ChrisNye.NET Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report

Chaos Mortals


Wood Elves

September 2006


Welcome to ChrisNye.Net's second 7th edition Warhammer Fantasy battle report!  This episode features the dreaded cheese-os mortal army led by Chris Nye taking on the cheesealicious, yet dainty, Wood Elves led by Brian Jackey.  This battle report was originally going to be done in Flash, but time constraints have made that impossible as we will be hosting an official Warseer battle report upcoming as well as some article submissions.

This is a battle that will feature two diametric armies in almost every way.  Chaos is well renown for relying on brute strength to muscle their opponents into submission, while Wood Elves are very fast, very mobile, and are very good at taking the fight to the opponent.  Something new added to this battle report are prices for the army in terms of dollar amounts.  Some people wondered how much it costs to get into the hobby, so I figured I'd put dollar totals next to models.

I hope you enjoy this battle report as we look into the game a bit and see what happens when the irresistible force meets the dancing elusive object.

Click here to download the audio file of this battle

The Forces of Chaos

It had been far too long since my boys in red and black marched.  I normally field my khornites, but I know that wood elves are the last army I want to face with a frenzied force.  I am quite pleased with the new frenzy rule that frenzy my mounts however.  That's right boys and girls... my khorne ponies are not only S4... they come with two attacks.  Heap the cheese on me thank you.  Thank you.  You are too kind.

My undivided force was my first chaos army (I have three... yes I am a fallen soul).  It is led by a special edition Games Day figure holding an elf up by the throat.  He is my favoritest of models.  I call him Lord Ba'al.  Sometimes he can be heard muttering in his case about ruining other peoples' souls. 

So the deal is I'm up against Brian Jackey and his wood elves.  Unofficially I've never actually beaten Brian ever.  We often draw and have close games though he is typically up in points.  Our last game saw his wood elves squeak out a draw against my khorne boys.  When I say squeak out, let me recap for you:

My chosen warriors are charged in the flank by glade riders, in the rear by war dancers and dryads, and in the right flank by a treeman.  They all bounced.  I was firmly up in points by turn 6 and Brian had the bottom of the turn.  Bottom of the 6th turn comes up and he forces a panic check on my marauder unit that also had my chaos lord and a khorne hero within (circumstances made me put them in the unit to prevent them from becoming pincushions).

Long story short I rolled a 10 on the panic check and the marauders fled with the lord and hero, netting Brian some serious points... enough to secure a draw instead of the solid loss that I had finally laid upon him.

Legendary.  Even in hell. 

So here is some payback.  Problem is I've never taken on the new Wood Elf army list before.   I had my third retirement from warhammer shortly after the book was released.  As such, I really had no idea what to expect.  This battle would be an educational one for me, and hopefully there would be much soiling of elven honor.  Anytime I soil Brian's elven honor, I become giddy with joy. 

We agreed to play the typical Independent Grand Tournament point total of 2200 points.  The first thing I had to do was pull Lord Ba'al out and kit him out.  I knew I'd be facing off against multi wound nasty things like Treemen and the like, so I gave him the Rending Sword, which does D3 wounds per successful wound.  For armor I kitted him out with the enchanted shield (coupled with chaos armor gives him a 2+ armor save).  To top it off, I honored Brian with my "A" game and gave him the Crown of Conquest which would grant him the new regenerative capabilities.  (a 4+ ward save essentially)

His retinue consisted of a pair of level 2 wizards.  The first I kitted with a spell familiar (gives him an additional spell) and a dispel scroll.  He took from the fire lore.  The other wizard took from the Death lore and I gave him a power familiar which would allow him an additional power dice and dispel dice.  To represent this model, Brian let me use one of his oh so pretty fairy models, which we agreed was enslaved and angry.

My troop choices were typical for me.  A block of 21 marauders with armor and shields accompanied by 20 chaos warriors with shields, full command, and the sweet Banner of Wrath to give me some additional magical goodness.

Five hounds joined the roster along with six very special friends, chosen knights, in fact.  I gave them a musician and champion but declined on the banner.  I figured they'd bite it in combat somewhere and I didn't want to give away the points for the banner.  I'd have to rely on their killy goodness to carry me through the day.

My special choices were ten furies and four trolls.  I really like what the new trolls are capable of doing, now that regeneration is more like a ward save and is taken before combat ends.  It really ups their survivability, and each of these bad boys dishes out FOUR strength 5 hits.  Trolls can pack the pawning. 

Last, I took a Shaggoth and gave him light armor (to give him a 3+ armor save) and a great weapon.  All told my roster was 2,198 points.  This is a pretty small chaos force.  It has a whole 70 models in it.  I have a lot of hard hitting units, the question will be can I take what the wood elves dish out to me?  Being so outnumbered, I'm going to have to really choose my targets carefully and really hope my magic does a number on my opponent.

Lord Ba'al, Lord of Chaos with Rending Sword, Enchanted Shield, Crown of Conquest 310 pts $15 (fig was Games Day)
Sorcerer of Chaos, Level 2, Spell Familiar, Dispel Scroll 160 pts $10
Sorcerer of Chaos, Level 2, Power Familiar 170 pts $10 ($4 reaper fig used)
21 Marauders with light armor and shields and full command 172 pts $70 (2 boxes)
20 Chaos Warriors with Shields, Full Command, and Banner of Wrath 380 pts $70 (2 boxes)
6 Chaos Chosen Knights with musician and champion 300 pts $100 (2 boxes)
5 Warhounds 30 pts $40 (1 box)
10 Chaos Furies (special choice slot 1 of 4) 150 pts $40 (1 box)
4 Chaos Trolls (special choice slot 2 of 4) 220 pts $80 ($20 ea)
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth (rare slot 1 of 2) with light armor and great weapon 306 pts $45
  2,198 pts $480.00

Wood Elves

Brian's commentary can be heard on the accompanying audio file.  Essentially Brian is going to want to deploy his forces in such a manner as to split the chaos forces up as much as possible.  Doing so will not only irritate Chris greatly, but it will allow his more fragile units to pick their fight and earn their points a lot easier. 

One thing is certain, the elves do not want to directly confront the chaos forces, especially in the beginning of the game!  While they have a lot of good and hard hitting units like the tree lord and tree kin, the majority of the army is going to be torn like paper if they engage the more solid chaos warriors and knights.

The wardancers took a hit in power from their previous ravening hordes incarnation.  The dryads, however, are a steal for their points.  Brian gleefully put two units of the buggers in his army as their strong attacks, skirmishing movement, and resilience to damage were going to hopefully prove a big factor in the game.  Brian was unsure if beastmen were going to accompany this chaos horde (none were), and dryads are renown for their ability to trash beastmen over and over again.  (chaos players note, hide your beastmen from wood elf players)


Darkroot the Ancient, Tree Lord with annoyance of netlings, cluster of radiants 375 pts $45
Lady Alanah Moonsinger, level 1 wizard with two dispel scrolls, longbow 140 pts $10
Whisper the Huntsmaster, longbow, light armor, shield, great weapon, Hunter's Talon, Pagent of Strikes, Elf Steed 145 pts $17
5 Glade Riders with standard and musician 147 pts $35 (1 box)
10 Dryads with champion 132 pts $70 (2 boxes)
10 Dryads with champion 132 pts --
10 Gladeguard with longbow 120 pts $70 (2 boxes)
10 Gladeguard with longbow 120 pts --
10 Gladeguard with longbow 120 pts --
7 Wild Riders with champion, light armor, standard, musician, Banner of Dwindling 268 pts $50 (1 box)
8 Wardancers with champion 165 pts $63
4 Treekin with Champion 280 pts $68 ($17 ea)
1 Great Eagle 50 pts $15
  2,194 pts $443


Onto Deployment