LWGA Fantasy Battle Report

The Battle of Nonthal

Chris Nye's Khornite Force


Jesse "The Just" Republic Guard

...and it was on that bitter day before the winter's dawn that the forces of darkness marched upon the village of Nonthal, ravaging the land as they went, their only purpose in mind was to slay our husbands and sons, murder the wives and women, and gut the children.  None was more terrible then the fierce dark lord of the north whose name cannot be mentioned.  The black iron warriors marched into the village that evening, and the land wept with our blood....

From the Journal of Gallagar Bruce, blacksmith of Nonthal

   The last of the crucifixes were lifted high in the air, and the bodies of the villagers who had tried to slow the advance of the Dark Lord were raised on high as witness to the Republic Guard, who even then were preparing a counter attack.  Lord Rateleski smiled from underneath his helm.  The bitter winds blowing in from the western mountains did not concern him.  His men had succeeded in penetrating the defenses of the village and their food stores were reinforced.  With only a couple days march to the capital city of Alaghon, the village had become an excellent staging point.

   The Dark Lord walked by crucifix after crucifix, staring up into the dead eyes of the villagers that he and his men had slain.  By nightfall, their skulls would adorn the skull throne of Khorne.  For now, their purpose was even more hideous.  The Dark Lord knew that the Republic Guard would become angered at the sight of their people nailed to trees, and it was that anger that would lead them into their doom. 

   The Dark Lord paused for a moment to take in all of the slaughter.  Khorne was pleased.  Much blood had been spilt and much more was to be spilt.  When his forces finally left the village for the capital, the land would forever be stained red with the blood of the dead.

   A warrior, dressed in the red and black platemail of the Dark Lord's armies, walked forth from the village bearing the body of a slain warrior.  Wrapped around the chaos warrior's shoulder was a brilliant banner of red and yellow, bearing the arms of the village. 

   "Who is that weak filth you bring before me?"  Lord Rateleski asked as the warrior stopped in front of his lord and dropped the body down to the ground unceremoniously. 

   "He was the mayor of this burg m'lord."  The chaos warrior stated.  "This banner was in the town hall.  I thought it be fitting to bring it to you as a trophy of your tactical genius."  The Dark Lord chuckled for a moment as a thought entered his mind. 

   "A trophy?  I have no need for more trophies.  We will have collected hundreds of skulls to adorn Khorne's throne this night.  However, that banner does have a use."  Rateleski picked up the banner and instructed his minion to collect the fallen warrior.  The rest of the chaos army milled about as word spread that the Republic Guard had been sighted.  The Dark Lord and his soldier climbed a small hill behind the battlements, but from which gave a splendid view of the south. 

   The sun was fast departing as the winter months moved closer.  The bitter wind from the west heralded a cold winter indeed.  Out in the distance, the many forms of an army were seen.  A cannon was being rolled up a hill, tied to a couple of sturdy horses.  Men on horse ranked up.  The anger and hatred were felt by the Dark Lord and he loved it.  Soon he would give them another reason to hate him.

   "Drop him soldier and report back to your unit.  Battle is upon us."  The Dark Lord instructed his man, who complied.  Rateleski planted the banner next to the fallen corpse, it's colors billowing in the wind.  From the hill top, the soldiers of the Republic Guard could clearly see the banner.  Chuckling cruelly to himself, the Dark Lord walked down the hill towards a large fire burning in a pit to keep his men warm before the battle.  Picking up a couple pieces of wood, the Dark Lord set the pieces of twig on fire from the fire and walked back up the hill.

   Caressing the enemies colors for a short time, the Dark Lord lay the flame against the cloth.  Immediately the fire caught and the banner began to burn...


Chaos is coming

This scenario was the Flank Attack scenario found in the rulebook (Scenario 4) and we were using the Burning Banner special rules, where any of Jesse's troops that got within 18" of the burning banner hated me.  I knew that was not going to be a problem because Jesse probably had no intention of coming anywhere near me, he was going to try and shoot the hell out of me and then come nail me with a nice cav charge in the flank when his flankers came in.  I also heavily expect the steam tank to make an appearance as well, so I made sure I brought enough high powered troops to handle that menace.

My army consisted of my general, the Dark Lord Rateleski who was a chaos lord with the mark of khorne.  He is level 2 with his strength enhanced to 6.  I put him on a barded steed (who needs a demonic mount against empire?) and gave him a shield, the Crown of Conquest to give him regenerative capabilities, and the Blade of Blood which is an underpriced (in my opinion) weapon that for every unsaved wound I cause with my lord he gets the wound added to him if he passes a strength check (uh oh don't roll a 6!  My dice don't know what 6 is so I was good on that).  This means Lord Rateleski could get up to 6 wounds to his profile.  Oooh.

My second hero was the champion Larath, who suffered for his loss earlier in the campaign, by being stretched.  This gave him +1S but made him a large target, and thus easy to shoot at.  I gave him the mark of khorne and gave him a great weapon.  Who couldn't resist a S8 frenzied champion running around? 

Riding with my general would be The Pain, which were a unit of 7 chosen knights of khorne.  Chosen knights of khorne are very powerful, though they number very small.  This means that if Jesse gets lucky he can smack my unit around with cannonballs and bad things would happen to me then.

Larath walked with his 4 chaos trolls once again.  Both of these high powered units would be more than a match for any steam tank coming my way.

5 Marauder horsemen would serve as my fast cav to try and draw Jesse out.  I gave them shields, spears, and a musician.  Why the musician?  Well my general's leadership is a 9.  If I kept them close to my general, when they fled in response to being charge they would need a 10 to rally (musicians add 1 to the rally roll when fleeing)

The Crush, 20 warriors of chaos, were my next choice.  I gave them shields and full upgrade (standard, musician, champion)

2 units of five hounds would be looking for gunners and machine crew.  10 furies would be going for the hellblaster and any other artillery.  I was leery about taking furies as they have done nothing but suck the past 5 games I have used them, not beating anything and losing 2 battles to war machine CREW.  We'll see how they do here.

Finally a chariot and a khorne spawn would fill out the rest of the points.  These would serve as targets for his gunners, hopefully drawing some fire. 

Overall I was pleased with my force.  Hopefully... I would be able to smash right through his lines.  Time will tell...

Republic Guard Force

Elector Count mounted and with Mace of Helstrum and the Doomfire Ring with The Black Templars, 7 knights with full upgrade

Jesse "The Just", captain of the guard and 19 swordsmen with full upgrade and a detachment of 8 free company

Rudolf Flamemaster, Wizard of fire with Van  Horstman's Speculum and a Wizard Staff

Battle Wizard of the Heavens with Orb of Thunder and the Biting Blade

19 spearmen with a detachment of 5 gunners

20 Flagellants

20 Great swords with a unit of 10 halberd detachment

10 Hand gunners

1 Cannon (El Diablo)

1 Mortar

Chaos Turn 1

Jesse's deployment - The blood Angel spearmen with 5 gunners, The Elector Count and his Black Templars, the 20 Great Swords and 10 halberd detachment, and the 20 flaggelents on the right flank.  Behind the great swords is the mortar (in our group mortars do not require line of sight), 10 gunners on the hill and 1 cannon


Chaos deployment in the village.  On the hill is the burnt banner.  To the left, the chaos chariot.  In front are 5  hounds and the Dark Lord and his knights.  The spawn is next to them, and the furies behind the wall.  In the right gap we have 5 marauder horsemen with the 20 warriors behind them, and on the right flank 5 hounds and Larath and his trolls.

I won the toss to go first, and of course took that opportunity to get my men up as quick as possible.  I knew that I had to engage as quickly as possible because I had no idea what flanking forces were on their way.

I moved everything up forward, the spawn even rolled a respectable 6 inches (in the past 2 games with it it averages 4 inches, with a double 1 twice in a row).  The trolls made their leadership roll with Larath's leadership.  All was well.  The Furies landed in the grave yard and prepared to nail El Diablo the cannon.

The Dark Lord rides forward from the village, aimed at destroying the weak Republic Guard.

The Burnt banner smoulders (left), The terrifying banner of Khorne carried by the Dark Lord (right)

Empire Turn 1

The joy of a chaos khorne army is that the game is relatively sped up.  Of the four phases of the game, Khorne has no shooting and has no magic.  I wish the same could be said for Empire (sarcastic joke)

The empire, as was expected, was not going to run up to engage me.  Smart move. 

There was no movement at all other then the Flaggelents moved forward a bit.  The furies watch in the grave yard, intent on killing El Diabolo. 

The magic phase came to be and Jesse had 2 wizards, one level 1 fire mage and 1 level 2 heavens mage.  The most popular lores in the game.  Gotta love em.  I had 5 dispel dice (2 starting, 3 marks of khorne) to his 5 power dice (2 starting, 1 level 1, 1 level 2)

First thing to come out was Rudolf FlameMaster (in red spearmen on left flank) tried to cast his only spell, fiery blast, on my hounds.  He failed to do so.

Next the heavens wizard (located in the great swords) cast the ever fun Comet of Cassandra, with Irresistable Force.  The marker was placed right in front of my general, but luckily the comet did not impact this turn. 

Jesse's general tried to use his unhonorable ring to cast a missile but that was dispelled.  The orb of thunder, which I had anticipated being around, was attempted but I had 3 dice left and easily dispelled with 2 of them. 

Next came the shooting phase.  El Diablo shot 24" at my knights.  Jesse and Barry are both getting to be annoying with those cannons and mortars as they hardly ever miss.  The cannon ball was eight inches in front of my general, and Jesse rolled an 8.  The bounce result was a 2.  Not enough to kill 2 knights, only one.  The Dark Lord failed his look out sir roll, and the cannon ball took him right in the chest, blasting his guts and rib cage out the back of his armor.  The Dark Lord fell from his horse, dead from a cannonball on turn 1. 

There was much celebration on the side of the empire  Jesse began doing the mocking jig.  He had won.  Or so he thought.  The Crown of Conquest kicked in, and body parts began to mend, guts reenter the body, and flesh resealing.  The Dark Lord slowly stood back up!!  With 2 of his 3 wounds.  Slowly, ever so slowly (and full of anger) the Dark Lord got back on his horse.  Jesse's face fell.  (REGENERATION DOES WHAT?!  HOW MUCH DOES THAT CROWN COST???!!!!)

And that boys and girls is why you give your chaos lord regeneration for 50 points. 

The mortar's shell flew high in the air and of course landed dead center of the furies, inflicting 7 hits and killing 4 of the creatures (5 of 7 wounds needing 4s, 1 saved needing 5s)

The spearmen's detachment on the left opened up on my hounds but missed all.  The gunners on the hill opened up on my furies, but the cover and the long range caused them to miss all of their shots (something 40K rules should incorporate instead of those idiotic inv saves)

That was turn 1.  Jesse was really unhappy with regeneration right now.  So we gave him a moment to pause and take it all in. 

Chaos Turn 2

Beginning of the second turn

Here began the onslaught.  The furies attacked El Diablo.  The Dark Lord was pleased as he watched their leathery wings flap about the panicked wussies of the empire.  The rest of the army moved forward.  I made sure to keep my frenzied knight unit screened for now.

In the magic phase, I dispelled the comet of Cassandra, getting rid of it and breathing a sigh of relief.  I truly hate that spell. 

In combat, the furies ripped one of the cannon crewmember's head right off his shoulders!  The two remaining crew men knew that they could not hold against the onslaught, and so they fled right off the table with the furies in tow.

Larath and his trolls continue to move forward, relishing the thought of bashing Republic Guard

Turn 2 was definitely a good phase for me, dropping Jesse's bastage cannon and allowing my furies the opening in the back to cause some havoc.  The first time in 5 games they did something!!!

Empire Turn 2

The Republic Guard prepare for Turn 2

The great sword detachment charged my marauder horsemen.  I promptly fled 15".  The Black Templar knights moved forward a bit.  Other then that, the lines again were pretty stagnant.

The magic phase began.  Fiery blast was once again foiled, but wouldn't ya know it?!  Comet was again cast with Irresistable Force for the second time in a row! 

Dark Lord says: GAWD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!

However, the comet does not yet come down.  The marker, however, is once again in front of my knights.  How lovely. 

With the cannon gone, the empire was down to just the mortar.  It's shell was lobbed high in the air for another direct hit on my warriors (3 games, 2 misfires total out of 18 turns with on average 3 machines, that is what you call brilliant tactical genius).  The shell exploded throughout the chaos warrior's midst, and many were hurled through the air.  Three total died (6 were hit, needing 5s to wound 5 wounds).  Such is life.

The gunners on the hill and detachment for the spearmen opened up on the spawn.  Needing 5s to hit out of 15 shots, 5 hit.  Needing 5s to wound, 4 wounds.  Spawn only has 3.  The gibbering spawn fell to the ground, black blood oozing from it's wasted mouth.  It's time was spent.

The spawn takes a fatal wound from the vicious hand gunners, dropping it to the ground for good

Chaos Turn 3

Chaos Turn 3 begins with a whole lot of preparations

My marauders rallied and turned to face the knights.  The furies flew in from the table edge and moved in towards the mortar crew.  The trolls suffered from stupidity and blundered forward.  I moved the rest of my troops forward into charge range for next turn.  My dogs moved further into the grave yard on the right in an attempt to get Jesse's flaggelents to charge into difficult ground and tie them up.

The magic phase saw me try to dispel the comet of cassandra and rolled a double 1. 

Empire Turn 3

"This is where the game hangs.  If I make one bad move here the game is over." - Jesse "The Just" before beginning Turn 3

The halberd detachment was a brave group of lads.  They charged into the chaos warriors.  Jesse rolled for his flanking force but they failed to come in this turn.  The flaggelents ignored my hounds and moved forward. 

The magic phase saw the comet not come down again.  The ring of the elector count was dispelled.  The orb of thunder was unleashed, and since my furies were within an inch I didn't see a need to dispel it right now because I knew Jesse was trying to get me to waste my 3 dice in hitting my lord with a flame attack to end his regeneration.

Sure enough the fiery blast was cast, and miscast, and Rudolf FlameMaster was unable to control his power and thus the magic phase ended with me not shedding a tear.

The mortar once again lobbed a shell into the air as it knew it was dead the next turn.  Of course, the guess was 100% on and this time it was centered on my knights.  It drifted 2" towards the dogs, hitting 2 of my hounds and 2 of my knights.  Two dogs died and one knight was killed in the blast.  If only my empire machines were so reliable.

The detachment of gunners with the spears on the left opened up on my marauder horsemen, killing two of the light cavalry, but not able to make them flee.  The gunners on the hill opened up on the knights, but the tough armor of the tough chaos knights saved them.

Combat began as the halberds swung their mighty weapons, skewering one of the chaos warriors.  The northmen struck back, hitting 1 of 5 needing 3s to hit.  However it was enough as the huge axe split one of the halberd's head in half.  The detachment broke and fled, and the warriors over ran into the flaggelents.  Now there was a battle that would never end.

Chaos Turn 4

Turn 4 begins.  Above, halberds are fleeing from being broke by chaos warriors who hit the flaggelents. 

Here was where I needed to break the empire's back.  The furies charged the mortar crew, who fled 3" and were cut down.  The furies would have liked to redirect into the mortar crew but they could not as they were a viable target before the charge was declared.  The furies charged into the great sword's rear.  The mortar was finished.  Life was good.

The chariot and the dogs on the left hit Rudolf FlameMaster's spearmen.  The guns stood and shot and dropped 2 of the 4 dogs.  The suicidal lone marauder horsemen charged the detachment, and the Dark Lord's knights charged the great swords.  Against chaos knights, Great Swords were a good choice to hold me up with their stubborn on an 8.  If I did not break them then I would be charged in the flank by the elector count and his knights right in my flank.  Luckily I would hopefully still be frenzied and thus immune to panic but a flank charge is still a flank charge. 

In combat, the lone marauder's spear impaled one of the gunners.  As he turned to kill another, he was shot right in the face by a hand gun, dropping him to the ground. 

The chariot did a massive 2 impact hits (I rolled yet another 1) but it killed both spearmen, their bodies falling in half.  One of my warriors also managed to kill a spearmen with his halberd.  The dogs were ineffective.

The spearmen directed their attacks at the more vulnerable hounds, killing just 1 out of 3 hits.  With ranks and standards, the empire won by 3.  The last dog fled, but the chariot stayed.

The chariot stays to fight the spearmen, showing the Republic what true northern courage was.  Right the furies charge the mortar

The Chaos warriors fighting the flaggelents were in for some fun.  Two of the flaggelents were dropped with well placed hammer and axe strikes, but the crazed men were not going anywhere.

In the center of the battle, the furies claimed the life of one great sword with their charge.  The 4 knights had 13 total attacks, felling 5 of the great swords.  The Dark Lord swung his sword out and killed 3 more great swords and passed 3 strength tests to get 3 of his wounds back thanks to the sword.  Stupid me forgot to direct some attacks at the heavens wizard.  That little bastard was giving me a really bad headache. 

The great swords had 4 guys who could attack the furies but didn't hit anyone.  A total of 9 great swords fell, but that stubborn on an 8 helped and they stayed to play another day and opened up a flank charge from the elector count.  Curses.  Still 9 of 24 falling was nice.

Empire Turn 4

The Elector Count slammed right into my flank.  Ouch this was going to hurt.  The 4 hand gunners left with the spearmen charged the chariot in an effort to get it off of them.  The fleeing halberds who broke to my chaos warriors rallied next to my knights.  Great.  Another flank charge could be coming. 

Jesse "The Just" and his swordsmen came in from the left flank on my deployment zone, claiming my table quarter.  Damn it! 

In the magic phase, the comet came down.  With a blinding flash the meteor struck the earth and hit all within 12".  Luckily all within 12" was my trolls and that was it.  The comet does 2d6 S4 hits.  Of course Jesse rolled a 10.  Five wounds were inflicted to my trolls, but 3 ended up regenerating, much to Jesse's displeasure.  (HOW THE HELL DO YOU BEAT THOSE DAMN THINGS IF THEY KEEP REGENERATING?  I HAVE TO WRITE GAV ABOUT THIS)

The Heavens Wizard, who was locked in combat, tried to cast the comet again.  This is an awesome rules lawyering loop hole here.  You cannot cast spells at units in combat, this is true.  The wizard can also not cast spells that require line of sight or magic missiles.  However the comet does not target units.  So the marker was placed behind my knights.  And the Heavens Wizard really screwed up.  He rolled a miscast!  Then he rolled another double one on the chart!  The magical energies were transformed into a nuclear blast, doing a S10 hit to the wizard and everyone in contact!

Two of my knights were in contact (one being my general).  Jesse rolled his third set of double ones to wound!!!


Yours truly holds the league records for most horrendous dice rolling as well as most consecutive ones.  In the 2000 league (5th edition) my frenzied chaos lord on chimera had a total of 16 attacks, needing 3s to hit I missed every one.  In the latest 40k tournament I hit a dark eldar raider 8 times, and proceeded to roll 8 1s on the chart to penetrate / glance.  Jesse rolled 6 consecutive ones, almost coming close to my record.

The wizard's energies exploded, doing a wound to him and killing 3 more great swords leaving 8 behind. 

"This game is over here.  I just rolled 6 ones in a row!  You can't kill these damn chaos knights!"  - Jesse "The Just"

Shooting was pretty much inconsequential.  Combat began.  My charioteers attacked Rudolf Flamemaster, wounding him before being run off due to combat resolution.  (had this been 40k the spearmen would have had to check because as we all know, in 40k there is no such thing as combat resolution which means tooled up units and characters pretty much run rampant)

The chariot ran and moved towards Jesse "The Just" and his unit on my flank.  Maybe I could rally and get a charge on turn 6?

The warriors and the flaggelents had more fun.  The warriors killed one more flaggelent.  Combat continued.  yay!!!

The elector count and his men nailed me in the flank.  Now to see what goodies the Elector Count had.  The knights and the horses did a grand total of nothing to my chaos knights.  The elector count's mace could be used to inflict a single S10 hit that did D6 wounds.  Luckily for me, the only thing he could kill on my flank was a knight and not my general.  (more brilliant tactical genius)  The S10 hit clobbered my knight and his broken body hit the ground hard.  Now it was my turn!

The furies killed one of the 12 great swords remaining.  My knight left on the flank directed his attack on the elector count, who saved the wounds.  My knights drilled 8 of the 11 remaining great swords, and my lord polished off 2 more, leaving the wizard and the count's champion. 

With such horrendous casualties, the elector count fled with his unit.  The great sword remaining, however, stayed on an 8.  The wizard got to stick around as well.  And damn it to hell I didn't get to capture the banner of the elector count because I could not pursue him!  If only I could have killed *ONE* more great sword!  Next time Gadget...next time...

Chaos Turn 5

Jesse the Just's flanking force has arrived on the left.  The chaos chariot is fleeing, and Larath prepares to meet his fate...

On the far right I move my dogs back to try and claim a table quarter.  In turn 6 they will reach my right edge and get the 100 points.  Not much else going on.  The trolls move over to the left and prepare to take on the spearmen.  My chariot rallied and prepared to charge wtih the trolls.  I could get some more juicy points.

The only combat was the warriors vs the flaggelents.  The chaos warriors killed 2 more of the crazed priests. 

The furies managed to kill the remaining great sword, and the heavens wizard met his end as another fury poked both his eyes out with it's sharp talons and began feasting on the succulent orbs.  With the death of the wizard, the winds from the orb of thunder died down.

Empire Turn 5

The elector count needed a 10 to rally (musician) and Jesse rolled an 11!  He was a good 7 inches from the board so I performed the mocking jig knowing that the elector and his juicy 400 points would be gone, until Jesse rolled a 1 a 1 and a 2 for 4 inch flee.  My god you must be kidding!  I guess Jesse had read the Rules Lawyer Bible and learned how to palm dice.... (sarcastic here, Jesse isn't TOTALLY EVIL)

Jesse's halberd detachment grabbed their balls again and charged my knights in the flank, figuring what the hell? 

The magic phase saw fiery blast strike my chariot, but the wound was saved.

In the shooting phase, Jesse decided to target Larath the troll's champion.  Since the khorne hero was a large target, he could be picked out.  And picked out he was, taking 3 bullets to the head.

In combat, 1 more flaggelent fell.  I only needed to kill 3 more and I would get half their points.

The halberds were unable to slay any of the chaos knights, and three of their number were killed by the lone knight that could attack back.  The halberds needed snake eyes to stay... and damnit they stayed!

Chaos Turn 6

This was for the game!  I figured I had the game wrapped up.  I charged the gun crew with my furies, and my chariot and trolls charged the spearmen.  The trolls made their stupid check on a 9 (they were within 12" of the general) and the spears fled but were cut down by the chariot! 

I skipped right into combat, forgetting to move my hounds into my table quarter to claim it.  It was a mistake that cost me the game.

In combat, the furies killed one of the gunners but due to being outnumbered and the fact that the furies were lower, they lost by 1.  With their mighty leadership of 6 they failed and popped out of existence.  God I hate that rule.

The warriors needed to kill just 3 more flaggelents for half points.  Needing 3s to hit I hit none of 5 attacks. 

My lord stepped up and dispatched all 5 of the remaining halberds in my flank. 

Empire Turn 6

The elector count rallied, robbing me of his points. 

The gunner detachment with the spearmen did not rally and they fled off the table. 

With nothing else to do, Jesse took 10 shots at my trolls.  If he could kill one he could force a panic check and make my trolls flee without getting a chance to rally and get some last second cheezo-points.  Highly unlikely but hey go for it.

He hit once of 10 shots.  He wounded once.  My troll died.  It caused a panic check.  My trolls needed a 9, and rolled a 10 and fled.  Such is life.  220 last second points to Jesse.

And having forgotten to move my hounds I robbed myself of 100 points.

"You are not going to like this but you didn't kill enough for a victory" - Jesse "The Just"

Final Score:  1102 - 846 - Difference of 256 points in chaos favor.  DRAW

So you see what one turn can do?  Had I moved my dogs into the corner instead of forgetting that would have been 100 points (they were 2.4 inches away from the border to get me points and have a 14" march move) and had the trolls not failed a panic check that would have been 220 some odd points.  Also the elector rolling low on his flee helped as well.

Never give up. 

"Game over man!  Game over!" - Private Hicks, Alien 2 - Jason Gilbert, Dwarf and necron player


Just goes to show you that you should never give up.  Man I had that game won and Jesse pulled some amazing stuff out of his ass.  But that's what makes this game so much fun to play! 

I have been expecting a steam tank and I'm sure I'll see it soon but the village in the campaign was drawn twice.  Once by us and once by the dwarves and undead.  The deciding factor in this campaign turn was the Dark Elf massacre of the High Elves, pushing us to a siege of the Republic Capital.  It will be a bloody day indeed and I shall have my revenge...

Hats off to Jesse for a fun as hell game that took us into 2 AM and had us on the seat of our pants.