Cycle 1 Battle Report
Skaven and Slaaneshi Chaos Warriors
vs High Elves and Empire
4000 pts

The Greyseer Skoulk crested the windswept hill with his chittering rat-horde, looking out across a golden sea of wheat.  His army had crossed the border into the Tenchi No Mon region of the Empire, a backwater province past Kislev and stretching toward the east.  He had expected to see the road continue south, where he was to meet up with Lord Corvus' troops and begin the sacking of the farming villages that dotted the countryside.  What he saw instead made his already grey-fur run a little greyer. 

Arrayed before him in their battle armor which gleamed in the sun, and with their colored banners fluttering in the warm summer air stood the host of Kuranai the Illusionist.  With her was an equal number of gleaming white banners belonging to a host of Hoeth, the High Elves of Ulthuan!  Skoulk looked back at his troops and noted that he had lost several regiments, mainly missile troops who had been complaining of shoddy equipment.  His numbers were great, but the humans and elves had equalized his numbers.

"Shit-Shit."  The seer said, climbing down from his bell platform.  His warlords looked at him uncertainly, nervously fingering their gear and weapons.  None would meet his gaze.  The smell of their fear was sickening.  A faint flicker of courage held the seer from defecating all over his platform and taking flight, however.  He had sent messengers to the man-thing known as "The Lion", and he knew that the warlord and his men would be nearby to come to their aid.  Yes, the man-things would come and die for Skoulk, he knew.  The Horned Rat had forseen it.

"What do we do-do?"  A chieftain known as Skarz asked, turning bloodshot eyes up to the Skoulk.  "The man-things and the elf-things are too stabbity.  They has a tank-thing down there as well!  I'm not fighting this war to die-die!"  He said, froth curdling on his whiskers and mouth.  Skoulk narrowed his eyes dangerously at the cowardly chieftain and backhanded him, sending him reeling back into his stormvermin.

"You will do-do what *I* say weakling!  We too close to the human-things cities now, we were promised them and our allies are close to help-help!"  The seer screamed.  Skarz rubbed his jaw ruefully, looking at the seer with a mixture of hate and fear as a thin rivulet of blood leaked out of his mouth.  "We stall!  Take your slaves and prepare your meat-sacks for glory."  Skoulk leaned in on the chieftain, the stench of his breath spewing onto the warrior.  "Don't fail this or else your life be forfeit to the Horned One!"  Skarz narrowed his eyes and turned in a huff, his pride injured as he began squeaking orders to his storm vermin.

Murmurs from the front lines caught Skoulk's attention as he looked to see what caused the commotion.  Off behind them a large dust plume billowed into the air, kicked up by a host of steel-clad warriors.  The white banner of The Lion gleamed righteously in the sunlight and Skoulk's heart pitter patted in his chest with relief to see the human warlord leading a column of his men towards the battlefield atop a beautiful chestnut mare that belched fire and brimstone.  His golden armor was like 1000 treasures and for a moment, Skoulk was mezmorized by the son of Slaanesh.  He shook his head and cleared it before climbing back atop his bell. 

IIn front of him, the humans and elves were preparing to march to war, and with reinforcements behind him, Skoulk felt much better about the situation... the great war had begun on the farmlands of Tenchi No Mon...


The battlefield was  fairly flat.  On the foreground deployment zone for the chaos/skaven side, there was a roadside inn.  The center of the battlefield held a forest of trees and near that was a set of ruins that jutted out of the earth like ancient grey teeth.  A large hill sat on either side of the field, giving both sides a commanding view of the entire battlefield.

The image above shows the main portions of the battle lines for both sides.  The skaven and chaos forces outnumbered the humans and elves roughly 2.5:1 in numbers and units, which would prove to be a strong advantage.  Lining up in the center of the chaos line were two units of hounds which formed a missile screen against the enemy's ranged attacks.  Behind them were 20 chaos warriors armed with dual weapons and the RAZOR STANDARD which would give them armor piercing abilities.  Herxes the army standard bearer marched with them wearing the Armour of Damnation which would cause all successful hits against him to be re-rolled.  To the left of the warriors were seven marauder horsemen whose role it was to harrass the backlines of the enemy.  To the right of the warriors was a stout unit of 32 marauders armed with flails.  Screening them was a large unit of forty clan rats.

Across the way on the left side sat the empire "death star", a unit of 20 great swords packed with the Illusionist (level 4 wizard), her army standard bearer, and a warpriest.  They were accompanied by twenty spearmen.  Moving down the lines, twenty elf spear sat in the center next to twenty swordmasters, followed by another twenty human swordsmen, and buttressed by a unit of twenty hand gunners with a spear detachment.  Weighing down the right side of the human line was a notorious steam tank belching forth smoke and anxious to get into the fray!

Behind these units on the hill sat the high elf commander, a level 4 fire wizard, with his army standard bearer sitting amidst twenty archers.  Another unit of twenty archers occupied the hill and then three war engines prepared their wares:  a bolt thrower, a hellstrom rocket launcher, and an imperial cannon!

The right flank was weighted heavily in favor of the chaos/skaven side as you can see in this image here.  The hellcannon and screaming bell can be seen.  Due to a campaign strategem possessed by the empire player, the two models had to switch positions (the hell cannon once occupied the back edge).  A nasty abomination sat next to the screaming bell, gurgling and oozing everywhere.  Forty skaven slaves screened a unit of armored marauders led by the slaaneshi sorcerer (level 2), and another forty slaves screened the storm vermin on the right flank.

Across the way, only a unit of elven spear and a unit of seaguard held the flank for the elves and humans.  The steam tank was going to have to earn its reputation and help drive back these numerous enemies!


The left flank for the humans was weighed heavily by a single "death star" unit.  Knowing this, the left flank for the skaven and human side contained some powerful melee units which were deployed in such a way to overwhelm and destroy the illusionist and her bodyguard (she was bunkered in the second rank, safe "for now")

You can see her another unit of marauder horsemen running with chaos hounds.  Plague monks would be the first cargo delivered to the great swords, and whatever survived that (if any) would have to deal with the chaos lord "The Lion" and his slaaneshi knights.

NOTE:  All chaos units on the table are marked with Slaanesh where it's possible to do so.  Also note out of sight in the courtyard is a chaos chariot and in the tower are a unit of Jezzails.  Chaos' only ranged unit is the Hellcannon and the skaven's only ranged unit are the jezzails due to the campaign event that cost the skaven 250 points of troops due to shoddy equipment!  However, numbers were definitely on the side of the skaven and chaos.

Pre-Game Analysis

Movement Goes to the skaven and chaos side with more maneuverability. The humans and elves are composed of entirely infantry units.
Numbers (models) 343 models for skaven/chaos vs 230 models for humans / high elves - numbers go to skaven and chaos
Magic Humans and High Elves both field a level 4 versus the skaven grey seer and a chaos level 2 slaaneshi sorcerer.  Magic goes to the humans and elves
Shooting Clear favorite here.  The high elves and empire enjoy a very comfortable shooting advantage with 60 bows, 40 guns, two cannons, a rocket launcher, and a bolt thrower
Combat Facing chaos knights and chaos warriors and a formidable chariot along with storm vermin and plague monks, the elves and humans are outmatched in combat units
Overall This matchup is going to depend on how well the humans and elves shoot and use their sorcery.  Target acquisition will be a key skill here.  They will need to weaken the main combat units of their enemies (chaos warriors, plague monks, chaos knights, abomination primarily) while keeping their steam tank from being grounded by chaffe units so that it can cause damage to one of the main units.  With the numbers advantage, the forces of Destruction can use their chaffe troops to screen casualties and block off the tank.  Also the human death star is in a bad position on the flank and outmatched and if it falls, the humans lose a significant portion of their offensive capability.

The random piece of terrain generated here is a road.  The elves are bartering up their barren tile, and the empire army is bartering up their farmland in exchange for chaos bartering their barren tile and the skaven bartering their barren tile. 

Secondary objectives are to kill the other generals for everyone but chaos, who is tasked with either capturing an army standard, OR capturing three enemy standards.  The primary mission is a battleline pitched battle.


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