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News and Latest Information

Orpheus continues, XWing and Armada Cup Series to Begin, and Emperors Cup for 40k this summer!
By: Auticus on 3/8/2016
A lot of action going down in Louisville and for Louisvillewargaming.com there is no exception. The 40k Orpheus event is continuing in its third chapter. We have four qualified commanders going to the final table in May! Our XWing and Armada groups are preparing for our first cup series to determine the Aces and Admirals Cup holders and this summer 40k gets an ITC rules Cup series as well!
Lousville Wargaming Crowns its First X Wing Champion!
By: Auticus on 7/26/2015
Joe Phelps captures LWGs first X Wing championship. We had a lot of fun with this event and want to congratulate Joe on a campaign well fought! Looking forward to the fall team games!
End Times 2015 Set to Begin!
By: Auticus on 6/4/2015
The 2015 annual campaign prepares to kick off on June 14th with a farewell to 8th edition fantasy!
Badab 2015 is over! The Secessionists are Victors!
By: Auticus on 5/31/2015
The 2015 40k campaign has come to a conclusion, with the secessionists lead by Lord Huron claiming overall victory after a final battle facing off against the greenskins on Sacristan. Kevin Clark claimed the overall winner, with Adam Martin claiming 2nd place, and Jacob Lovell claiming the bronze eagle for the imperials. Thank you everyone who participated in another successful campaign!
The 2015 Season is About to Begin!
By: Auticus on 12/4/2014
The 2015 season is about to begin, finishing off with crowning our 18th champion Tony Lopes who took home the Lustria crown with his orcs and goblins! Badab awaits!
Kastorel Novem Finishes With Eldar Victory!
By: Auticus on 6/28/2014
The 2014 40k campaign has come to a close with the eldar victorious and the xenos faction taking the campaign.
Kastorel-Novem Winds Down - Lustria Begins Soon
By: Auticus on 5/2/2014
Lustria is about to begin. Preseason signups have begun as Kastorel Novem winds down to its conclusion in June!
IA8 Begins with the New Year!
By: Auticus on 12/28/2013
It is about to begin... the Raid on Kastorel-Novem kicks off on the new year! The schedule is being prepared and we have hit 50 players this year! Thank you everyone who has made this group a success and for making this hobby such a great thing for everyone involved!
Tamurkhan is Done
By: Auticus on 11/24/2013
The campaign has wound to its conclusion, and in the end it was the forces of destruction that came out on top, overrunning Nuln and setting it on fire. Congrats to Mike Schmitz for claiming the overall championship, and Whayne Rouse for claiming Top Order general this year. Looking forward to Lustria in 2014!
40k 2014 Campaign Preseason Begins
By: Auticus on 11/24/2013
The 2014 Imperial Armor 8 campaign will be beginning in January. Signups are in effect now. Preseason runs until January, along with Battle Fleet Gothic. Interested in joining? Please contact the league admin from the email link or join the Facebook link for more information.