LWGA Battle Report

Preseason Match Up

Chris Nye's Trumpets of Khorne


Brian Jackey's Wood Elves

Chris Nye

Ah it is time once again to break out the fantasy armies and get them ready for league play.  I have been digging around and decided that I will attempt to defend my league title with the forces of chaos.  More specifically I am going to break out my old GT army, the Trumpets of Khorne.  

We have a new format for our league this year.  We will be submitting 1900 point rosters which will be saved here on the website and then we can adjust 300 points more to our roster for a total of 2200 points.  

This means that we will no longer be tooling up to fight certain armies, and we are hoping the cheese factor will be lowered a bit.  We also do not allow special characters.

So with this in mind I had to set out and create a 1900 point roster that can take on all comers.

To choose a chaos lord or not to choose one... that is the question

Half the time I go without a chaos lord.  However, my GT army is led by Zar Ziggar, the Herald of Archon.  He weighs in at a cheesy 374 points and has a big bull's-eye targeted on his chest.  I put him on a horse and equipped him with the Rending Sword (D3 wounds), Crown of Conquest (for that extra cheesy ability of regeneration), and the Enchanted Shield (to see my opponent's face light up with delight when they find out that Zar Ziggar has a 0+ armor save).  He is of course marked with Khorne and will be responsible for the upkeep of my world championship title.  (Ok, the Louisville championship title... so I was trying to make it bigger then what it was... I play chaos ... give me a break)

Zar Ziggar will lead the Conductors of the End... 7 sweet chaos knights of khorne (non chosen).  They are taking the war banner into combat and with Zar Ziggar they are 8... the sacred number of Khorne.  They come in at 351 points.  So if you do the math you can see that this very cheesy chaos knight unit is over 700 points.  Will they do well or will they fall victim to the Dance of Frenzy?  Time will tell...

That's it for my cavalry.  I ditched my dogs on my solid 1900 point roster.  On foot we have Bhar Ziggar, the Trumpet of Thar Zar (Lord Zar) and Narar Ziggar, the Horn of Thar Zar.  Bhar Ziggar is wearing the Armor of Damnation, so opponents will have to re-roll their hits against him.  His battle standard is nothing special, but I have found the re rolls to be invaluable.  That and it gives my opponent a prize to gun for. 

Narar Ziggar is an exalted champion of Khrone and is carrying the Sword of Might (S6) and also has the mark of khorne and a shield. 

They are leading the bulk of the army... the infantry.  The Dread Warriors of Ziggar are 19 Blood warriors of Khorne, carrying Halberds and Shields and the Banner of Rage so that they don't lose their frenzy.  Each warrior has two attacks with the halberd (S5) and has decent protection against shooting (6s against imperial gunpowder is better then none).  They have serious punch and can handle pretty much anything so long as they are not hit by cavalry.  That will be the challenge!

Finally We have the 20 Acolytes of the End, warriors (marauders) of the wolf clan carrying armor and shields.  They are paired with 10 more of their brethren who are going into battle with flails.

11 Chaos furies round up the rest of the army.  These demons have been sent by the lords of chaos themselves to lend a hand in destroying light infantry units, skirmishers, and warmachines.

This comes out at 1900 points exactly.  Now for Brian's pansy wood elves we have to pay special attention to the light force tactics.  Bearing that in mind I dipped into the second book of chaos... that being the sweet sweet beasts of chaos, and boy do cheap skirmishers ever come in handy! 

I am taking the Wargor Tuskar who will go armed with a great weapon.  He has been angered at the Wood Elves desecration of the herdstone and wants revenge.  He leads a unit of 20 beastmen (13 gors and 7 ungors) that have 2 hand weapons and full command.

A unit of 14 more beastmen add a second unit of skirmishers and combined I will use them as frenzy screens and anti-skirmisher weaponry.

All in all that is 2200 points... and now for the fun.  Wood Elves are the most irritating army ever and I will need to  really get some practice against them or else say bye bye to my league standings when I play them for real.

What do you do against Wood Elves?  Well they excel at playing the Frenzy Dance.  I have to keep my main guys screened at all times.  I also have to watch out for trees being moved hither and thither as well as trees popping up right on top of me. 

Brian loves magic and I expect no less then 11 awesome power dice of pure elven goodness.  I have 7 dispel dice.  I hope it will be enough.  Spells like the comet of cassandra and the thunderbolt of doom will have to be quelled... as will the lore of life which can really wreck your day when trees start eating your men (I am reminded of the orcs demise in The Two Towers in the extended DVD... I expect that today)

That being said... I look forward very much to spilling elven blood and avenging the loss of so much beastmen space in the last fantasy campaign.  Brian is a pretty cool opponent.  We don't have rules arguments, no rules lawyering, cock blocking, or anything else unpleasant.  Brian is one of those players that I would play anytime.  And he is a damn good player so I must learn how to defeat his wood elves!  They are one of the only armies I cannot beat on a regular basis (and as such, my manhood is of course on the line). 

Chaos Army of Khorne
Zar Ziggar, Khorne Lord and Herald of Archon on steed with Rending Sword, Crown of Conquest, and Enchanted Shield 374 points
Bhar Ziggar, Trumpet of Thar Zar with Battle Standard, Mark, and Armor of Damnation (re roll to hit rolls) 170 points
Narar Ziggar, Horn of Thar Zar, Sword of Might, Marked and carries shield 157 pts
Wargor Tuskar with great weapon 64 points
The Conductors of the End, 7 non chosen knights of khorne with full command and war banner 351 points
The Dread Warriors of Ziggar, 19 non chosen khorne warriors with halberds, shields, and Banner of Rage (full command as well) 448 points
The Acolytes of the End, 20 marauders with full command, armor, and shields 165 points
10 Marauders with no name, champion and flails 70 points
11 Chaos Furies 165 points
Beast herd (7 ungors, 13 gors with 2 hand weapons, and command 154 points
Beastherd, 6 ungors, 8 gors with shield and weapon 82 points
2200 Points

Brian's Thoughts

‘Twas the night before battle, and all through the trees,

came the sound of a shrill howling, from a Beast on his knees.

His herdstones lay broken, smashed without care,

While the scent of banished “Ancient” lingered in air.


The wood elves were singing and dancing around

The grotesque beastmen corpses littering the ground.

And Salath, still braying, down on both knees

Makes peace with his gods, ‘fore the elves halt his pleas.

 For Isha!  For Kournos!  Glory be to the Light!

The Feral Elves sang into the night

And the “Sentinel” gripped Salath by his horrid beast wrists

And smashed the fell creature in one oaken fist

<ahem> Oh, sorry, still drawing way too much pleasure from my previous victory over Chris Nye’s Beasties. 

First of all, I acknowledge the stack of awards and the incredible record Chris has gathered, and, indeed, my only other encounter with him left me very impressed with his skill, attitude, and tenacity.  I am quite looking forward to tomorrow’s rematch. I achieved a solid victory in my last match against Chris; unfortunately for me, also had 300 extra points over Chris in that match, a luxury denied to me for this battle report.  This time we’ll be even at 2200 pts. a piece, although I’m only bringing 2191 pts to the table, just to make things more sporting J.  As Chris has indicated that this is to be a pre-league battle report, I’m using my league 1900 point list, so this is more of a general purpose army than just a “smash-the-mortals” roster*. 

*It’s frustrating as all hell to try to prep for any Chaos army anyway, just because GW has felt it necessary to allow the Chaos player to choose from three army lists for their forces.  I’m not going to go into a huge whining session over this, if anyone wants to hear my opinion, I’ll be ready to give it!

 Anyways, onto my battle plan.  As I don’t have a book, my army doesn’t change much between games, and I have very intimate knowledge of the force I bring to the table.  This is good in that I feel I’ve found a role and use for every model on the field, but is bad because my army is fairly predictable.  I arrived at Chris’ today expecting to be fighting the Beastmen, not Chris’ mortal horde.  As I’ll be fighting the mortal horde, I intend to drag frenzied Khornate troops all over the place.  Maybe by turn six I’ll actually engage one or two of them in combat. 

             Let’s be honest: None of my troops can go toe-to-toe  against a Chaos unit of comparable size (unless they’re marauders).  Therefore, I’ll attempt to drag as many of his frenzied units away from the battle until the numbers of his troops are at a level I can take on.  I’ll attempt out-flank and out-maneuver my opponents, only fighting with 3 units-to-1 odds where possible L

 To sum up, I’m 4-1-1 against the forces of evil in the campaign, and undefeated by the Beastmen, but Chris is nothing if not a cunning opponent.  He’s seen me fight, he knows about what I’ll be bringing, so I think most of this battle will be up to the dice (as a good fight should be).  I hope to finish the wonderful Wood Elf Yuletide Carol I began singing at the start of this article, but we’ll just have to see who gets to sing the last verses!

 Here’s the breakdown of the roster: 


Ok, so I didn’t skimp in the magic department.  I also ended up a little above 600 pts, which normally I don’t do with heroes.  My expensive, nearly all toughness 3 elves need to be protected from enemy magic at all costs, though, so at minimum I would have brought two scroll caddies.  Not being a fan of just using mages as caddies, I decided to bring the awesome power of the revised Life magic lores to bear on the foes of Athel Loren.  Two scrolls are mandatory, and the Wand of Jet is useful in adding dice to my pools without paying for another level 1 mage.  The Acorn of Ages can really ruin an opponent’s day by popping up a 3” radius forest wherever I throw it, which should be especially useful against block infantry like Chaos warriors.


First off, let’s go ahead and talk about the Spearmen.  They fit in the army.  Trust me.  Rank bonus and frequent outnumbering is a good thing™.  Especially to a Wood Elf.  If you disagree with a Wood Elf army using the Spearmen , fine, just don’t bring it up to me.  As far as archers go, a total of 20 is usually the max I bring to the field.  I love the Wood Elves for their maneuverability and their assault power, not their ranged abilities.  I don’t buy into the “lots of 5-man archer units” strategy, although I don’t think it’s cheesy unless that’s the only way a Wood Elf deploys his archers.  As far as the Glade Riders go, they’re AS 4+ fast cav with spears and the War Banner.  And any Wood Elf general better know the ins-and-outs of fast cav.  ‘Nuff said.


The heart of most Wood Elven armies, special slots make my army what it is.  12 Dryads are wonderful against anyone, especially when they charge and launch 37 S4 attacks on said charge.  The wardancers are nearly as good, although they usually serve the roll of halting the enemy for a round so that I can get off flank/rear charges.  The Warhawk riders are a great annoyance to most foes, as if you charge them they flee and auto-rally with their Banner of the Lynx, while if you ignore them they will rear-charge you when it’ll hurt most.  Chris LOVES the Banner of the Lynx, just ask him J.


Hmmmm he’s strong, US5, doesn’t break unless wounded, LD10, and he causes terror!  The “Sentinel of Ashfall Grove”, as he’s affectionately known to me, shows up on nearly all of my lists.  He might not be the star this week like he was when he Treewhacked Chris Nye’s “Ancient” Exalted Daemon into the Void, but I’m sure he’ll earn his points back and a few more.

 Here are the numbers:

 1 Archmage @ 330 Pts

     General; Lore of Life; Magic Level 4; Tree-Singing; Longbow

     Acorn of Ages [55]

     Potion of Knowledge [25]

     Talisman of Protection [15]

 1 Mage @ 155 Pts

     Magic Level 2; Lore of Life; Tree-Singing; Longbow

     Dispel Scroll [25]

     Dispel Scroll [25]

 1 Mage @ 155 Pts

     Magic Level 2; Lore of Life; Tree-Singing; Longbow

     Wand of Jet [50]

 19 Glade Guard @ 225 Pts

     Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

      1 Captain @ [10] Pts

 5 Glade Riders @ 191 Pts

     Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

     War Banner [25]

      1 Horse Master @ [16] Pts

      6 Elf Steed @ [0] Pts


12 Archers @ 156 Pts


 8 Archers @ 104 Pts


 11 Dryads @ 256 Pts

      1 Forest Spirit @ [16] Pts

 9 Wardancers @ 171 Pts

     2ndWeapon; Musician

      1 First Dancer @ [14] Pts

 6 Warhawk Riders @ 198 Pts

     Spear and Shield; Spear; Shield; Light Armour; Standard; Musician

     Banner of the Lynx [30]

      6 Warhawk @ [0] Pts

 1 Treeman @ 250 Pts

 Casting Pool: 11

Dispel Pool: 7

Models in Army: 78

Total Army Cost: 2191


My photography abilities are still kind of... amateurish.  Coupled by the fact that I want to chuck my camera out the door... but I digress.  The above show the battle field where we fought our battle.  On my side of the table you can see a hedge wall and a marsh where my block of warriors are sitting on.  Another marsh strewn with boulders sits in the center of the board and on his edge you can see a stream and another rock wall.

A magical forest sprouted out of the center of the table, covered in flowers and peace signs and hippy plants.  To the right of the table there are a couple of farmsteads and a hill.

Deployment for chaos was pretty straight forward.  On the far left we had the unit of chaos warriors and the battle standard bearer's unit.  Two units of beast herds were strung out across the center, acting as a frenzy screen.  Behind them you can see the unit of chaos knights which were pretty much in the center of the board.  I also placed my furies behind the beastmen by my chaos warriors on the left.   I placed my two units of marauders opposite his medium cavalry unit.  I didn't think one unit of marauders would be able to deal with elvish cavalry so I wanted to make sure I had two units in place for counter charge after I got hit the first time.

Across from me he placed a unit of hawks and archers behind the stream.  They were discussing some gay elf ritual, I couldn't quite comprehend the totality of it all though.  Across the stream by the wall were War Dancers, getting ready to stick it to me with no lube... and a unit of glade guard who were preparing to take the wall.  To the right of the wall was the ever handy treeman and his unit of dryads. 

Over by the house was another line of archers (deployed so that they had no line of sight...but... elves are elves what can you say.  To finish it off there was a unit of cavalry to the right of the house across from the marauders. 


Chaos Turn 1

Brian rolled for his spells.  All three of his wizards took the lore of life.  Sweet.  I like it when trees and marshes and thorns eat me.  His first mage rolled up marsh and thorns, his second rolled up thorns and stone, and his arch mage rolled up marsh, thorn, wind, and rain.  Wind and rain didn't mean much to me, but he had a lot of spells to slow me down and inflict pain and suffering on me. 

I won the roll to go first.  Above you can see Zar Ziggar and his knights behind the beastmen herd preparing to advance.  The order was given and the screen began to advance, bleating in the air and raising their weapons in the air menacingly.

The wood elves on the other side of the field yawned.  They heard the chants "Blood for the Blood God" and prepared to run circles around the chaos army.

Narar Ziggar held up a wood elf by the throat, a spy he had caught the night before.  He menaced the wood elf lines with the struggling bath house proprieter as his marauders moved forward as well.  The wood elf cavalry across from me made me nervous, but I wanted to keep them away from my main lines.  They couldn't just IGNORE my marauders.  Or could they?  We would find out.

The furies behind the battle lines flapped forward and positioned themselves in FRONT of my beastmen so they could charge next turn.  I had a plethora of targets to choose from.  Brian likes to leave his wizards by themselves sometimes, and one of these days I will catch one with his pants down (well... the wood elves usually have their pants down but that's another story entirely for another time)



Bhar Ziggar lifted the Battle Standard high in the air and the warriors began their stoic march chanting in a high voice "Blood for the blood god!  Skulls for the skull throne!"  After each chant, the mighty dragon standard (shown on the right of the picture) would blow out a mighty blow.  It was a finely crafted horn that appeared as two dragons coming together and facing away from each other.

I made sure to keep them behind my beastmen and furies, because I knew that Brian was very crafty and I could easily see those hawks flying over to my left flank to draw my warriors off to the left and forever out of action.  With the beast and fury screen in front he couldn't do that... and I don't think he would risk his hawks by the left edge of the table with my furies able to charge (360 degree charge arc on skirmishers is SWEET)

Pressing question some might have for me is... why did you put the BSB on the left flank?  Usually a BSB goes in the center of your lines so that more units might better benefit from it.  I agree that this is usually the case. 

However, the center was choked with terrain and the new magical forest that  I knew would appear there.  Foot troops and difficult terrain are not cool, especially when you NEED to get into hand to hand combat to score points.  And let's face it... I have no magic... I have no shooting.  I need hand to hand combat.

My men were moved up.  My phase was ended.  Now let's see what the wood elves would do...

Wood Elf Turn 1

The vile and corrupt wood elves began their plan of making the heroic Trumpets of Khorne chase their tails.  The horsemen across from my marauders bolted with blinding speed around the hill to my marauder's right flank.  They were positioned behind the hill in such a way that they could not SEE my marauders right flank (and as such could not hit them in the right flank and I could continue to move forward to get into his deployment zone)

In the center of the battle field the dryads shambled close to where the archers were on their left (picture's right) and the treeman lumbered into the forest, his anger at the heroic chaos forces legendary.

To the left side of the battle field, the elven spear unit pulled forward behind the wall and defended it while the war dancers moved forward to sit about 10" in front of the furies.  The warhawks glided behind the dancers and not to the warriors left, as the furies and beastmen were now screening them.


What do you do against 11 power dice?  Pray.  I had 7 dispel dice but I could guarantee at least one spell going off.  Brian started off with his arch mage casting the Mistress of the Marsh against my beastmen screening my warriors on the left.  I failed to dispel, and the ground around the beasts became incredibly muddy.  This would slow my beastmen down to half movement in the next movement phase and really hurt my movement.  I HAD to get into combat quickly or I would be torn apart and this was not helping matters much!

A flurry of other spells were dispelled or failed to go off, such as another marsh spell, a thorn spell on the furies, another thorn spell on the furies, and a spell to allow the trees to move around (with the treeman in it).  However, I was not able to stop the thorn father from lashing out at my furies.  Tendrils of wood elf goodness lashed out at my furies and killed two of the eleven furies.

*Whew* well... the magic phase could have been worse.  The beastmen were incredibly slowed next turn which would hurt my warriors chance of getting into combat and my furies were dropped by a couple but I was still hanging in there pretty well.


Twelve archers and two mages shot at my furies with their longbows.  Two more furies dropped to the ground dead, leaving me now with just seven.

Chaos Turn 2


The above photos show the layout of the board at the start of my turn 2.  My furies had a gap to hit the warhawks in.  Warhawks are nasty and are great frenzy dancers.  They must go... so my furies charged.

They were so fearsome that Brian rolled a 12 for his leadership check and then promptly fled off the table.  My furies landed behind where they used to be.  Score some points to the fearsome might of chaos!

Those were all of the charges I was eligible for, though my beastmen might have been able to hit the dryads I wasn't going to risk it at the moment.  My beastmen had to take a terror check as the treeman was menacing them from the woods, but they made it on a 9 (and were within 12" of the chaos lord... )

On the left flank I tried desperately to get my beastmen and warriors to move up but that accursed elven magic was slowing my beastmen down and my warriors could not move through them!  The muddy slop was pulling them down.  This could not continue... Khorne preserve us from this filthy and cowardly magic!

Zar Ziggar had to take a moment for the center of the table.  Here we had a deadly treeman waiting in the trees and dryads who could snap any unit in half.  The beastmen were commanded to take the western part of the woods, while Zar Ziggar and his knights took the eastern path.  The screen was no longer needed, the knights would have contact with something very soon.  The dryads would be able to charge either the beastmen or the knights.  The beastmen would be the easier of the two to crush but my herds have impressed me lately.

Over on the right the marauders continued to move forward to get into the elven deployment zone.  I didn't want the elven knights to hit me in the rear so I kept my small unit of 10 flail boys behind to stay in my corner to contest the quarter and give the knights something to think about should they come to close to the main unit.

Wood Elves turn 2

The wood elves saw the fury of khorne bearing down on them and needed some counter assault of their own.  And boy do they pack plenty.  The dryads charged into my beastmen herd and the war dancers charged into the furies behind them.

The elven cavalry went back around the hill to where they started, watching my main unit of marauders.  They still couldn't prevent me from marching but I didn't want them on my flank to nail me. 

The arch mage backed up again toward the board edge, though luckily for her nothing was close to threatening her.  The treeman turned to face my beastmen on the left.  If the dryads didn't get them... he would.

The spearmen stayed behind the wall and watched as the beastmen and warriors stumbled through the thick mud that their magic had produced.



The mages of the elves again tried to slow down the forces of chaos, but khorne was with us this time and the elves failed.  Master of stone was attempted at the marauders who were near a hill but that too was dispelled.  However, master of the wood went off with irresistable force on the chaos knights, doing 6 Strength 5 hits.  The color surely drained out of my face on that one as five wounds were rolled.  Two of the eight knights bit it.  This is why I take more then the minimum 4 knights. 

Again that filthy wood elf magic was responsible for some more deaths.  The same spell went off again on the knights, but the thorns were not able to get through the armor of the remaining honorable soldiers of khorne.  Finally, the treeman tried to move his woods again, but that was dispelled.

Another couple of my men died to that dishonorable and cowardly magic.  I hate wizards, I really do.  To quote captain asskicker:  "They must all be crucified and their hands fed to them by our own common soldiers."


The arch mage tossed her lovely acorn at my knights.  "Someone help me... there's a peck here with an acorn pointing it at me!!"  Well, I wish someone would have helped me because a nice bushy forest emerged in front of my knights, blocking me off from the dryads AND the archers and arch mage.  Anger.  Much anger.

The twelve archers on the left and the two mages opened fire on the fourteen beastmen in front of my chaos warriors, managing to kill two ungors and one gor.  Their bloated bodies fell into the mud, arrows stuck out of them like pin cushions.  However Brian was one off from a panic check.


War Dancers vs Furies

The War Dancers chose to be S4.  Their 21 attack blades delved deep into the demonic flesh of the furies, killing five of the seven.  The furies were inept and could do nothing left and then vanished back to the warp through instability.  Ouch.

Dryads vs Beastmen

The Dryads chose to have a million attacks this turn.  Actually 37 but who is counting?  They waded knee deep into the herd, slaying twelve of the twenty beastmen and losing 1 in return.  The beast hero cleaved three more of the fairy spirits back into the ground, but the fierce offensive was enough to cause the beastmen to haul ass, giving up their banner.  The dryads could not catch but the damage was being done.

Chalk up some points for the wood elves and the chaos first wave had disintegrated.

Chaos Turn 3

With halftime approaching and my front lines shattered, I had to do something to bring back some respect to my lines.  However, there were no charges again in Turn 3.  *sigh*  Khorne is so cheesy.

The fleeing beasts numbered 9 total and did not outnumber the 10 beasts to their left.  This meant that no panic checks were needed.  The fleeing beasts were able to rally but the lumbering dryads would likely charge again and I knew that the remaining beasts could not stand to that.

The other beastmen and warriors moved to the right.  The spearmen behind the wall looked like an inviting target.  I knew how deadly that option was... having bounced off of many walls in the past.  However, they would not be able to reach the wardancers and if the warriors did not get into combat soon they would be wasted.

Over on the center, the new forest blocked my knights from doing anything useful.  The majority of the combat was going on in the left, so I turned my chaos knights over to the left and they advanced toward the wall.

The marauders turned to face the elven cavalry, and Narar Ziggar left the unit to threaten the wizard at the wall.  I realized I was going to have to get my heroes out of their units to do some damage.  Especially against the cowardly elven mages who kept fleeing.

Wood Elf Turn 3

As predicted, the dryads did in fact charge the beastmen who had just rallied, who I promptly fled.  They were now very close to my beastmen and warriors... I might get a chance to tear into the dryads with my warriors and avenge the loss of my herd!

The treeman lumbered out of the magical forest and sat on the right flank of my knights.  Left ignored, or if I tried to move away (I couldn't march) the treeman would have my knight's flank.  Something would have to be done about this... as the treeman could easily crush that knight unit, especially if he got into their flank. 

The wizard that I had threatened on the right predictably fled behind the house and left my champion out of charge reach of the archers or the arch mage, who also joined the archers as they reformed into two ranks.

Finally, the war dancers moved to threaten my warriors left flank.  My beastmen screen would have to engage them and deal with the problem.


The marsh was again attempted to slow my warriors down, but was dispelled and then finally a miscast occurred.  Unfortunately, the wizard was just unable to cast any other spells that turn and so more magic came.  The trees were attempted to be moved not once, not twice, but three times.  However, the minions of Khorne were able to dispel them each time.  Finally assault of stone was attempted against my marauders next to the hill, but again it did not go off.


As the archers on the right reformed, they could not shoot.  However the arch mage took a shot at Narar Ziggar, but missed.

However, the archers on the left were still able to fire at the ten beastmen coming toward the wardancers, and were able to drop two more ungors.  (Still not enough for a panic check)

Chaos Turn 4


The marauders on the right charged the elven cavalry, who fled and ALMOST fled off the table (saved by a half inch).  Curses.  Narar Ziggar, seeing that he was standing in the open and about to be filled with arrows, moved back to join his unit.

In the center, Lord Zar left the knights to face off against the treeman.  He was tired of playing this game and there would be combat!  The remaining knights cantered off past the woods and prepared to launch an assault against the wall.

The beastmen on the left charged into the wardancers.  It was a gamble, but it was either that or my warriors would get hit in the flank and stuck for the rest of the game.  The warriors moved forward toward the wall and the fleeing beastmen kept fleeing.


8 Beastmen vs 10 war dancers

The wardancers of course became unbreakable.  The two ungors were unable to do any damage.  The five gors killed two of the dancers, the foe-render killed another.  This left seven dancers to attack back and with 15 attacks they managed to slay a single gor.  It fell to the ground, but the beastmen won combat and thus stayed put so that the warriors would not be hit in the flank in the following turn.

Wood Elf Turn 4

After much goading, Brian charged the treeman into my lord.  He did not want to do this.  He would have much rather kept waltzing around my lord with the treeman, but after much jeering he decided to go for an epic battle.  The treeman roared into combat with Lord Zar.

The glade guard on the right rallied (a half inch from the table) and moved back over to the hill.  The spearmen, seeing the warriors about to hit their flank, reformed and faced the left.  The dryads also joined the spearmen, moving behind the wall as the warriors of khorne advanced closer.

The archers on the right once again adjusted their formation and the arch mage moved up to the wall to bash at the marauders.  The other mage moved behind the spear elves.


Mistress of the marsh went off with irresistable force, bogging my knights down in the mud.  Then to add more insult to the mud, the trees shifted over to block off the knights so they would have to further move around to get into combat. 


The archers on the right shot at the marauders and killed 1.  Combat blocked many of the archers on the left but they fired at my chaos warriors, killing one and leaving 19.  Most of the shooting phase was really inconsequential.


7 War Dancers vs 6 Gors (dance +1 Strength)

The War Dancers hit 9 times out of 15 but managed to slay only one gor.  The gors came back and killed three war dancers.  This was a good chance for the dancers to break!  But... they rolled a 4 and stayed around to become unbreakable next turn.  I hate wardancers.

Treeman vs Zar Ziggar

The treeman took a tree swipe at Zar Ziggar, but the chaos lord ducked.  Triggering his chain saw sword, Zar managed 2 wounds which came out to be 4 total.  The treeman fled from combat and Zar Ziggar rode by, swinging his chainsword and cutting the treeman in half.  The points were desperately needed.

Chaos Turn 5


The chaos warriors launched themelves at the wall in a desperate gamble.  This would either put me up in points to win the game, or I would be put so far down there would be no coming back.  I managed to hit both spear elves and dryads, preventing a counter charge. 

My knights also churned through the mud to get near the wall and prepare for a turn 6 charge should I not get through in time.  The beastmen managed to rally and I kept them in the back to hold a table quarter. 

Zar Ziggar galloped behind the archer line.  My lord would cause some blood shed, and my unit of 10 marauders turned to face the glade riders coming in on them. 


4 Wardancers vs 5 Gors (dance: Unbreakable)

The wardancers were not able to kill a single goat, but the five gors in return were able to slay a wardancer.  Being unbreakable, the wardancers again did not flee, but my herd was doing pretty well.

19 Warriors & Battle Standard Bearer vs 20 Spear Elves and 9 dryads (behind a wall)

Needing 6s to hit is bad.  Very bad.  I brought forth many attacks.  My rolling of ones was legendary even in hell.  I managed 4 hits out of 15 or so attacks, but rolled three 1s.  All in all I killed a single spear elf.

In return the spears killed a warrior and the dryads killed a warrior.  End result saw the warriors losing, and due to the BSB reroll they stayed to continue to fight.

Wood Elf Turn 5

The glade guardians moved in to threaten the 10 marauders with flails.  The elven mages again scattered like cock roaches at the approach of trouble, with the wizard by the river moving to the flank of my warriors now that he was safe and snug with no one to threaten him.


The mistress bogs the beastmen who were fighting the remaining wardancers, slowing them down should they win combat.  The remaining spells were dispelled or failed to go off.


The archers by the house opened fire at Narar Ziggar who was hiding behind the wall.  No damage was inflicted.  The other archers shot at the remnants of my beastherd that had been smacked down by the dryads earlier on and killed one, leaving eight.


Three War Dancers vs Four Gors (dance: Killing Blow)

The war dancers manage a killing blow and decapitate one of my beastmen.  The beastmen do nothing in return and flee, being cut down by the three war dancers.

17 Warriors and BSB vs Spear Elves and Dryads

The Standard Bearer of Khorne manages to kill another spear elf.  The spear elves return and manage to kill another warrior.  The dryads are not able to do anything, and the warriors manage to hack another elf over the wall.  The end result is a loss by 1 due to a rank.  Needing a 7 I blow it both times and the warriors flee 3 inches.  The dryads easily catch them, capturing the battle standard and the regimental standard.  The loss of my central warrior unit is painful... I conceed that I am defeated at this point but for sportsmanship purposes I finish up the game.

Chaos Turn 6

With nothing left but the hope of spilling more blood, the remaining unit of beastmen attempt to avenge their defeat by attacking what is left of the war dancers.  The knights hit the spear unit in the flank (and the wizard is opposite, which means any overrun will spell death to the wizard). 

Zar Ziggar, in his infinite rage, hits the archers, as does Narar Ziggar from the wall.  The archers stand and shoot but do nothing to Narar Ziggar.  The two chaos champions clean house, destroying the archer unit.

The knights smash apart the elven spear unit from the flank and run them down. 

Finally, the beastmen are able to slay the remaining three wardancers.  It's not enough I know, but the over run of the knights meant that I should be able to kill the wizard easily and get some last second points and make myself feel better. 

Wood Elf Turn 6

The dryads decide to really irritate me by charging into the flank of my knights as they bore down on the wizard.  Finally the glave riders hit the unit of 10 marauders and prepared to take that quarter and seal off the game.

The magic phase was inconsequential.  The thorn father went off on my champion, Narar Ziggar, but his armor saved him.


The archers on the left hit three more of my herd but the panic check is made and I can still hold the quarter by one.


The glade riders come in and manage to only do one wound.  The flail wielding marauders however are able to kill two elves and due to the extra rank win by one.  The elves flee in panic and the marauders grab their banner and run them down.  Talk about luck!  It's not often a unit of naked marauders with one rank can survive a cavalry charge!  Wait...chaos is broken.  Nevermind. 

The elven wizard takes 4 attacks (1 from chaos steed and 3 from frenzied champion) and no hits are scored at all needing 3s to hit.  Boy has khorne put his back to me for my failure!

The dryads come in and kill two knights, causing the rest of the unit to flee.  They are cut down by the dryads, who claim their fourth banner!  As such, the game ends... leaving me with both units of marauders, Zar Ziggar and Narar Ziggar, and 5 beastmen led by the war gor. 

The elves have a unit of archers on the left, the bad ass unit of dryads, and all three wizards.

Final Score

Wood Elves 1,874 - Chaos 1,539

Result:  Wood Elf Minor Victory

Chaos End Thoughts

Well what can I say?  Wood elves are one of my anti-armies when I play chaos.  Very hard to get them into combat.  Had I put my marauders an inch closer into Brian's deployment zone it would have been a draw despite me losing both of my main units.  As it was I was about 35 points away from a draw as -is.  I consider that an accomplishment despite the fact that I lost.

Hard fought battle.  I think against Brian next time he may see some Dogs of War crossbows, or something that can threaten him from a distance.  As it is... the army just cannot engage in close combat when it needs to.  The magic phase was not as much of a killer for me as it could have been.  The dice were rolling average.  It boils down to the fact that I need to learn how to find a way to engage those units effectively, and kill those wizards.

Tactically I look back on this game and can't find any single mistakes that cost me.  I gambled where I had to and lost some gambles.  Enough said.  Next time perhaps.  I look forward to it!