ChrisNye.NET Battle Report

Tilean Empire


Chaos Khorne

September 2006 (7th edition rules)

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Here we are with the new rules for Warhammer Fantasy Battles!  The old cheese is rotten, the new cheese is ripe and we have new loop holes and power configurations to explore!!

Everyone give a great shout of joy!

Ok maybe not. 

This report will be our first 7th edition battle report, of hopefully many, to come., formerly, is proud of it's long standing battle report history that has spanned the past six years and has been featured over many fine internet chat rooms and message boards.  We hope the quality only continues to improve!

This report also features something new.  It is being run alongside the new Warchatter talk show feed.  Not only do you have to read what we thought, you can hear us talk about it!

Let's take a look at the two armies involved:

Chaos Army of Khorne commanded by Gil

Gil was nice enough to come over for a visit for Warchatter's first episode as well as both of our first games of Warhammer 7th edition.  To the left you can see that he's telling me he was so grateful for the opportunity that I'm #1!!!  Thanks Gil!!

Gil is a relative newcomer to the realms of cheese-os.  He is a member of the United States Army and has been stationed in various parts of the world.  He is currently in Cuba and will be returning there next winter to go to Ft Leavenworth in Kansas.  As such, his gaming time is rather tied up.

I was glad to let him borrow some of the Warchatter Studio's beautiful chaos models.  Beautiful of course because I painted them. 

Gil happily thumbed through the beastman book and took the opportunity to try out some new configurations in his army.  In the end he had pieced together his chaos force and looked forward to what he thought was going to be a game against steam tanks and gun lines and other neat empire stuff!

General, Exalted Champion of Khorne equipped with a shield, the Blade of Blood (+1 wound for every unsaved wound to a max of double the model's original wound count), Marked, Mounted

186 pts

Exalted Champion of Khorne with Axe of Khorne, Crimson Armor, Shield 182 pts
8 Knights of Khorne with full command and the Banner of Rage 409 pts
20 Warriors of Khorne with halberds, shields, full command, and CHOSEN 535 pts
21 Marauders with shield and armor and command squad 165 pts
7 Marauder Horsemen with chieftain, throwing axes, and flails 102 pts
10 Furies 150 pts
5 Flesh Hounds 80 pts
5 Flesh Hounds 80 pts
10 Warhounds 60 pts
4 Chaos Trolls 220 pts
  2179 pts

Tilean Armies led by Chris Nye

I searched through my PC trying to find a decent empire list.  Sadly I had deleted a lot of my older Warhammer stuff and didn't have much to choose from.  I did, however, come across my last tournament list which had placed third at the last RTT I had attended a couple years ago.

Granted, it had been a while and I didn't know how bad the rust was still clinging to my gears.  Hopefully my dice had had time to recharge themselves, as my dice rolling was always legendary, even in Hell. 

The idea behind this Tilean army I had created was that I didn't want a bog-standard Empire army.  Everyone and their mother fields steam tanks, tons of hand gunners, pistoliers, etc... I wanted to try something a bit different.

As such, this army contains only a couple of cannons, three units of crossbowmen, and the grit and determination of knights and foot soldiers.

Tilean pikemen are used by the other races of the Old World to compliment their fighting needs, so I figured it was only natural that I included a unit in my own Tilean army.  I love my pikemen, they rarely ever let me down.  Especially with modern games including a rather lot of fast assault cavalry-type units.  Pikemen are excellent for anchoring a flank and holding their own.  I only hoped that they could hold their own against cheese-os cavalry.  Khorne cheese-os cavalry at that!

Titus Gaius, Grand Master of the Tilean 3rd 160 260
Hand Weapon, Lance, Full Plate, Shield 0  
Barded Steed 0  
Sword of Power (+2 Strength) 40  
Shroud of Magnus (5+ save, immune chaos magic) 60  
Jonas Talius, Standard of Luccini 50 129
Battle Standard 25  
Barded Warhorse 14  
Dawn Armor (re-roll failed armor saves) 40  
Graitius The Blue, Wizard 60 85
Dispel Scroll 25  
Fairus the Red, Wizard 60 110
Seal of Destruction 50  
20 Pikemen 220 245
Full Upgrade 25  
Knights of the Golden Eagle x7 (Inner Circle) 182 206
Musician and Champion 24  
24 spearmen with shields 168 193
Full Upgrade 25  
10 Crossbowmen 80 80
10 Crossbowmen 80 80
10 Crossbowmen 80 80
20 Swordsmen (White Eagles) 140 165
Full Upgrade 25  
Detachment 10 Militia 50 50
10 Huntsmen 100 100
Cannon 100 100
Cannon 100 100
6 Knights 138 162
Musician and Champion 24  
10 Free Company 50 50
  2,195 pts

Onto Deployment!