The War of the Book

Volume I

May - September, 2524

The Border Princes have long had a history of war and conflict spanning back hundreds of years.  Very little of the land can be habitated by people, though there are a few settlements that have managed to survive and even thrive in the desolate landscape. 

It was in this region in 2523 that rumours began circulating through the town of Malco that one of the cursed Books of Nagash had been found.

It did not take long before these rumours had spread beyond the walls of the town and into the land itself.  Word of mouth carried word many miles, and it reached many ears.

The mayor of Malco was a man named William de’Shire, a spoiled Bretonnian lord’s child who had left home and country in order to strike his own fortune in the wild Border Princes.  De’Shire was concerned with the rumours circulating, because he feared that if the wrong person or persons heard the rumour, that a hostile army could arrive to take his town away from him.

He quickly passed a law forbidding the spreading of these rumours, which he deemed “absurd to the highest degree”, and punished those that defied his decree with death by hanging.

William de’Shire’s actions were not fast enough, unfortunately.  Word did in fact reach many ears far away from the Border Princes.  Most sinister of them all was an outcast named Slinacle.

Lord Slinacle was a man both respected and feared throughout the old world.  He had been a practicing physician in Altdorf, and had come up with several techniques copied the world over.

His descent into madness, it is rumoured, began shortly upon the death of a dear friend of his, a physician whose name escapes history.  He began experimenting with his patients, subtle at first… but as time wore on he became more and more grisly with his work.

He began to kill.  He turned his victims into art.  Somewhere along the line, a cult of the Dark Prince Slaanesh found him, and it was there that he descended into his final madness, learning things that are best left unlearned.

Slinacle must have pleased the Dark Prince, for he was visited by daemons of the warp.  These foul sensual beings showed him what true pain and true sensation were, and the unholy ones commited foul acts of debauchery in the name of their master. 

Slinacle killed the members of the cult one by one, mastering the dark arts that had been shown to him and becoming a dark lord of chaos.  His pact sealed, his soul belonged to Slaanesh.  In return, he received mastery over foul magicks, and his physical strength was doubled. 

The dark lord Slinacle was a masterpiece of Slaanesh, an artist whose work could only be measured by the sadism and torture that he inflicted upon his victims.  When Slinacle heard about the Book of Nagash being found, he wasted no time in assembling a warband of his followers and headed toward the Border Princes with due haste.

Slinacle arrived in the region during the height of winter.  Having come from the south, where it was much warmer, his men suffered little ill effect from the winter.  Riders from Malco discovered the warband and sent word to de’Shire. 

de’Shire was livid.  An army of chaos followers had assembled in his back yard, and he was now threatened with losing his town.  Recognizing the need for help, deShire wrote a letter to the Church of Sigmar in Altdorf, requesting aid.   

That aid was received a few months later, when an army led by Arch Lector Hovus took residence in an old dwarfen mine known as Kar Aldurn.   

Hovus was a nasty witch hunter, known for his burning of entire towns that he deemed unclean.  His presence in the Border Princes was both a blessing and a curse for de’Shire.   

When the winter snows in the mountains began to abate in the spring, Hovus had planned on moving to Malco and secure the Book for the church, as well as help liberate the place in the name of Sigmar. 

Knowing the vastness of the enemy army, he called upon veterans of the Storm of Chaos, a mercenary army from Tilea led by Titus Gaius of the 3rd Luccini legion.  Gaius had served the front lines during the Chaos Lord Archaon’s invasion, and he and his men would prove to be invaluable in the months and years to come. 

Had chaos been the only enemy Hovus had to worry about, things may have run a little bit smoother for the Arch-Lector. 

As it turned out, to the west another faction had heard the rumors of the Book of Nagash.  Dark Elves led by a sorceress Morticia Del'Iealtairdre. 

Morticia’s real name is unknown.  She took the name Morticia, it is rumored, so that human historians would better remember her and her soldiers.

The Dark Elves had come from the underdark below several ruined dwarfen citadels <show on map> and their sole purpose was the decimation of the people in the area as well as the claiming of Malco and Aldium for their own, creating a center for slave trade from the Old World to Naggorath.

With this triad of enemies all hunting the same thing, it was only a matter of time before the politicing would begin and the battles flare.

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