L.W.G.A Storm of Chaos Battle Report

June 2004

Dave Helm's Dark Elves


Brian Ching's Cult of Slaanesh

Welcome to another battle report, this time featuring our first Storm of Chaos piece.  It's a bit early for an "official" Storm of Chaos battle, as the real campaign does not start until July.  However, that doesn't mean that we can't get ready for it and get a few games in to prepare!

This report is being fought by two dark elf players, Dave Helm and Brian Ching.  Dave will be fielding the classic dark elf list, and Brian will be running a Storm of Chaos Cult of Slaanesh list.  The army rosters will be 2250 points (point size for the independent GT circuit which Brian last attended last week in Little Rock Arkansas, and which the group will be attending this September in Lexington, Kentucky) and a couple of things would be used to set the game up.

First, terrain would be rolled up as normal except the players would use the 'scatter' method of placement, which is simply placing the rolled up piece of terrain in the center of the quadrant for which it was rolled, and roll a scatter dice and 4D6.  The total number indicated by the 4D6 would be how many inches the terrain piece would scatter, and the scatter dice would of course point in the direction where the terrain would go.

Second, the Scenario Generator would be used.  The scenario generated for this game was a Meeting Engagement with the Kill Em All objective.  This was played a bit differently then the Meeting Engagement in the main rule book.



First, the players would pick up to 3 vanguard units on their roster, and they would come onto the table first from a point on their deployment zone, moving as if moving onto the table after leaving it.  (No charges are allowed).  In addition, a vanguard unit may move again if a mainline unit comes in as reserve instead of coming in with normal deployment.

The Kill Em All objective means that players receive double points for a unit that is destroyed.  These extra twists would definitely prove interesting, especially with the initial deployment since effectively there wasn't a real deployment zone, the units would move on from a point as if they had pursued the enemy off the table a turn prior, and especially with vanguard units being able to move up to two times.  It would be interesting to see if the players would sacrifice main units deployment to get to move a faster vanguard unit twice, and what units would be sacrificed.

We shall see as the Dark Elves prepare to fight their heretic Cult of Slaanesh cousins...


Dave's Army and Pregame thoughts...