eriador of the Telayan Sartalan, or in the human tongue the order of the Flame.  He was an elven knight and carried Caledor's standard into battle.  The elf warrior stood before his lord, his armor polished to a mirror shine. 

"Eriador my friend.  What brings you to my garden on this cold evening?"  Caledor asked, his voice like the singing of many fine songbirds.  Eriador clasped his right hand over his breast in salute before relaxing, his grey eyes piercing even in the half-light.

"Caledor, our scouts have just returned home and report that our dark cousins have launched a small raiding party  not far from here.  They have taken out a small village and have committed foul acts of savagery against the citizens.  The men are in an uproar and demand justice."  Eriador said calmly.  Caledor let it sink in for a moment.  Finally after a moment he spoke softly.

"What is it that drives one of our kind to commit such acts against their own people?  To turn their hearts from the Flame?  To defy the Phoenix King in his divine knowledge?  What would cause them to kill and rape and pillage?  I tell you friend, that many times have I stared into the stars and have asked to be taken away from all of this and be taken to the far away night."  Off in the distance, a songbird began a mournful twilight song, and it filled the garden with a mystical aura.

"Our people are few these days Caledor.  Yet we stay and fight.  This is something I do not understand.  What are we protecting?  Men?  Men are weak!"  Eriador exclaimed, raising his voice ever so slightly.  Caledor turned his face to the direction of the song bird's melody.

"Weak my friend?  They are not weak.  Just short lived.  In their limited life times they lack the patience that we have acquired through the many years of our existence.  We stay because our love for this world is still strong.  We stay so that the powers of chaos and those of our twisted brethren do not overtake this beautiful land and turn it into one of misery and of death.  That is why we stay."  There was silence after Caledor's words.  Even the urgency of the impending dark elf raid did not still the patience of the two elves.  Finally it was Eriador who spoke.

"We will be waiting for you at camp.  I do have to tell you my lord, a mage has arrived in our midst who claims to be the cousin of Lord Elryan the Blue.  He has taken command, though he is very limited in his military knowledge."  Caledor only smiled slightly.

"Such times for political intrigue..."

The Dark Elves

Reports have been pouring in from our scouts in the mountains as well as from our spies amongst the High Elves.  The forsaken ones have been restructuring and practicing new fighting techniques.  None the less, we will be victorious for our hatred will carry us through waves and waves of our brothering.

In light of this new infomration we will also restructure and try new ways.  Lord Ka-nath will lead the fight with his unit of nine cold one knights tying to show those inspiring leaders of their houses to lead their stupid beast to the feed.  This is a change from Slu-tess, a fourth level sorceress.  Also the Druchii is proud to be represented by the sisters of Ground.  The sisters, Flower Rot and Terrel, are two level two sorceresses.  Terrel is carrying her Death Mask, and Flower Rot has two dispel scrolls.  Our brethren are probably counting on the usual heavy magic so we had better be prepared to defend mostly and maybe also do some assaulting as well.

I figure that my brethren will do the usual and cower behind their trees and walls and shoot countless projectiles at me until I run.  So in light of this, I have chosen two units of twenty corsairs with a unit of ten corsairs as well.  Corsairs fare against arrows then the spearmen do.  I also chose nine dark riders, mimicking the Nazgul, to try to either give my opponent a target and draw fire or attack the gunners and attempt to make them flee.

I brought along ten knights as my heavy hitting unit.  The Lord Ka-nath will be accompanying them with the following: Lance, heavy armor, sea cloak, shield, Blade of Ruin, and the Black Amulet.  The ultimate fighting machine that even Kaine himself would be proud of.  The way I figure it, he has an armor save of 0+ against shooting and 1+ in hand to hand combat.  He is going for the general baby!!

Last but not least I brought two reapers to either fire at her bolt throwers or thin down her assault troops.  Whatever looks best as far as terrain or convenience is concerned.

The plan is to haul ass and try to engage her general and her wizards as fast as possible to try and make her shooting units and her magic useless.  Hopefully using my hatred to try and beat her down.  May the Druchii be victorious!!

Lord Highborn Ka-nath
with Lance, heavy armor, dragon cloak, shield, cold one, the Blade of Ruin (no armor save allowed), and the Black Amulet (5+ ward save, all saved wounds rebound on the attacker with no save of any kind allowed) - 288 pts  

Terell - 2nd level sorceress with Death Mask (cause terror) - 180 pts

Flower Rot - 2nd level sorceress with 2 dispel scrolls - 180 pts


20 Corsairs with full command - 225 pts

20 Corsairs with full command - 225 pts

10 Corsairs with full command - 125 pts

9 Dark Riders with musician, herald, and repeater crossbows - 237 pts


10 Cold One Knights with full command (Lord's retinue) - 335 pts


2 Reaper Bolt throwers - 200 pts

1995 pts - Army Composition 14/30

The High Elves

Hulacia Timbercloak - Esteemed 2nd level High Mage and cousin of an important person... important enough to be made general with 2 dispel scrolls - 145 pts

Caledor Wandering Blade, High Elf Prince on Griffon, Guardian of the Phoenix (5+ ward), Helm of Fortune (6+ save allows rerollable armor saves), Blade of Sea Gold (no armor saves allowed), Heavy armor, shield, Pure of Heart - 424 pts

Captain Eriador, High Elf Battle Standard Bearer with Heavy armor, barded steed, and the Battle Banner (+D6 CR) - 196 pts


10 Archers - 120 pts

10 Archers - 120 pts

10 Silver Helms with Heavy armor and shields and full command - 265 pts

9 Silver Helms with Shields and Heavy Armor and Full Command *Eriador's unit* - 242 pts

6 Silver Helms with shields and heavy armor - 138 pts


1 Chariot - 85 pts

6 Reavers with musician - 115 pts


1 Repeating Bolt Thrower - 100 pts

1 Great Eagle - 50 pts

2000 pts - Army Comp Score 16/30



The above image is what the battle field looked like.  The High Elves deployed on the southern edge, the Dark Elves on the northern edge.  The southern edge contained a hedge row, and on the right you can see a small stand of trees and a marsh put off in the corner.

The north end had two villages, a stand of trees, a hill, and another marsh again put off in the corner.

Looking at the deployment, you can see that the high elves outnumber the dark elves in terms of units, but the dark elves had a better model count, having 72 models to the high elves 59.

The High Elves stacked the right side of the line heavily, and had the lighter units on the left.  To counter this, Dave put his cold one knights on what appeared to be the weak left flank of the high elves. 

From left to right on the high elves side, the Great Eagle sat next to the Griffon.  A chariot was next to the griffon (CHA), the Repeater next to the chariot (rbt).  In the center were the two units of archers... one placed in front of the other (AR1, and AR2) with the high elf mage general next to the front most unit.  On the right you have the small unit of Reavers (R) sitting in front of the small unit of Silver Helms.  On the right flank was Captain Eriador's unit (BSB) and the 10 man unit of Silver Helms (both normal Silver Helm units are marked SH, though the smaller is thinner)

On top to the left are the cold ones in front of a road in the village (COLD).  Two units of corsairs sit in the middle, the one on the left houses Flower Rot, the one on the right Terrell (CO1 and CO2).  On top of the hill are two Reaper Bolt Throwers (X).  Next to the hill are 10 corsairs (CO3) and the 9 dark riders (DR).


The High Elves won all 3 rolls to determine which side of the table to go on, who deploys first, and who goes first.  Spells were rolled for. 

The High Elf mage chose Walk Between Worlds and got Drain Magic for free

Flower Rot rolled up Doom Bolt and Dominion, and Terrel rolled up Chill Wind and Soul Stealer

The High Elves elected to take the first turn.

High Elf Turn 1

The battle had begun.  Caledor and his men immediately began to advance on the Dark Elves, who were ill equipped to handle such an assault force.  Their shooting was limited to a single unit of Dark Riders and 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers.  Dave would have to depend heavily on his sorceresses, as he had the magical superiority in this game. 

Caledor took flight with his griffon and landed firmly behind one of the houses of the village.  The great eagle squaked as it flew behind a house on the left side, creating a possible threat to the Cold Ones should they try to move up the road.  They would be flanked on both sides by a terror causing griffon (downgraded to fear due to the cold ones fear ability) and the great eagle.  The chariot rumbled forward to align itself in front of the cold ones, still relatively far out of the battle.

The middle archers performed a wheel and faced the left side of the battle field, in case the cold ones decided to come out and play.  The archers behind were now free to fire on anything directly in front of them.  The cavalry wall of Reavers and three units of silver helms all advanced as a single entity, the ground shaking under the pounding of their graceful hooves.

Magic Phase

The magic phase saw Drain magic fail to go off.

Shooting Phase

The Reaper shot the single large bolt out at the cold one knights, and it's mighty bolt shattered two of the dark elf knights cleanly, leaving 9.  The ten archers that were revealed from the back drew back their arrows and fired a hail of death at Corsair unit CO2.  5 of 10 arrows hit home, wounding 3 of the corsairs and dropping 2 to the ground dead.

Dark Elf Turn 1

Dave took a deep breath and saw the wall of cavalry moving his way.  He knew immediately that he had prepared to face the wrong army list... he had been the one who had planned to do the attacking!  And he was driven back on his heels as he knew he was going to be charged! 

His corsair units moved up an inch and faced the wall of infantry heading his way.  The dark elf line looked nervous as their high born cousins thundered ever closer.

Magic Phase

Flower Rot attempted to cast doom bolt on the reavers, but the cursed high elf general dispelled it.  Terrel cast chill wind on the Reavers, and ice cold bolts blasted out.  4 hits were inflicted but only one Reaver dropped to the ground dead, his body frozen white by the foul dark magic. 

Shooting Phase

Dave directed his Reaper bolt throwers to target the high elf prince on his griffon.  The first reaper missed it's mark, but the second managed a glancing hit that did one wound to the high elf prince. 

The Dark Riders opened up with their repeating crossbows at the right most silver helm unit.  Of 12 shots, only 2 of the black arrows hit, doing 2 wounds and dropping one of the silver helms off of his horse dead.

Dave closed his eyes as Melissa smiled as she prepared for turn 2.

High Elf Turn 2

Captain Eriador and his silver helms declared a charge and thundered into Flower Rot's Corsairs (CO1).  Mud churned as the elven steeds slammed into the corsair unit like a tidal wave.

The silver helms to the right of Captain Eriador attempted to charge the Dark Riders, but were too far away.  The Reavers tried to charge Terrell's corsairs but failed as well as they were too short.

The Silver Helms behind the Reavers moved forward and to the left to get a clear charge next turn.

Magic Phase

The High Elf general again tried to drain magic, but failed.


The Repeating Bolt Thrower once again launched a single bolt at the cold one knights, skewering two more!  The knights easily made their leadership 10 panic check, but their numbers were now 7. 

The ten archers once more fired at Terrel's unit, hitting 5 again and wounding 3.  Two more corsairs dropped to the ground, arrows protruding from their dead bodies and dropping the unit to 16.  The remaining archer unit facing the left had no targets.


Captain Eriador bellowed an elvish curse at his twisted cousins as he launched into them with the full fury of elven righteousness.  His horse's hoof smashed the skull of a corsair, and his sword came down and beheaded one corsair before slashing another across the chest and dropping him to the ground.  The proud banner of Caledor waved high as dark elf blood flowed like wine.  The knights in the unit managed to roll average and impale 2 more of the corsairs on their lances.  A total of 5 corsairs dropped dead.  The champion and Flower Rot tried to step up and hold the fury, with the champion's wicked blade dropping one of the silver helms but it was too late.  Losing CR by 5 (thanks mostly in part to the battle banner), Flower Rot and her corsairs turned around and fled.  The stampeding silver helms scattered them to the four winds, weakening the dark elf winds of magic and tearing up one of the few units the dark elves had on the field.

Captain Eriador's pursuit had left him in a very compromising position.  He was facing north, and his flank was exposed to the Reaper Bolt Throwers.  With a front rank of 5, the Reapers could do up to 5 wounds as they were facing his side...

Dark Elf Turn 2

In an attempt to counter charge the enemy (who had failed two charges and was now sitting ripe for the attack), Dave declared a few charges.  The Dark Riders charged into the 10 man unit of Silver Helms on the right.

The 10 man unit of corsairs by the hill attempted to charge the Reavers, but fell short.  Terrel, in her anger, charged the 5 man unit of Silver Helms.  Her terror-causing mask caused the small silver helm unit to flee in terror, thus causing her a failed charge as well. 

On the left side, Highborn Ka-nath left his cold one unit to move toward the high elf prince Caledor.  An epic conflict was about to take place.  The remaining 6 cold ones turned around and moved backwards and away from the village.  The constant hits of the Reapeating Bolt Thrower making them nervous.


The furious Terrel cast Chill wind on the Reavers, and an icy blast froze 4 of the 5 reavers dead in their tracks, leaving one left!  Being immune to panic, the lone reaver gritted his teeth and prepared for a romp up the hill and the reaper bolt throwers.


The two Reaper Bolt Throwers turned to nail Captain Eriador's unit in the side.  They were lined up like bowling pins.  This was going to be a sweet sweet 300+ points.  The first Reaper fired and it's bolt went wide right.  The second bolt fired and it hit, but was deflected off of the silver helm's shield.  The shield had a huge scar in it but the Silver Helms were unharmed.  And there was much cursing from Dave as he had rolled a 1 to wound.  (Anything but a 1 Dave... GOD DAMMIT!!!)


The Dark Elves desperately needed this combat phase.  It might have been a mistake charging those 10 corsairs by themselves into the silver helms, when they had failed.  Instead a charge into the larger 10 man silver helm unit in the flank by the corsairs would have been much better.  (This coming from me...Computer Blue)

The Dark Rider's horses killed a silver helm, and the mighty spears hit 5 of 6 times and wounded 4!  However the 2+ (modified to a 3+) save of the silver helms was such that only one more knight died.  The three remaining silver helms fought back for their two dead brethren, but out of 8 attacks (with horses) only 2 hit and one was enough to take the light armored dark rider down.  CR came down to a TIE and both units continued to fight.

Had the corsairs charged the silver helm's flank they would have won that combat (+1 flank, negated the rank, plus another 10 or so attacks extra) and possibly run that unit away.

High Elf Turn 3

The lone reaver proved his heroic bravery by single handedly charging up the hill and engaging the far right RBT (picture is a bit confusing but he had a direct line to it).  Caledor urged his monstrous mount forward and charged into the Dark Elf lord.  The epic battle was about to begin.

The chariot attempted to charge through the village road and into the rear of the cold one knights but failed it's charge.  The eagle took off and landed right in front of the cold ones, baiting them.

The Silver Helms who had fled due to Terrel's mask rallied near the mage general (not that his leadership of 8 mattered against the Reaver's leadership of 8).  The archers standing in the column did an about face to try and see the right side of the table.  Melissa did not move them at all and as such their line of sight was blocked from anything valid. 

The Reapeating Bolt Thrower also moved forward a bit, sacrificing it's ability to fire this turn. 

Captain Eriador and his men move towards the Cold One Knights.


Drain Magic was dispelled.


The only thing able to fire were the 10 archers (AR2) who had been firing, and they fired off at Terrel's unit again.  5 arrows hit, but only one wound was inflicted and the sea dragon cloak saved that.


The lone reaver skewered one of the crewmen.  The remaining crewmember was unable to hurt the Reaver and lost combat by 1 (Reaver did 1 wound and outnumbered the 1 crewman, Crewman was on a hill and had +1 CR) but he stayed to continue the fight.

Over on the right, the Dark Riders continued to battle the Silver Helms.  As it was a tie, the two players rolled to see who had initiative.  The High Elves won that roll, and two of the Silver Helms horses were able to kill a dark rider each.  The knights themselves did poorly, their weapons hitting but failing to do any wounds.  Once again the horses do better than the rider!

Four riders of six were able to strike back.  Four wounds were inflicted but the heavy armor of the Helms' was too much.  The Dark Riders fled and outdistanced the Silver Helms by an inch, rolling 12" to flee and the Helms rolling 11.

The epic battle of lord vs lord was about to take place.  The Griffon hit 2 of it's 4 attacks and wounded both, but the heavy armor of the dark elf lord saved him.  Caledor swung his sword, the two elf lord's clanging steel off of steel.  Magical sparks flew as the blades traced an intricate web of death.  Caledor managed 1 hit of 4, and that was enough to put a mark on the Dark Elf lord who failed his ward save (no armor save from the sword).

The Dark Elf lord hit back, striking ALL 4 TIMES!  With no armor save from the sword, Dave was practically drooling.  The High Elf prince only had 2 wounds!  Needing 3s to wound... Dave rolled 3 1s and a single 2, not doing a damn thing to the high elf.  Combat continued with Dave cursing.

Dark Elf Turn 3

The Cold Ones charged at the eagle, but it fled off the table.  Melissa lost those 50 points but the Cold Ones were now exposing their flank to Captain Eriador and his men.  You can only guess what was going to happen next.

The Dark Riders rallied and faced the Silver Helms, who were sure to charge again.  The 10 Corsairs turned around and moved behind the Silver Helms, in a dim effort to catch the knights from behind should the Dark Riders be fortunate enough to survive a charge. 

Terrel's corsairs turned around and moved towards Captain Eriador and his men, hoping for a failed terror check which would put the Captain off the table as his flee would take him directly toward the table edge a mere 5 inches away.


Terrel tried to chill the silver helms, but a dispel scroll took care of that.  Soul Stealer was tried against the Silver Helms as well, but it didn't make the power.


The Repeating Bolt Thrower tried to hit the BSB's unit again, and again it went wide left.


The Griffon was unable to strike the Dark Elf lord.  Caledor's blade hit true 3 times, doing 3 wounds which ripped through the Dark Elf's heavy armor with magical ease.  The Dark Elf lord died on the battle field, but managed to rebound one of those 3 wounds back to Caledor, who now only had 1 wound remaining!

High Elf Turn 4

The High Elves were confident that they had the game won now.  Captain Eriador declares a charge into the Cold One's flank, and passes his fear check.  The cold ones are in a bad way with the high elf captain in their flank with the Battle Banner.

The Silver Helms on the right side of the board charge into the remnants of the Dark Riders.

The Silver Helms scared by Terrel begin moving back up the board to threaten the corsairs.  The chariot moved up to get behind the Cold Ones should they manage to survive, and Caledor turned 180 degrees to face Terrel's unit.


Drain Magic failed


The Repeater fires long long range at the 10 corsairs at the corner of the board with six shots, skewering three of the 10.  The dark elves make their panic check.

The ten others that have been firing (AR2) fire at Terrel's unit, hitting 6 wounding 4 and actually killing 2!  The unit numbered 15 now.


On the hill, the crewmember swings at the reaper but missed.  The horse killed the last reaper crewmember, netting a sweet 100 victory points for the war machine's demise.

The charging silver helms on the right face off against six remaining dark riders.  Their horses kill 2 and the lances kill the other 4, totally destroying what was left of that unit and over running off of the table and away from the (now) 7 corsairs.

On the left, Captain Eriador and his men hit the Cold Ones hard in the flank.  The knights impale 2 of the dark knights on their lances, and Captain Eriador charges in with his banner held high and slices two more down.  The three remaining cold ones flee and are cut down as the silver helm unit captured their second banner of the night and go off the board.

Dark Elf Turn 4

There is not much left for Dave.  He has a unit of 7 corsairs, Terrel and 14 of her corsairs, and a reaper left.  Terrel turns to face the five man silver helm unit coming at her.  The 7 corsairs turn to wait for the arrival of the silver helm unit coming back on the board.


Terrel calls upon the dark arts to freeze two of the five silver helms with Chill wind.  Their lifeless bodies shatter as they hit the ground.


The Reaper takes aim at the elf lord on griffon.  It is a battle for a moral victory here... the elf lord has but one wound left.  The log fires... and misses rolling yet another 1.

High Elf Turn 5

The three silver helms left try to charge Terrel but once again are afraid of her mask, failing the fear check and holding.  Captain Eriador and his men move onto the table and rumble up to a spot right behind Terrel's corsair unit, ready to charge in turn 6.  The chariot rumbles behind Captain Eriador, though it is out of range to do anything. 

Caledor flies his mount to Terrel's unit's flank.  She is about to be hit on three sides and knows she is about to die.


Drain Magic fails yet again.


The archers fire off at Terrel's unit but their arrows fail to do any damage.

The Repeating Bolt Thrower fires six shots at the seven corsairs remaining, dropping another three to the wicked barbs and leaving four to stand around and prepare to meet their end from the silver helms emerging from the corner.

Dark Elf Turn 5

The four corsairs turn around and prepare to meet their end, snarling curses at the seven silver helms who are charging in from the corner after riding down the Dark Riders.  Terrel spits on the ground and prepares for the thundrous charge that will send her soul to the pit of hell.


In a desperate attempt to take some of her enemies with her, Terrel casts Chill Wind again at Captain Eriador's unit, but their armor is only frosted over. 


The Repeating Bolt Thrower has one last shot at firing at the elf prince.  The log fires off and manages to do two wounds to the griffon as it impales it's leg.  The griffon is now very angry with 2 wounds remaining.

High Elf Turn 6

Terrel's unit is being pointed at by the eraser of a pencil.  Caledor on his griffon charges forward into the flank.  Captain Eriador makes his fear check from the mask and charges forward into the rear of the unit.  The three silver helms charge into the front of her unit. 

The four front silver helms manage 3 kills with their horses, and 1 wound to their lances. 

Captain Eriador's unit slams home and does 1 wound with the horses and 3 wounds from the lances.  Captain Eriador kills another 2 with his trusty blade.  Caledor's griffon does 2 wounds, and Caledor himself does another with his magical sword. 

All in all 12 corsairs of the 15 remaining died on that charge.  Terrel tried to flee but the mob of High Elves on top of her was too many and the bloody griffon caught her and broke her body in half.  Her dark art had failed her, and Terrel had joined the ranks of the dead.

On the other side of the table, the seven silver helms charged into the four corsairs and easily killed all four of them.

The only thing left on the table was one last Reaper Bolt Thrower.  The Dark Elves had been destroyed almost to a man.

Dave plays dead with the rest of his army


High Elves capture 3 banners, have 2 quarters, and killed the general for 2,495 points

Dark Elves 220 points

High Elf Massacre

League Scoring: High Elf Win = 5 pts + 2 pts for Comp = 7

Dark Elf Loss = 1 pt + 1 pt for Comp = 2