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Battle Reports

ReportTitleDate PlayedGame SystemReport Format
LinkChaos and Dark Elves vs Empire06/09/2002WHFBText
LinkChaos vs Empire11/17/2002WHFBText
LinkChaos and Dark Elves vs Empire SIEGE11/24/2002WHFBText
LinkDark Elves vs High Elves01/04/2003WHFBText
LinkTomb Kings vs Vampire01/12/2003WHFBText
LinkTomb Kings vs High Elves01/18/2003WHFBText
LinkHigh Elves vs Empire02/01/2003WHFBText
LinkVampire Counts vs Dark Elves03/30/2003WHFBText
LinkHigh Elves vs Chaos04/01/2003WHFBFlash
LinkTomb Kings vs Chaos Khorne 2003 Finals06/07/2003WHFBText
LinkBeastmen vs Empire10/18/2003WHFBText
LinkChaos vs Wood Elves11/01/2003WHFBText
LinkEmpire vs Lizardmen 2004 Finals05/15/2004WHFBText
LinkDark Elves vs Cult of Slaanesh06/01/2004WHFBText
LinkDark Elves vs Dwarves12/18/2004WHFBText
LinkEmpire vs Chaos 03/01/2005WHFBText
LinkWood Elves vs Chaos05/01/2006WHFBText
LinkChaos vs Tilea09/01/2006WHFBText
LinkChaos vs Wood Elves09/01/2006WHFBText
LinkChaos and Skaven vs High Elves and Empire08/01/2011WHFBText
LinkDaemons of Nurgle vs Von Carstein VC06/08/2013WHFBVideo
LinkTamurkhan Chaos vs High Elves06/19/2013WHFBText
LinkTamurkhan Chaos vs Lizardmen08/10/2013WHFBVideo
LinkTamurkhan Chaos vs Lizardmen Post Analysis08/10/2013WHFBVideo
LinkBlood Angels vs Orks01/11/2014WH40KVideo
LinkLustria High Elves vs Chaos07/22/2014WHFBVideo
LinkEnd Times Round 1 High Elves vs Chaos06/27/2015WHFBText
LinkDwarves vs Khorne Warriors07/05/2015AoSText