LWGA Battle Report


Dave Helm's Dark Elves


Joe Bahm's Dwarfs


It's good to be back to the fantasy season.  After a year of waiting, the seventh LWGA fantasy league is about to kick off in January!  Last year saw some exciting match ups, some surprise results, and a new champion.  2005 promises to be equally as challenging and exciting, with our new champion, Jesse Copeland, preparing to defend his title amongst fifteen other players.

This battle report highlights the final week of our preseason schedule, where players get together and fine tune their army lists before the start of the new season.  The LWGA fantasy season is pretty simple.  Players submit to the moderator a 1900 point or more list (max 2200 points), and this army list is locked in for the eight game regular season, and playoff if the players qualify (top eight players go to the playoff). 

The remaining points are modular in that they are able to be swapped in and out game to game.  This means that if you turn in a crappy 1900 point roster, you are going to be struggling the entire year to fix things.  The preseason is a very important time to correct mistakes and try new things before preparing to lock in.

This battle report features Dave Helm, who will be bringing his dark elves in for the third straight year.  Dave is looking to at least go .500 this year (equal wins as losses) and is trying to shake the losing streak off his back.  His opponent is Joe Bahm, a new dwarf player with about five months of experience.

The battle was a learning experience for both players.  Dave has a hard time tangling with dwarfs, and Joe is trying to learn the game.  As such, the game went on with some help to both players.  For you, the reader, sit back and watch how things unfold and ask yourself what you would have done different.

This report will be submitted to the general audience on a turn by turn basis.  This means that a turn will be completed each day and turned in to you to view. 

Let's check out the rosters and the deployment of both armies.  2200 pts

Dave Helm - last year's record 1-5-1 (overall 1-10-3)

  Dave is looking to go 4-4 this year (we moved to an 8 game format this year).  He has learned a lot over the years and will hope to prove that.  His roster is listed below, and features his locked in roster plus his additional points, which are spent on the Manflayers.

Highborn with Crimson Death (S6), and Heart of Darkness (4+ ward)

Sorceress (level 2) with two dispel scrolls

20 Warriors with full command

11 Repeating Crossbow

2 units of Dark Riders x5 with musician, crossbows, spears)

20 Executioners with full command

15 Black Guard with full command

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

Cold One Chariot x2

Manflayers (additional to the 1900 point locked in roster)

Joe Bahm (no record)

  Dwarf Lord with light armor, shield, Master Rune of Gromril, rune of cleaving x2, rune of Fire, rune of Stone

Battle Standard with Gromril armor, shield, BSB, Master Rune of Groth One Eye, Rune of Kadrin, Rune of Battle - (note that this was later found to be illegal but for this battle it was used)

Engineer with light armor and Rune of Fury, and Master Rune of Gromril

20 Warriors with heavy armor, great weapon, full command

20 Warriors with heavy armor, great weapon, full command

10 Crossbow

10 Thunderers

20 Iron breakers with full command and rune of Kadrin

15 Slayers with standard


2 Stone Throwers

Pre Battle Setup

Dave rolled on the Lore of Shadows and got Creeping Death and the Dark Steed.  (Spells 1 & 2 on the list).  He would have 4 power dice to Joe's 5 dispel dice.  Not a very magical game.

The above picture shows the battlefield from the right flank.  Dave has formed up a pretty tight line, spanning most of the table length.  His dark riders spanned both flanks, with the two chariots backing up warriors and executioners (the picture shows the new chariot just bought next to the warriors) with the center consisting of executioners and black guard. 

This picture shows the center / left of the table and illustrates the center of the dwarf deployment.  Again notice Dave's deployment.  The dwarfs are centered around a hill, where thunderers stand in front of crossbowmen, utilizing the hill to allow them all to fire, and flanked on either side by stone throwers. 

Slayers anchor the left flank... and the battle standard bearer and his men anchor the right.  A possible switch of this would allow for the slayers to be on the right flank, as that is where the dark elves would be coming from, instead of placing the slayers on the left and possibly out of the game.

The center consisted of the iron breakers and lord and his entourage, which would be expected to hold any charges to allow the rear warrior/slayer unit to counter charge into.

The dwarfs had enough shooting to really damage the elite dark elf infantry army, and Dave would have to utilize his own shooting to slow and/or stop the dwarfs from cutting up huge holes in his units.

Finally, the man flayers lurked by the building in the dwarf's deployment zone, out of sight of anyone and waiting to unleash some havoc.

Turn 1