LWGA Battle Report


Jesse Copeland's Empire (5-1-3)


Dave Bullock's Lizardmen (5-2-2)


Dave Bullock's Forces


Dave Bullock won the best sportsmanship award for 2004 and proved that it is not an award given to the person who loses the most, as some people have said over the years.  Dave's army featured Friq-Gor, the saurus old blood who has never been slain or run off in battle.  Indeed Friq-Gor had a nasty reputation for carving through enemies that Jesse the Just had to be at least sweating a tiny bit at the rematch after winning in week 2 1813-1332. 

Friq-Gor was equipped with Enchanted Shield, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior, and Glyph Necklace and weighed in at a hefty 269 points.  Dave also took his Saurus Battle Standard Bearer (with no items), and 2 skink priests (one a level 1 wizard with the Diadem of Power and second sign of Amul, and the other a level 2 wizard with 2 dispel scrolls and Portent of Far and the Storm of Cronos).

For troops Dave brought with him 2 units of Saurus Warriors.  One unit had 23 warriors in it with full command, the other 20.  3 Jungle Swarms, and three unit of skinks rounded off the army.  Skink unit 1 had 15 skinks, blowpipes that were poisoned.  Skink unit 2 had 12 skinks, were scouts, and had poisined blowpipes.  Skink unit 3 had 11 skinks that had poisoned blowpipes.

The remainder of the army was 3 kroxigors with great weapons and two salamander hunting packs (one with 3 salamanders, the other with 2).  All told Dave had 2,190 points in his army.

Would Friq-Gor the unkillable win the day and the championship for 2004?  Or would he be stopped short of his goal?  Time would tell...

Jesse Copeland's Forces

Jesse also won an award in 2004:  Best Army composition yet again (he had won the same award last year).  His empire army consists of lots of foot troops with a sprinkling of knights and characters.  For an empire army, though, it does not usually contain steam tanks or any of the other "standard" tournament items en masse.  Most of his opponents ranked his army as a 4 or a 5 in composition (max being a 5) and were very pleased at their games against him.

Looking at his finals roster, we see that as usual there was his standard fixed 1900 points which consisted of:

Elector Count with Sword of Power and Enchanted Shield, Captain, Battle Wizard with VHS and Dispel Scroll, 24 Spearmen with full command and a detachment of 12 free company and 5 archers, 8 inner circle knights, 20 flagellants, 24 great swords with full command and war banner with detachment of 12 free company and 8 swordsmen, two units of 10 hand gunners, and 5 pistoliers led by marksmen with repeating pistol.

For his remaining 300 points which are variable in the league Jesse brought a captain with halberd and shield and stuck them in with his spearmen, and two units of 5 knights with musician.

The awaited rematch had been set for Saturday May 15th and the two players met and threw down for the final fantasy league battle of 2004... below is an account of what happened.

Terrain Placement / Initial Army Set Up


The battlefield really did not have a *lot* of terrain on it.  The lizardmen had a wall, two sets of ruins, a hill, and a small copse of trees on their side.  The middle of the field was open, perfect for a battle.  The empire had a wall, a marsh, and a hill in their deployment area. 

The lizardmen set up with the conga line of skinks screening their saurus units, kroxigors, shamans, and two of their salamanders.  The swarm and three other salamanders roamed on the right flank as shown above.

The empire arrayed their line of soldiers as shown by the diagram.  A unit of knights and gunners held the left flank.  The center was held by the two large units of infantry great swords and spearmen, each with their detachments nearby.  On the hill sat ten more gunners and a unit of crazed flaggelents which were ripping at their flesh and driving themselves into a frenzy for combat.  On the right flank were three units of cavalry:  A unit of five knights, a unit of Inner Circle knights, and a unit of 5 pistoliers.

Looking at the above diagram, the lizardmen were going to rely on their swarm holding up one of the cavalry elements and hope that their salamanders could do enough damage to weaken the crushing heavy right flank that the empire was bringing to bear. 

Dave won the roll off and decided to go first.  Spells were rolled up.  Dave's level 1 skink had 2nd Sign of Amul and his level 2 skink had Storm of Chronos and Portent of Far.  Jesse's Heavens Wizard had Thunderbolt and 2nd Sign.

Lizardmen Turn 1

Friq-Gor gave a loud  bellow that resonated across the battlefield.  Indeed, anyone within several miles of the battlefield heard the thunderous roar of the saurus old blood.  The rest of the army bellowed as well, followed by a cackling cacophony from the skinks.

The skink screen immediately shuttled forward, their little fins waving this way and that as they took positions in front of the ruins and behind the wall on the left flank.  The saurus units behind followed, screened by the skinks.  The swarm moved up with Friq-Gor, looking to hold off the cavalry charge that was coming.  The salamanders on the right flank wallowed into the forest to take cover from any empire shooting.  Finally, the skink priests scuttled to behind the ruins and prepared their spells.

Magic Phase

The magic phase was barren as the 1st level skink's 2nd sign of Amul was dispelled.  None of the other spells were in range.

Shooting Phase

There was nothing in range or in sight for the shooting phase.

Empire Turn 1

Jesse the Just, still recovering from his tomb king curse that had rotted at his flesh and disabled him for quite some time, knew that he had to be cautious or else the lizardmen would eat his army up.

Most of the units moved forward a bit, the center making sure that everything was in line with everything else.  The flaggelents came off the hill screaming and jibbering, their flails wailing in the air as they ran toward the swarm of snakes and spiders coming their way.  The small unit of knights kept pace with the mad-men while the inner circle knights took their place on the hill next to the gunners.  The pistoliers on the right flank hauled ass and took up a strong flank position, waiting for the salamanders to come out of the woods. 

On the left flank, the small knight unit moved up to the wall and awaited further orders.

Magic Phase -

Second sign of amul goes off and grants the empire 2 re-rolls.


Jesse did not bring a lot of shooting, something Dave wasn't necessarily prepared for.  Indeed, the type of army Jesse fielded may have surprised everyone around, for there was no steam tank nor were there any war machines.

The archers had marched into the marsh and so could not shoot.  However the two units of gunners opened fire on the saurus unit on the hill with Friq-Gor.  Out of 20 shots, 8 hit their mark and thanks to the rerolls granted by second sign, 5 saurus dropped to the ground dead.  There were 20 remaining.

Lizardmen Turn 2

  Lizardmen's right flank.  Here you can see the skink screen in it's glory.  There are three units total, stretching from the right all the way into the center of the screen.  In the middle of the ruins you can see the saurus unit moving in the middle of the ruins behind the skink line.

The two skink wizards can be seen behind the left most ruin.  Beside them are two salamanders and the kroxigors in front of them, bellowing loudly and grasping their stone great weapons, with skinks in their front closing in on the empire archers in the marsh (the blue felt)

Empire knights can be seen on the right flank and behind the wall you can see the line of gunners.  From the diagram above, this would be the Empire's left side.

  This view comes from the lizardmen's left flank.  You can see the skink screen in the front moving forward.  Not shown in the photo above is Friq-Gor's unit coming off of the hill and the salamanders in the forest.

The empire lines are slowly moving forward.  The flaggelents are off the hill and the knights are closing in on the swarm which is just in front of the hill where the saurus unit is coming off from.  The center of the lines you can see the great swords led by Jesse the Just and the spearmen.

  A closer view of the right side of the empire's flank as seen from the lizardmen's perspective.  Again note the flaggelents off the hill next to the knights moving in on the swarm.  The militia and swordsmen are next to them by their parent great sword unit.  Behind them on the hill are the 8 inner circle knights and 10 gunners unleashing hell on Friq-Gor.
  Again we look at another vantage of the Empire's left flank as seen from the lizardmen's perspective. 

The lizardman swarm charged at the empire knights, which stood their and took it.  The salamanders on the right flank (not shown in the pictures) move out of the woods to face the pistoliers and prepare to unleash fiery hell on the young nobles. 

Skink screen 1 moves up to the wall on the left, skink screen 2 moves up to the wall where the imperial gunners are standing behind, and skink screen 3 spreads out in front of the main line of the imperials.  The saurus unit by the ruins rumbles out behind the skinks and canters to their right to face the knights waiting on the flank.  The saurus in the center with Friq-Gor move out in the center of the table to the side of skink screen 3.  The remaining two salamanders in the center of the lizard army move out from behind Friq-Gor's unit and take up position to his left (right on the diagram).


The magic phase is again useless as 2nd sign is dispelled.


The salamanders facing the pistoliers open fire.  Having witnessed salamander fire wipe out 40% of a chaos army before, I was surprised to note that they only managed to kill 1 single pistolier.  However, 2 skinks happened to get eaten.  A dismal shooting phase for the lizardmen, and one that would probably come back to haunt them.


The swarm came in with 15 sweet attacks (poisoned I might add) and managed to inflict 6 wounds on the knights.  However, Jesse's ability to roll leadership rolls and armor saves are legendary even in hell and he saved all six with hardly a bead of sweat rolling down his brow.  The knights inflict two wounds back to the swarm, but being unbreakable the combat continues later.

Empire Turn 2

Jesse the Just calls for his main center to fall back a couple inches and they do so.  The spearmen, greatswords, militia detachment for the spears, and swordsmen detachment for the greatswords fall back, much to Dave's taunting.  The archers in the marsh also fall back as the skinks are getting too close for comfort. 

The Pistoliers use their fast cavalry abilities to move behind the salamanders in preparation for a charge in the next turn should any survive the pistol assault that was about to come.  The inner circle knights also come off of the hill and stood behind the knights engaged with the swarm, also in position to charge the salamanders on their right flank should they need to do so.

The militia detachment for the greatswords and the flaggelents both surged forward, however, and stood in front of the two salamanders and beside Friq-Gor and his saurus.

Over on the left flank, the knights cantered toward the wall and faced the saurus warriors who had turned to face them.  Things were getting tense as the warriors prepared to lock horns, but a slight mistake on either side would cost the battle and the championship.


Both thunderbolt and 2nd sign of Amul are dispelled.


The archers fired at the skinks as they withdrew, killing one and leaving eleven.  The gunners on the left side behind the wall fired at the skink screen in the center as well, doing another wound and leaving ten.  The gunners on the right side of the hill opened fire on Friq-Gor's unit again, but this time were unable to do any casualties.  Finally, the pistoliers unleashed hell at the three salamanders who had tried to barbeque them and killed two skinks and wounded a salamander.  This caused the salamanders to flee in panic.


The knights attacked the swarm in front of them, hoping to clear the snakes away but were only able to do two more wounds.  There were still 3 bases of swarm left, and that meant fifteen sweet poisoned attacks.  The snakes came on and did four wounds to the knights.  After 10 dice rolls Jesse was finally able to roll a 1, and one knight died, leaving four.

Lizardmen Turn 3

  Here we see the setup at the beginning of the lizardmen's turn 3.  The arrows again indicate the movement of the units for that turn.
  The kroxigors can just barely be seen (one and a half of them) as they charge into the marsh at the archers (off the picture's view). 

The lizardmen prepare their assault.  The kroxigors charge the archers in the marsh, who flee.  The pictures above don't show the archers really except in the top photo where one of the archers can be seen fleeing.  The kroxigors fail charge and stand in the marsh, bellowing their anger at not getting to rip apart puny humans.

Friq-Gor charges out of his unit and at the swordsmen next to the greatswords (looking at the photo you see friq-gor as the unpainted model in the green saurus on the left corner).  The swordsmen have heard of Friq-Gor and his ability to rip apart units, and they also flee.  Friq-Gor tries to redirect into the handgunners on the hill but is out of range.  The gunners still stand and shoot but do nothing.  Friq Gor now stands in front of the Great Swords alone...

The two salamanders next to Friq-Gor's unit charge the militia, who make their fear check.

The fleeing salamanders who ran from the pistolier's shooting assault rallied, but were next to the pistoliers who would be sure to charge them next turn.  They had to hope that their fear would prevent that from happening.

The skinks in the center of the table (skink3 on the diagram) move into the marsh.  The skinks to their right (skink2 on the diagram) move up to the wall where the gunners are behind, and the skinks that were near the ruins move forward close to where the knights sit. 

The saurus near the ruins change their mind about moving close to the five knights and back up to the ruins.  The saurus unit that contained the BSB and which Friq-Gor charged out of moved forward.  The two priests split up, one moving behind the swarm engaged in combat with the knights and the level 1 moving behind the ruins again.

Magic Phase

Portent is cast on the swarm, allowing them to reroll all 1s in combat.  The storm of chronos and 2nd sign are both dispelled.


The skinks in the marsh in the center shoot 22 poisoned shots at the militia detachment for the spearmen, inflicting four wounds and leaving eight of the men standing.  They make their panic checks.

The second skink unit by the wall with the gunners open fire and kill two of the gunners, leaving eight.


The knights battling the swarm killed three of the reptiles, finally removing a base. The horses killed another two, leaving six wounds left on the stand.  The snakes attacked back, doing four wounds.  Jesse never failed an armor save from that one (14 rolls so far, one failed save)

The salamanders and skink crew chewed into three of the militia, leaving nine left.  The militia attacked back and killed a single skink.  Losing by one, the militia stay.

Empire Turn 3

Jesse retaliated.  His inner circle knights and pistoliers declare charges against the salamanders who had rallied.  However, the inner circle knights were a bit concerned with the angry look of the salamanders and let the pistoliers take the glory and earn their spurs (they failed their fear check)

The great swords and flaggelents both charge the exposed Friq-Gor, but he takes his Jaguar Charm and hauls ass.  This left the flaggelents with their flank exposed and left the Great Swords sitting right in front of the battle standard and saurus unit...was it a mistake to charge the exposed old blood?  Or would the great swords be able to hold off the fierce saurus charge in the next turn?

The spearmen and free company charge the skinks in the marsh in front of them but the skinks also flee.  The spearmen redirect into the kroxigors.

The swordsmen who had fled from Friq-Gor's charge rallied, but the archers were terrified of the kroxigor charge and fled off of the table.

The knights on the left flank walked backward.


Second Sign is dispel scrolled


Gunners on the left open fire at the skinks by the wall, killing 2 and leaving 9.

The gunners on the hill open fire at the exposed skink priest by the swarm and kill it.

Jesse the Just shoots a saurus from Friq-Gor's unit and kills him with his pistol.


The knights engaging the swarm kill three more snakes, leaving three wounds remaining!  The swarm does nothing back but the four knights are still stuck in combat.

The salamanders battling the militia kill four more of the men leaving five and the skink crew kill another, leaving four.  The militia auto flee as they are outnumbered by the salamanders and they are cut down.  The salamanders overrun into the flaggelents flank (as it was exposed when they wheeled to charge Friq-Gor)

The pistoliers barreled into the wounded salamanders, their pistols blazing.  The skinks fell like grass to a scythe, and the salamanders were torn apart.  A total of seven wounds were inflicted.  The salamanders struck back and killed a pistolier leaving three, but the lizards fled and the pistoliers ran them down.  Truly, they had earned their spurs that day.

The spearmen bit into the kroxigors.  The enraged giant lizards could only watch as the spears bounced off of their scaly hide.  The captain leading them with a halberd, however, was able to hurt one of them with two wounds.  The krox swung their giant stone axes into the spearmen, caving in three of the men and leaving 23 standing.  The numbers were too much for the krox.  A fully ranked infantry unit is already up by 5 against most monstrous units, and the captain's halberd adding two points to the CR did not help.  The krox broke and the spearmen cut them down.  This caused the skinks on the wall by the gunners to flee in panic as they watched in disbelief as the large kroxigors were dismembered and slaughtered on the ends of 23 spears.  The spearmen's pursuit put them next to Friq-Gor's unit.

LWGA Half Time Report

At the half point of the game it looks like the battles are starting to get kicking pretty well.  The left flank of the empire is pretty well untouched.  The skinks are against the wall but the threat they pose is minimal, especially since the gunners can thin them down and the knights are there to drive them off. 

The right flank is also securely in possession by the empire, with a fresh unit of inner circle knights and pistoliers running free and the knights engaging the swarm about to finish their job and also be able to move around.

In the center, two large units of infantry move forward against the one saurus unit with battle standard and the other saurus unit way out of position by the ruins.  The skink screen was pretty much fleeing and pushed back at this time, and Friq-Gor was standing alone facing off against pistoliers and other enemy cavalry units.

With turn 4 starting, the game looked like it was about to be decided...

Lizardmen Turn 4

Turn 4 movements shown here in the center of the table.  The center is filled with units going this way and that... Friq-Gor's saurus unit has to be able to break through the great swords to escape the numerous imperial regiments nearby.
  The saurus charge the Great Swords, led by none other then Jesse The Just.

The scar veteran battle standard charges his unit into Jesse the Just and his great swords.  The great swords outnumbered the saurus, and with their powerful S5 attacks the saurus would have to hope for a good turn of fighting to drive the men off.  As the saurus charged into the great swords, Jesse The Just killed another lizard with a shot from this pistol.

The skink3 unit near the hill kept fleeing and were almost off the table.  Skink2 unit rallied near the ruins by the saurus unit.  The saurus unit by the ruins turned to face the incoming spearmen, who had just finished off the kroxigor unit.  Skink1 moved up to the wall again, and the skink priest moved from ruin to ruin, taking cover after watching his compadre take handgun fire.


2nd Sign of Amul was scrolled


Six skinks could see the gunners to fire at them with their blowpipes, killing 2 of the 9 gunners.  They made their panic check and stayed.


2 Salamanders vs Flaggelents (in the flank)

The salamanders caused 2 wounds to the flaggelents.  The flaggelents struck back and wounded a salamander.  The salamanders lost combat but stayed.

4 Knights vs 1 swarm stand

The knights finally finish the swarm stand off and are free to move.

17 Saurus with BSB vs 25 Great Swords with Jesse the Just and BSB

The scar veteran challenged Jesse the Just, who accepted by drawing his Sword of Power.  The magic blade gleamed in the sun.  The lizard hero slashed out at Jesse, doing a wound to him with a well placed shot to the arm with the spear tip of the banner he carried.  Jesse the Just slashed out with his sword and cut the banner, the blade eating into the lizard hero's abdomen and wounding him.

THe saurus themselves came in and killed three of the greatswords.  The charge faltered there, and Jesse's Champion struck out and cleaved a saurus with his great weapon.  The battle standard bearer impaled another lizard on the end of his banner.  In the end the great swords won combat by 2 and the saurus were able to stay thanks to the battle standard (having failed their first break check)

Empire Turn 4

The empire continued their drive.  The knights on the left flank charged the skinks by the wall, who stood and shoot.  Jesse made all three armor saves (up to 1 failed save out of 17 rolls with his knights). 

The pistoliers attempt to charge the salamanders who are on the flank of the flaggelents, but fail their fear check.  The knights who had just finished killing the swarm also tried to charge into the salamander's flank, but they too failed their fear check.  The flaggelents would get no help this turn, but the crazed men didn't care.  The end of the world was upon them anyway.

The spearmen led by the captain dripping with krox guts charged into the saurus unit by the ruins. 

The militia in the marsh moved right to face the flank of the saurus unit fighting the great swords.  They were still a distance away but a flank charge by them could swing things away.  The Inner Circle knights moved up and around the knights and stood to the right of the pistoliers.  The swordsmen on the hill came down off of the hill and advanced forward as a reserve unit.


Second Sign of Amul dispelled.


The gunners behind the wall opened up at the skinks behind the wall and killed 2.  The ten gunners on the hill on the right opened fire at Friq-Gor but no damage was inflicted.


2 Salamanders vs 18 Flaggelents

The salamanders killed 3 of the flaggelents, and one of the crazed men killed a skink.  The result was a tie.

Saurus vs Great Swords

Jesse the Just had the initiative and slayed the saurus battle standard bearer.  The imperial battle standard contributed with another wound.  These losses cut down the number of saurus attacks, and the saurus were only able to drop a single great sword.  The great swords return strike cleaved 3 of the lizards.  This time the great swords won combat by too much and the saurus turned and fled, being cut down.  This blow was heavy, and the lizardmen looked like they were starting to falter and crumble.

Spearmen vs Saurus

The wizard with VHS tried to challenge the saurus, and the saurus champion accepted, knowing he was about to have his sweet stats switched.  The spearmen drove in but were not able to wound the tough saurus.  The captain with the halberd did manage to drop a saurus, and the wizard was unable to wound the saurus champion.  The saurus return attack was deadly.  The entire front line of the spearmen fell to the vicious saurus and the spearmen turned and fled, fleeing 11" to the saurus 4" and getting away.

5 Knights vs Skinks

The knights plowed into the skinks, killing two of the little hellions before driving the skinks back and cutting them down.  The death of the first unit of skinks caused the middle unit of skinks to also flee in panic.

Lizardmen Turn 5

  There wasn't much left of the lizardmen forces by now.  Friq-Gor can be seen on the left of the picture by himself.  The saurus unit that had run off the spearmen charges into the flank of the Great Swords, and the skinks continue their flight off the table.

Meanwhile, The empire forces push up and the cavalry surrounds Friq-Gor...

With the armies of Sotek crumbling, Dave made his last gamble.  Friq-Gor charged the pistoliers, who fled.  This put Friq-Gor right in front of the inner circle knights and 4 outer circle knights.

The saurus who had run off the spearmen attacked the Great Sword's flank.  The third unit of skinks who were on the hill (out of the picture) fled off of the table.  The skink unit 2 (pictured by the ruins) continued to flee toward the table edge.  The skink priest moved from the ruins over to the wall (out of picture).


2nd Sign Dispelled


2 Salamanders vs 15 Flaggelents

The salamanders manage to kill another flaggelent and the flaggelents do nothing back.  The salamanders lose but stay.

Saurus vs Great Swords

Jesse the Just challenges the saurus champion (Jesse was on the corner of the unit and as such was involved in the combat even though the great swords were charged in the flank).  The champion does Jesse another wound, leaving him with just one.  With a pained breath, the Just slashed down at the Lizard champion, hitting and wounding all 3 times!  S6 really helps.

The charging saurus do 2 more wounds and the great swords do nothing back.  Things looked bad for the Just... a huge points swing could occur here.  The saurus did some damage, and were in the flank of the great swords.  The Just's wounds helped bring CR up to a manageable -3, and the Great swords tested off of a 6.  The first roll failed on a 9.  The second roll (due to BSB) saved the Great Swords from fleeing.  The saurus lapped but they really needed to have broke the great swords there.  As they did not, things weren't looking too good.

Empire Turn 5

It was a scene out of the Last Samurai, where Tom Cruise's character was surrounded by the enemy and he was spinning around keeping the enemy at bay.  The Inner Circle knights and 4 other knights charged Friq-Gor and surrounded him.  A total of 12 enemy knights vs 1 saurus old blood.  This was going to be sweet.

Friq-Gor is surrounded by enemy knights.  He fights bravely, but will the numbers take their toll?

The spearmen who fled from the saurus rallied, as did the pistoliers who fled from Friq-Gor.  The gunners behind the wall moved up to be right against it.  The militia and swordsmen detachments also pushed forward to sieze the center of the table.


2nd Sign of Amul dispelled


2 Salamanders vs 13 Flaggelents

The salamanders are unable to wound the flaggelents.  However a skink is able to drop one, leaving 12.  The flaggelents kill a skink and kill a salamander, causing the remaining salamander to flee.  The flaggelents run the salamander down, screaming litanies to the gods and baring their flesh for the fiery blood of the salamander to burn as it spouted out over the ground.

Great Swords vs Saurus in their Flank

Jesse the Just knew that his unit was in trouble.  His sword of might flashed out and dropped a saurus, and his battle standard took another saurus out.  It wasn't enough though, there were too many attacks coming into his unit... that is... until Dave managed to roll not a single wound.  Luck was with the Great Swords, who cleaved another 2 saurus!  The great swords won combat even though their flank was hit but the saurus managed to stay... truly this was a classic match up and the brave men of the Empire were fighting well!

Friq-Gor vs 12 Knights

Friq Gor challenged the Inner Circle champion, who flatly refused and ran to the rear of his unit to help guide his soldiers on.  The knights lances tore into Friq-Gor as they bared in on him, but the tough hide of the lizard coupled with his armor and ward save helped him escape any true damage, only taking a single wound.  In return, the enraged lizard lashed out and dropped a normal knight and two inner circles.  They clattered to the ground, torn apart, and friq-gor made his break check to stay.  The knights lapped round and the battle would continue.

Lizardmen Turn 6

All that is left.  The saurus are in the flank of the great swords, with spearmen coming onto their flank.  The hand shows you friq-gor's position, surrounded by knights.  The lizardmen were pretty much defeated by this point, but Friq-Gor was not about to go out without killing more humans...

Friq-Gor again challenged the knights, who once again refused.  The knights were unable to wound the enraged lizard, but he was able to kill a normal knight (leaving 2 and losing their flank advantage as their US was less than 5) and dropping 3 more inner circle knights.  Friq-Gor won combat that round, but thanks to the battle standard's presence the knights stayed.  Again, truly classic... one hero taking on two regiments and winning!

Saurus vs Great Swords

Jesse the Just slayed two more lizards and his battle standard slayed another two.  This was just too much, the saurus had little to no attacks which did nothing and the great swords killed another.  The massive carnage was too much for the saurus, who fled and were caught.  The Great Swords now possessed 3 lizard banners, one of which being the battle standard.

Empire Turn 6

The knights charged the skinks and ran them off, and Friq-Gor was finally able to challenge the knight champion as he had no where to run.  Friq-Gor did 3 wounds to the hapless soldier, but it was not enough.  He failed his break check and ran.... the knights failed to catch him... and he swears vengeance.  He will be back.

Dave's Note:  Friq-Gor STILL didn't get killed!

Final Score:  Empire 2945 Lizardmen 306

Jesse holding his best comp and overall winner plaque, and Dave holding his best sport plaque.  Not shown are Chris Williams who won best painted.

The end of another fantasy league comes.  What a great year we had... it was a lot of fun and I look forward to the 2005 fantasy season!  For now, it's time to change gears into 40k and see who will have what it takes to be the 2004 40k champion.  Hope you all enjoyed this battle report, make sure you stay tuned for more to come with the Storm of Chaos!