LWGA Battle Report

Chris Nye's Khornite Chaos & Dave Helm's Dark Elves (4000)


Jesse Copeland  Empire (2000)

SIEGE of Alaghon


"The rumours of the advancing enemy came the night prior.  Horsemen from the north bearing the colors of Jesse "The Just" and his senator brought the news, their steeds frothing at the mouth from the hard and long journey.  All said the same thing, that hellish warriors from the disfunctional lands of the northern chaos wastes were on the march.  The people of the city were frightened.  There was no where to go.  Fathers sent wives and daughters south to Gildenglade and to send warning that the enemy had pushed far.

That night, fat snow flakes fell from the heavens.  The winds had died down and it was almost tranquil.  It was almost peaceful.  

A great rumbling sound emerged from the west.  Looking out on that snowy night, we all saw blazing banners held aloft bearing the crucified soldiers that had fallen into battle.  Clearly this was done to upset the morale of the people.  The captain of the western armies, Captain Arshlager (also known as Captain Ass Kicker) was greatly angered at the sight of the blazing banners.

The sun crept up that morning amidst clear skies and white ground.  The weather was so magnificent, one could have gone to the old Miller's Pond and skated on the ice that was sure to have formed from the freezing temperatures.  The only thing preventing them from doing so were the hundreds upon hundreds of black armored soldiers that had surrounded the walls like dung beetles...."

From the account of Corporal Lucius Gili of the 3rd watch


Chaos is coming

Siege games are by far very interesting affairs, and are totally different from the normal Warhammer games that you play.  There are literally dozens of different siege scenarios that one can play for the final battle.  As Alaghon was a larger city, I decided that the walls of such a city would not take the standard box layout in the main rule book.  Instead, the walls would be 12" from the defender's deployment zone and cover the entire table from edge to edge, with the attackers 24" from the walls.  The objective was much like in the main rule book; We divided the defender's zone into quarters and whoever had the most quarters by the end of Turn 7 won.

The winner of this match would earn 300 experience points for storyline for their units as well as anything else earned.  This was a hefty amount, but the victors of a siege would truly have kicked ass to earn their points and would be hardened battle veterans.

Forces of Chaos

Of course, I had to have my "A" game with me to hurt Jesse and his walls.  This would mean a different army roster then normal.  For one, cavalry is almost worthless in sieges (at least in my opinion, take that for whatever it is worth).  Second, I had to keep points open for siege equipment.  In a chaos army, everything is super expensive and the points are needed for troops...

Lord Rateleski would lead the battle.  He was Level 2 at the start of the game(campaign experience gives us power levels) This made him 10% more expensive at 231 points but he had +1S to his profile.  I gave him the Mark of Khorne, a shield, the Axe of Cheddar...er ... Khorne, the Armor of Damnation (all successful to-hit rolls against Lord R would have to be re-rolled), and the Collar of Khorne in case Jesse got jiggy with it with magic.  This was a 354 point model. 

Lord R would not be mounted and leading knights.  Today he was leading a chosen unit of Khorne Infantry.  Very nasty.  This unit was named the Fangs of Khorne, and they numbered 19 models.  I gave them the Mark of Khorne, the Chosen upgrade, Full command group, great weapons, and a Siege Tower.  The unit alone for 19 of these guys was a whopping 493 points, plus siege tower was 593 points!  But they would have 3 S6 attacks each at WS5, and the champion had 4 S6 attacks.  Very nasty.  If the Siege Tower wasn't blown up by El Diablo, the cannon, then they could really kick some ass and show some pure tactical genius on my part.  For you purists out there, my models are painted like Khorne as well.

Next we had Teret, Champion of Khorne.  I gave him the mark of khorne and an extra hand weapon.  This would give him 6 S5 attacks.  I put him with the Oppressors, a unit of 22 chaos warriors with the mark of chaos undivided.  I gave them shields, full command upgrade, 3 ladders to climb the walls, and the Banner of Wrath (Power 4 D6 S4 hits)  Teret was 139 pts, and the Oppressors were 421 pts.

Filling out the rest of my siege force were Clan Rules Mongrel, who were close to level 2!  This consisted of 21 marauders with light armor and shield, a chieftain leading them, and 2 ladders.

10 Furies would be there to deal with cannons and other artillery, and I hired 2 mercenary cannons to help deal with the walls.  All in all I spent 1,994 points on my roster.

Forces of the Dark Elves

Dave was my ally bringing in 2000 points as well.  Dave just bought his Dark Elves and so did not have much of a selection but he brought several decent units with which to hit the walls with.  My suggestion to put the witch elves in a siege tower went unheeded, however...

Mother Slut-ess - Level 4 sorceress with Crown of Black Iron (5+ ward), Darkstar Cloak (1+ power dice in magic phase), Tome of Furion (gains one spell), seal of Ghrond (+1 dice to dispel) with a grappling hook. (355 pts)

Terell - Level 2 sorceress with the Death Mask (cause terror) and grappling hook.  (181 pts)

Beastmaster riding Manticore, wearing Blood Armor

2 units of 10 crossbow warriors

21 Corsairs with Siege Tower and full command

24 Witch Elves with Full command and 5 ladders

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

Forces of the Republic Guard

Jesse had 2000 points to spend on his defenders.

Jesse "The Just", captain of the empire and general of the city guard.  Carried sword of Justice (re roll failed to wound), and enchanted shield (5+ save) giving him a 2+ armor save.  He marched with 25 Greatswords with the Banner of Griffon, full command and a detachment of 9 halberds.

Rudolf Flamemaster, level 1 wizard of fire with dispel scroll and wizard staff.

Heavens Wizard, level 1 with 2 dispel scrolls

The Bullseyes, 9 gunners and 1 marksman with Hochland Rifle.

10 Gunners and 1 marksman with Hochland Rifle.

9 gunners and 1 marksman with Hochland Rifle with Boiling Oil

10 Crossbowmen with boiling oil

10 Crossbowmen with boiling oil

2 Mortars

1 Cannon (El Diablo)

20 swordsmen with 10 Free company as a detachment

20 Flagellants

Reinforced Gates

Empire Turn 1

The defender gets to go first.  YAY!  This would be fun.  The terrain is pictured below.  The only terrain were two hills in the rear. 

Two images for the battle field.  Both siege towers got a free move and both rolled 7" forward.  The Dark Elf crossbowmen also had mantlets and got a free move forward as well.  Pictured above from left to right are The Fangs of Khorne's tower, 10 elf crossbow, Furies, 2 cannons on hill, manticore behind Reaper Bolt Thrower, the marauders on the road, another Reaper, the Oppressor Chaos Warriors, 10 Crossbowmen next to the siege tower with the corsairs, and the witch elves on the far flank.  The dark elf general was near my chaos warriors on the right.

All wizards rolled their spells.  Dave's dark elf sorceress had 5 spells and had all dark magic spells except drain soul.  Terell rolled Soul Drain and Black Horror.  Jesse's Fire wizard rolled Wall of Fire, and the Heavens wizard rolled Forked Lightning.

Jesse placed his great swords behind the gate.  On the left side of the city Jesse placed the cannon to hit my siege tower.  Jesse's spearmen stood on the wall on the left with flaggelents behind them (opposite my chosen warriors, good call for Jesse to try and tie my nasty warriors up).  Inside of the left tower was the flame wizard and the unit of gunners.  Crossbow men mounted both areas near the gate.  On the right tower stood a unit of gunners and the Heavens Wizard.  Inside of that tower were a second unit of gunners.  Placing the units inside of the towers was sheer tactical genius because we could not target them at all until we stormed the walls and broke through the doors.

On the right side of the walls were the two mortars (with which the dark elves were going to taste) and a unit of swordsmen manned the right side of the walls.

Jesse had no movement in his turn.  He began by trying to cast some spells, but my 3 marks of khorne and the two sorceress made it 4 power dice to our 9 dispel dice, and we controlled the winds of magic easily.  It helped that Jesse needed to roll double 6 to cast wall of Fire (level 1 wizard can only roll 2 dice and the casting value is a 12)

The shooting phase began with gusto as we struggled forward.  The two mortars opened fire, one landing directly on the witch elves and blowing 4 to hell, the other hitting the siege tower and doing nothing. 

"That Dave is why you should have put them inside of the Siege tower... it would be hard to kill them." ~Chaos General Lord King of The World

The cannon fired at my tower with a roar.  It landed very near the siege tower and the cannon ball stuck in the mud!  Excellent.  My tower lived another turn.

The gunners inside of the Left tower opened fire on my tower as well.  All hits in shooting against the Siege Tower are handled on a roll on a chart.  On a roll of 1-2 the crew is hit, and on a 3-6 the tower itself is hit.  One khorne warrior was struck in the chest and he fell off of the tower dead.  The rest of the bullets bounced off of the siege tower.  The Hochland Rifle opened fire on the beastmaster on the manticore but missed.

The gunners inside of the right tower opened fire on the dark elf siege tower, but could do no damage to it.  The Hochland fired on Slut-ess but missed. 

The gunners on top of that tower opened fire on the witch elves, and one of the frenzied women died.  The Hochland missed Slut-ess again.

The crossbows on the left half of the gate opened up on my furies, but their demonic save prevented any damage.  The second set of crossbows opened up on my marauders but no damage was done. 

That was all Jesse had for us that turn...

Chaos Turn 1

Lord Rateleski tortures an elven hippy whilst the siege tower moves forward

The entire chaos army moved forward toward the walls.  My furies positioned themselves for a charge on the cannon, but I could do nothing except wait for the second shot next turn and pray for a good roll. 

Magic phase came and we had pretty good domination with 9 power dice to 4 dispel.  Dave started off by casting Word of Pain on the gunners on the right tower.  Jesse did not dispel, waiting instead for the Black Horror that he loved so much, so the men on the tower began howling in pain as the spell ripped into them.  Next, Dave tried casting chill wind on them but Jesse dispelled.  Finally, Terell the level 2 sorceress tried to light up the gunners on the tower with the Black Horror but Dave rolled an 11....one shy of what he needed.  My banner of wrath was easily dispelled.

The shooting phase began with a typical bang.  The last time I fielded artillery, I had 1 cannon, 3 mortars, and 2 hellblasters.  In turn 1 I blew up 5 of the 6 machines by misfire.  This time, my first shot was a misfire and an explosion.  Ah yes my artillery dice missed me.  Depressed, I rolled for the second cannon, but it actually went off fine and smacked into the wall next to the gate, giving me a +1 to my roll next round.   

The Dark Elf Reaper bolt throwers opened up on the cannon, needing 6s to hit they managed to kill a single crewmember.  His body tumbled from the ramparts leaving 2 crewmen to man the cannon and giving me a better shot at nailing the crew with my furies.  The crew made their panic check. The repeater crossbows on the left side of the field opened fire on the crossbowmen on the ramparts in the center, needing 6s to hit, and killing 1.  That was it for our turn.  As Jesse's shooting was disappointing to him, so too was our magic.

Empire Turn 2

Above, the left, middle, and right part of the battlefield.

The swordsmen moved into the right tower in preparation for the charge of the corsairs and witch elves.  That was it for movement as the gunners and wizards opened up with their spells.

Again the magic phase was controlled easily, but shooting was a different matter.  The first mortar launched it's shell at the witch elves, and directly hit them again, inflicting 6 casualties!  The second mortar opened up on my marauders... and you guessed it... it was another direct hit, and 3 marauders were killed.

The cannon roared at the Khorne siege tower and the cannon ball landed dead on.  YAY.  However, when shooting siege towers you roll to see what you hit... and Jesse rolled a 2 which means the cannon ball plowed through warriors.  We decided since his cannons do D6 wounds that he would roll a D6 and that was how many warriors would be hit.  He rolled a 2 and then proceeded to kill one of the warriors.  The cannon needed to aim a bit more to the left to drill the tower!  (And Jesse needed to roll higher than a 2 to nail the tower)

A Rules Lawyer Moment:  You may ask yourself... what in the hell are you doing?  A cannon that hits a siege tower should hit the siege tower not the crew!!!  Hell it should hit both!  I would agree with that statement except that the unit around the siege tower is piled in however they can fit with people outside pushing the thing along.  That and the rules do state that when you shoot at the tower that on a 1 or 2 it hits the crew, and not the tower.  Yay when I read the entire section after the battle there is a statement that says cannons will only strike the siege tower!  Luckily Jesse had rolled a 2... which means he would have done 2 wounds to the siege tower with the cannonball.  Inevitably it wouldn't have made a difference because those were the only wounds struck against my tower during the game but it is an important rule to remember!

The gunners in the left center tower shot out at the furies, but again the ward save saved me.  The Hochland  fired at the beastmaster on the manticore and missed.

The gunners in the right tower fired at the witch elves on the right flank and killed one more of the frenzied "Bitch-Elves".  The Hochland fired at Slut-ess and again missed.

The gunners on the towers opened up on the witch elves and killed another and the Hochland fired at Slut-ess and...you guessed it... missed again.

The crossbows on the left portion of the gate house wall fired at the furies and dropped 3 of the creatures.  The crossbows on the right portion of the gate house wall opened up on the manticore, and the beastmaster dropped to the ground filled with bolts... this meant that the manticore would have to make a leadership check on a mighty 5 or roll on the Reaction Chart as his master was slain!  Dave rolled a 5 on the leadership, and the terror causing manticore was still ours to control.

<insert evil laugh here>

Chaos Turn 2

The spearmen on the wall prepared for Lord R's charge

With the manticore making his leadership check, we still had his terror causing capabilities, and we wanted to make full use of it.  The furies charged the cannon crew, who made their fear check.  Even though furies fly, we decided that the crew were still defending their ramparts unless we had charged from the other direction (behind)... so I needed 6s to hit AND the crewmembers got to go first!  YAY!!  The manticore took off and landed behind the walls in the center of the empire army.  I chuckled evilly as I envisioned the next turn and failed leadership checks.  If Barry were here he would have let out a hearty "God Damnit!" as the Cheese-A-Core would surely drive the entire empire army off the table!

The rest of our army moved forward slowly but surely and next turn a charge was waiting!  I couldn't wait to spill blood for Khorne and collect skulls for his throne! 

The magic phase needed to be a bit better.  I was angry.  Very angry.  Dave cast doom bolt on the right tower's gunners, and Jesse let him get the spell off (saving his dice and scrolls for the Black Horror).  Dave rolled a massive 1 and killed another gunner as a bolt of evil energy sucked the life from his body with a vicious crackle.

The Black Horror was attempted to cast the Black Horror on Jesse "The Just" and his great swords, but Dave again rolled an 11.  Terrell tried it as well and again rolled an 11.  This left Jesse with all of his dice, and no scrolls spent after 2 turns of magic.  Of course, my banner was dispelled.  This boys and girls is why I do not rely on magic to win the day for me.  I instead rely on good old fashioned ass kicking.

My lone cannon fired off another ball, and it slammed hard into the wall of the city, giving me a +2 to my next roll.  Slowly I would drag that wall to hell.  Oh yes.  Dave's crossbow elves nailed a human crossbowman on the wall, and the reapers shot their six shot death at the gunner tower, impaling 4 of the bastards!  Jesse's lone exposed gun unit on the tower was getting whittled slowly but surely, but he again made his leadership check to avoid running.  Awesome.  Totally awesome.

The second reaper let loose it's six bolts at the center wall section, but the bolts bounced harmlessly off of the stone work.  Dave's second unit of crossbowmen on the right also opened fire at the same target, and 3 of the 7 crossbowmen remaining fell to their death. 

In combat, the crewmembers were unable to hurt the furies, and my furies needing 6s to hit was unable to do anything in return.  But they were preventing the cannon from reducing my siege tower into match sticks.

Empire Turn 3

The towers were oh so close.  Soon, blood would be spilt and citizens of the Republic would be crucified.  Skulls would adorn the throne of Khorne.  Life would be awesome.

Above you can see the Khorne-mobile moving forward.  The right picture is the center of the battlefield, with my marauders moving forward and warriors next to them.  Off in the distance, the Dark Elves are closing with the wall as well.  Dave's generic cherry coke is on the table.  It served no other purpose in the battle other then to anger me.

It was totally awesome when Jesse managed to make all four of his terror checks by making all of them on what number he needed.  The Cheese-A-Core roared in anger at the defiant humans.

Jesse moved his swordsmen onto the right most tower.  Other then that, there was again no movement.

The magic phase was easily controlled again.  It was obvious Jesse had only used his wizards as dispel scroll caddies to counter the dark elf magic and he was doing awesome at it.

The shooting phase actually saw both mortars miss as Jesse's centered guesses drifted far off target!  He had still yet to misfire with one in 3 or 4 games though. 

The right tower housing the gunners opened fire on the witch elves with both the unit inside and the unit on top of the tower, killing 3 more Bitch Elves.  Both Hochland Rifles missed Slut-ess. 

The crossbows on the gate house turned around and filled the manticore with bolts, inflicting 4 wounds on the beast and killing it. 

The left tower housing the flame wizard and his gunners opened up on my marauders, killing one of the barbarian northmen.  The hochland...yes I'm serious... again missed Slut-ess. 

In combat, the crewmembers for the cannon stuck a bit of powder into one of the furies beaks and blew his damn head off.  The furies managed a hit but could not wound.  With dread I rolled the dice, as the furies awesome leadership of 6 meant they were probably popping out of existance.  However, they rolled a 4 and continued to fight.

"Damn, that turn sucked for me.  How the hell is the defender supposed to win this siege?" - Jesse "The Just"

Chaos Turn 3

It was time.  Lord R and his men charged the walls and the siege tower opened up, spilling Lord R and his champion forth into the spearmen.  My marauders charged the gatehouse and erected their 2 ladders.  The witch elves hit the walls and erected their 5 ladders.  The corsairs tower hit the walls and opened up on the swordsmen.  The swordsmen made their terror check from the mask that the sorceress wore.

Magic again came about.  Let's see if we could do some damage... Slut-ess cast Doom bolt onto the right tower's gunners and heavens mage.  Jesse again didn't bother to dispel, saving his dice for the Horror.  Three more gunners died from the awesome magic, and this time the wizard and what was left of his gunners (2) fled off the tower. 

Terrel tried soul stealer and failed the incantation.  Then Slut-ess tried the Black Horror and rolled another damn 11!!!

The banner was even able to get off as Jesse rolled double 1 on 4 dice, and 1 of the crossbowmen died on the rampart, leaving 3!

The cannon fired off and nailed the wall again, shaking the wall as it began weaving back and forth and giving +3 to the next roll.  Dave's crossbow elves opened up on the crossbows on the weaving wall and dropped another of the men.  The Reapers opened up on the same target and both managed to kill a total of 2 more humans. 

In combat, the furies were able to slay one of the two crewmen by throwing him off the wall.  The other crewman was forced to flee due to fear and the furies took the tower! 

Lord R waded into the spearmen, and his champion's great sword also cleaved a skull.  Lord R dropped 5 of the buggers, leaving 3 of the spearmen remaining.  On the walls, the men take unmodified leadership checks (stubborn basically) and Jesse made his check, leaving 3 of the spearmen to fight my berserkers and the flaggelents were eager to charge and tie me up! 

"How many attacks do those chosen warriors have?  Jesus!  How the hell do you fight them?" - Jesse "The Just"

Over on the gatehouse, my marauders were repulsed as the crossbowmen on top felled one of my barbarians.  They failed a leadership check and my mauraders dropped the ladders and hauled ass.  This of course made me very...very angry.

Over on the right, the corsairs came in from their tower and sliced a swordsman in half with their wicked blades.  The swordsmen were able to cut down the climbing bitch elves, dropping 2 of their numbers.  However, the remaining 3 witch elves had a total of 10 poisoned attacks, and 2 more humans were killed.  The swordsmen fled off the rampart, and the corsairs ran them down and claimed the right  part of the wall! 

So all in all, we secured the right third of the wall, with the center won to the humans and the left still contested (though next turn easily wiped out).  Not bad. 

Empire Turn 4

The battle was on the walls now and Jesse began positioning some of his men to tie mine up.  The cannon crewmember was able to rally, and so was the wizard with his 2 gunners.  Jesse did not bring some of his flaggelents up onto the ramparts... a move that surprised me. 

The magic phase was again controlled, as both spells were shut down.  Shooting began with the mortars once again opening up.  The right mortar fired at my Oppressors before they hit the wall, but the shell drifted and exploded far away.  The second shell aimed at the same unit, but the shell exploded in mid-air.  Lucky break for cheese-os!

The crossbowmen on the walls fired at the Oppressors as well but were unable to dent the armor.  The crossbowmen on the shaken left gatehouse wall fired on the fleeing marauders and dropped one of the men. 

The men in the right tower fired at my Oppressors, and two of my men dropped to the ground.  I still had plenty left though!  The Hochland Rifle aimed at a corsair and killed one.  The men in the left tower, hearing Lord R on the rampart above, opened up on the fleeing marauders and killed two more of the northmen.  The marauders were still sizeable at about 17 strong.  It would take more than pot shots to wipe them out.  The Hochland rifle took careful aim and fired at Slut-ess.  The bullet pierced the sorceress' left shoulder, causing a wound finally!

"That was for Captain Ass Kicker bitch...." - Hochland Long Rifle marksman after wounding the sorceress lord

In combat, Lord R swung his axe twice, dropping the champion and musician in a bloody heap.  The standard bearer tried to fight back, but his head came off from the Axe of Khorne.  Lord R caught the banner before it fell and casually flicked it back towards the siege tower where one of his men stowed it for later mocking.  The left wall was ours!

Chaos Turn 4

The pansies hiding in the left tower angered Lord R, so he charged the door with his champion.  The corsairs charged off of the ramparts and right into the mortar crew, who fled in terror from the mask that Terrel was wearing!  He only fled 3" though, not enough to take him off the table.  The furies took off and hit the flaggelents in the flank, hopefully able to tie them up in case Lord R was unable to break down the door and kick some ass.  It would be most uncool to be tied up by flaggelents.

The Oppressors charged the wall and erected their ladder.  Boiling oil came tumbling down, and six of the warriors fell to the ground burnt alive within their own metal shells!  (Boiling oil is evil... S5 hit to anyone under the template with NO SAVE).  The warriors rolled an 11 on their leadership, but having the mark of undivided they rolled again and passed their check.

The marauders were able to rally and once again were prepared to try and get to the gatehouse.

Magic saw a dispel scroll burnt as Drain Soul was cast on the 3 crossbowmen fighting my Oppressors.  Chill wind was cast on the other crossbow men but that was dispelled.  Black Horror was miscast, ending our magic phase.

The cannon opened fire on the wall again, damaging it some more and now giving me +4 to my rolls against it.  Damn it it would soon fall!  The Reapers were ineffective this turn, their bolts clambering harmlessly to the stone wall.

In combat, the Oppressors fought the three crossbowmen to a draw.  (Note: YAY for me!  I forgot to use my other khorne character here, instead mistaking him for the champion and two of his buddies.  So the entire game from here I was only using 4 attacks (2 for champ then 1 for each warrior) instead of the 6 attacks from the champ, 2 attacks from the champ, and 1 attack from the normal warrior.)  Not to worry though, at the end of the game when I saw him standing there with his two axes I swore mightily)

The furies were able to kill a flaggelent, but the crazed men turned around and inflicted *5* wounds back!!  The remaining furies popped back to hell after failing their instability roll and the flaggelents were free to menace me and tie my general up if I was unable to bash the tower door down and cause the gunners to flee!

Lord R and his six attacks were able to crash the door down and slay a gunner, who actually failed their leadership roll and fled out of the tower!  The khorne warriors gave chase out into the courtyard and I was free from being tied up!  Lord R's Axe of Khorne was literally weeping with the blood it had spilt so far.

Empire Turn 5

Pictured above, Lord R's unit chases the gunners out of the tower.  They rallied and turned to face the menacing warriors.  Brave lads!  Over on the right side of the table, Jesse tried to get a detachment of halbediers to charge the corsairs, but they fled in terror of the mask of Terrel!  The mortar crew managed to rally from their terror on the board edge.  Damn them.  Damn them to hell.  The witch elves were read to take them down though, if they survived the shooting.

The flaggelents reformed to face my warriors.  I would have to break through the Flamemaster's gunners and get the hell off the table to avoid a flank charge by them.  I hate flaggelents.

Both magic spells were dismissed easily again.  The remaining mortar opened up on the marauders at the gate, center hitting them again and dropping 3 of the men.  They were down to about 14.  The crossbowmen on the shaken wall fired at the marauders as well but were unable to hit. 

The two remaining gunners who were once at the top of the right tower fired at the corsairs, dropping one, but there were still a lot left!  The right tower's occupants opened fire on the five remaining witch elves, and four of the five dropped to the stones deader then dead, leaving the hag to boil in her rage.  The hochland rifle tried to hit Slut-ess but missed.

The only combat this turn were my Oppressors and the three remaining crossbowmen in the center, and another draw was forced as I could not roll a 6.

Chaos / Dark Elf Turn 5

The marauders charged the gate house again.  This time there was no one home to defend and they climbed atop the ramparts to challenge someone.  I wasn't expecting much from them, but hey they made Jesse nervous.

Lord R and his men charged the gunners in front of them, hoping to bust free and get off the table.  The remaining hag charged the mortar crew who had rallied, and the corsairs charged the other mortar who was manning their machine, and caused them to flee in terror off of the table due to the cheese-mask of Terrel.

The dark elf crossbowmen moved up to the teetering center wall, waiting for my cannon to blow a hole into it. 

In the magic phase, chill wind got off on the two remaining gunners in the courtyard facing the corsairs, and Jesse let it go.  It did no damage.  Soul Stealer was cast on the crossbowmen on the rampart fighting my Oppressors (Soul Stealer can be cast into combat or so says the description of the spell), but Dave failed to get the spell off.  The Black Horror was actually cast but due to our inept rolls all game, Jesse still had scrolls left, and the Horror was dispelled.

The cannon once again fired at the wall, nailing it again and doing more damage!  The Reapers fired their logs at the wall as well, adding to the carnage.  We were now up to +7 to our rolls and the wall could fall next turn!  It teetered dangerously.

In combat, the Oppressors and the three crossbowmen fought another draw.  The Hag ripped through the three crewmen with ease, and she licked the blood off of her razor sharp weapons, relishing the poison as it numbed her tongue.  She looked hungerly at the tower where the last group of gunners remained and she longed for vengeance...

Lord R's axe swung into the gunners in front of him, dropping four more of the men.  The great weapons of his unit cleaved another seven, and Flame master and his entourage of gunners fled off the table with the khorne warriors in tow!

Right now we took stock of the game.  Jesse was still firmly winning.  He had his detachment on the left flank, and his flaggelents were contesting the mid left quarter with my warriors.  (Good luck beating them down).  The center right quarter was contested with corsairs and 10 halberds as well as Jesse the Just and his big ass unit of Great Swords, and the right flank was empty (but the gunners in the tower were waiting to come out and claim it...)  So it was basically 2-0 in favor of the Empire with two turns left!

Empire Turn 6

The courtyard is littered with the dead but the game is still far from over.

The halberds who fled from Terrel rallied and turned to face the corsairs.  Damn them!  I was hoping to pierce the great swords between my khorne warriors and Dave's corsairs.  The marauders were also above on the gate at the Great Swords flank but Jesse kept his men facing the edge where my warriors would come out, and he left his flank open to me!!  And with numbers that big, I knew he had the Griffon Banner with them... an excellent defensive unit that when hit in the flank would be broken!

The magic phase was considerably weaker now that one of the wizards was gone, and lightning bolt was again dispelled.  The heavens wizard was cowering by the great swords now, all alone and ready for death.

The two gunners again killed a corsair.  These angry elves were ready to rip the two gunners heads off as they prepped their charge.  The gunners in the tower also shot at the corsairs and killed 2 more.  There were about 15 corsairs left at this time.

In combat, the crossbow cluster f**k continued at a draw as I continued to not be able to roll a 6... but rolled plenty of ones.  (Again I wish I remembered to use my character!!)

Chaos / Dark Elf Turn 6

Time was running out.  Jesse was grinning like the cat who ate the bird because none of us thought we could do enough to claim zones.  The Corsairs charged into the two remaining ass wipe gunners, the hag charged the tower in her frenzied anger, and my marauders said screw it and charged the great swords in the flank!

In the magic phase we were desperate to do some damage!  The Black Horror went off again on the Great Swords, but again Jesse used a third dispel scroll!  The rest of the spells were dispelled or failed to go off again.  YAY for our magic!  YAY!!

The cannon punched a big hole into the wall on it's 6th shot, and stone cascaded to the ground as the wall moaned in protest.  The hole was big enough to shoot through.  The Reapers also added their damage, and we were now at +10 which meant, barring a misfire, the cannon would drop the wall next turn.

In combat, the Crossbow vs Warrior match continued and the three crossbows once again held their ground as the warriors TRIED to get onto the wall.

The gunners in the tower shot the hag dead as she charged the tower, her body falling limp and ending her frenzy once and for all for eternity.

The corsairs were able to slay one of the two gunners, and the other chap fled as the halberd detachment was over run into in the center of the courtyard.

The marauders hit the great swords with vengeance in their heart and ineptness in their swords, missing all of their 6 attacks.  The great swords also missed all of their attacks.  We were dead even except for the one rank I got.  Jesse had a stubborn 8 to go off of and he rolled an 11.  Jesse the Just and his great swords fled off the table, and the marauders claimed the Griffon Banner for their own.

The center was now ours except for the detachment of halberds.  We had one turn left, but Jesse had both flanks and he was getting ready to contest the center with his flaggelents and thus win by 1 quarter...

Empire Turn 7

This was it.  The final turn.  It was still up in the air.  To claim a quarter, the book said you must have 5 models in a zone.  Jesse moved his flaggelents forward to claim the right center quadrant.  He owned the right quadrant with a detachment of 10 spearmen.  On the left, his 10 halberds were contesting vs Dave's corsairs.  On the left (the unpainted line you can see in the picture) the gunners ran out of the tower to claim that quadrant.  As of then Jesse was up 2-0.

His spell was unable to go off again, making this one of the only games where my opponent was totally shut down in magic.

In combat, the cluster continued.  My warriors actually hit!  God if I could wound I could over run and then charge those gunners and take the left flank!  Victory was ours!  Anything but a ... damn it... I rolled a 1.   Another draw.

The corsairs killed three of the detachment, and the halberds cut down one of the corsairs in return.  However, the detachment lost their nerve and fled, and the wizard wasn't sticking around for this crap anymore either and he too fled.  The left center quadrant was ours.

The final chapter

Ok here it was.  I took a moment to look over the table.  On the left, Jesse had 10 gunners holding the left most flank.  In the center left, we owned that one.  In the right center, the flaggelents and my khorne warriors and marauders contested.  On the far right, 10 militia were hanging out.  It was 2-1 in Jesse's favor.

Everything had to go according to plan or we were lost.  First off, flaggelents don't panic.  So we needed to get the detachment to flee.  Dave moved his sorceress through the hole in the wall and doom bolted and chilled the detachment, killing a total of 3 of the 10 and forcing a panic check, which Jesse failed on an 8 and the detachment fled off the table.  Excellent.  It was now 1-1 draw.  So how do we secure a win?  Those flaggelents were a bitch. 

Dave cast Black Horror for the first time all game on the Flaggelents, and killed 12 of the 20 bastards leaving 8!  The tentacles rose from the ground, dragging the crazed preachers to hell where they could discuss religion with Asmodeus.  It was now up to the shooting phase to drop 4 more as Dave was out of spells.  The only way that could happen was if I did not roll a misfire on the cannon.

The cannon fired and dropped the wall in a shower of stone and rubble, wounding the sorceress lord and what was left of a crossbow regiment (dropping them to 3 models and preventing them from holding the square).

The Reapers fired on the flaggelents.  12 shots flew in and only 3 wounds were inflicted.  The flaggelents were down to 5 men, still able to hold the quarter.  The 10 crossbow elves that were waiting for the wall to fall took aim and.....

The flaggelents fell to 20 repeating bolts.  The zone was ours!  We had really pulled that one out of our ass!!!  Jesse shook his head in disbelief... for we all had thought he had won the game....


What can I say?  Never give up... I was ready to call it quits in Turn 7.  I didn't see how we could pull that one out of our ass, but Jesse failed a bunch of panic and break checks at the last moment and helped secure the win for us.  It was an incredibly close game but the forces of darkness have prevailed....

Black smoke plumed from the burning city as Captain Ass Kicker watched from a distance.  He was angry.  Very angry.  And annoyed.  The city had fallen.  He would have his revenge on the fool who let his city fall to ashes.  The very city where he had risen from mere street scum into the ass kicking machine he was today! 

Behind, his men watched nervously in fear as Arshlager's steely blue eyes watched every ash float to the ground.  They new that a final battle was inevitable.  The snows were falling heavy in parts of the Republic and they would soon be stained red.  Regardless, the day belonged to Khorne and there was a pile of skulls offered to his throne that day. 

Ass Kicker relished the day he would go toe to toe with the Cheese-Os general.  There would be hell to pay....


Lord R gained enough XP to go to level 3, and the roll on the chart gave him another wound.  He was also 20% more expensive now, but the path to demon hood is not cheap.  The Rules Mongrel Marauders gained XP for Level 2, gaining the ability to be immune to panic.  The Oppressors gained enough XP to give them the ability to gain +1 to rally.

Dave's Slut-ess sorceress lord went to level 2, and she rolled up the ability to know one spell extra.  This means, combined with the book, she knew all 6 spells from any list that Dave wished.  Awesome.